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My Name is AKA - Episode 17




My Name is AKA - Episode 17

Written By Amah's Heart

I thought my traveling will just be my small bag and I.

But I was surprisingly wrong

Mama Zaram arranged garri, red oil, plantain, fish, crayfish oha and vegetable leaf, with a slice ukazi leaf.

She really surprised me with the packing, even when I said it was enough, she didn't listen.

She said I was young and can't predict how city life will treat me but i shouldn't suffer hunger in the first month of arrival.

She brought yam and egusi seed, wrapped it all up and add to the bag.

She bought one paint of rice and beans and included in the bag

Then she added lots of stock fish, which was the main business she's into.

The stock fish was more than seven thousand, she included it without minding.

I was speechless as I watch Mama

"You're really going to enjoy yourself.." Zaram said laughing as we watch Mama in silent packing many more goodies for me.

She asked me about the wrapper she previous gave me and I told her that my Mom collected it.

She added another wrapper for me

One for bathing and the other for covering myself because of cold or mosquitoes

I can use them as I please because they were all mine. She added

I wrapped my hand around her, I was overwhelmed with joy.

The emotion chøke at my throat, I couldn't thank her enough.

She asked me about my headache and my eye as she examine my face

I told her I feel way better than it was in the morning.

The swelling on both the forehead and the eye has gone down.

Although I still feel a painful burning sensation in the eye region especially when I blink but I feel way better than when I woke up this morning.

She gave me three new clothes, she said one was from Zaram, her granddaughter. she haven't wore it yet and she wants me to have it.

Zaram nodded excitedly.

She was twelve years but with a big body. Mama was really feeding her so well, she looks way bigger than her age.

And looking at the dress it will definitely fit me.

The other cloth, which was a brown skirt and blouse with fine flowers all over, mama Zaram said she stopped at aunty rosemary place on her way back to sell plantain to Cheke.

the woman sells new female wears, she collected one gown, a skirt and blouse.

Mama said she promised to pay the woman in the next market day.

She gave me a leather sandal that she also got from aunty rosemary.

And it fit perfectly.

I can't travel to the city without clothes, Mama said.

She told me that Cheke only paid one thousand for the whole plantain, he was initially pricing seven hundred, she insisted on one thousand three hundred but Cheke gave her one thousand instead and said it was an emergency market that he didn't budget for.

Madam joint paid me my money after several scolding.

She was angry with the way I left yesterday and even said my father came to drink that morning and asked her to deduct it from my salary.

He was angrily saying alot of things, how I insülted him and his wife and will only forgive me if I bring two female goat, money and alcøholic drink for him.

She asked me what happened but I told her I will rather not talk about it.

I told her I wanted to take some days off from work

She said she understand that i was getting married to Eme nwa Danfo.

My father already informed her that my bride price will be paid the next day.

I didn't reply as I quietly nodded without a word.

She gave me my salary, six thousand without removing anything.

She said she would have given me more but I was getting married to Eme nwa Danfo, my husband maybe arrogant but he has money.

She asked what happened to my eyes, I lied that a stick mistakenly hit me in the eye.

She laughed and said it must be part of the beating my father gave me yesterday.

I didn't reply.

I thanked her wholeheartedly and left.

I didn't know getting the money will be that easy, i quickly went back to mama Zaram but she wasn't back.

Zaram warned the remaining food and we ate, left some for Mama.

Amara ran down to Mama Zaram's place while looking back.

She came to inform me that Papa was burning my things.

Mama asked him not to but he wasn't ready to listen to anyone.

Mama said since I'm getting married tomorrow, I won't need any of those things anyway because my husband will buy new ones for me.

Uzo is happy that I will no longer be on top of his food chain

Obinna does not know where exactly to stand.

Amara said she will go with me to my husband house, she doesnt want to live under papa and mother's tough command again because once I'm gone, she will be next.

Mother kept reminding her that she's no more a small girl, since she was already developing small bréâst on her chest.

I told Amara not to worry, I will come for her when I'm well settled in my husband's house.

I didn't let her know that I was leaving for the big city

She may decide to snitch on me, I don't trust anyone in that house.

I only trust mama Zaram and Zaram.

I told her to go back home before they find out that she came to see me.

She asked me when I will be coming, I said tomorrow, I will be there early to help Mama prepare food for my husband and all the inlaws coming to pay my bride price.

Amara smile and said although she wasn't happy that I was getting married so soon to Eme who was boastful and filled with pride, and he's a man of thirty six years according to Papa but she was happy that atleast I will find true happiness since i couldn't find one at home

I immediately flashed back to Molly.

Molly, was my aunt's daughter in the city, the last born. 

She was the only one that truly cares about me.

After she had squeezed the three hundred dollar into my palm, there was a note attached

She said is better I go home to my family where I will find true happiness.

I also thought there will be peace back home but I was wrong.

Amara who thought I was getting married is wishing I find happiness in my husband's house.

 I'm taking the risk to know if there's really true happiness somewhere out there in the big city

I drew Amara into an embrace before she ran off.

After sometime, Mama Zaram return with the new clothes, shoes and a bag filled with other things.

She quickly began to package alot of things things for me.

She bought hot akara and agidi for Zaram and I.

She said the woman who used to fry the akara with her husband was out early and she decided to buy some for us.

The Akara and agidi was so delicious.

Mama Zaram said she also informed okada rider to come in two hours time.

He will take me to Ama town, where I can easily get a bus to the city.

Mama cut plantain leaf which she put on fire for just a second before using it to wrap up all the leaf for cooking.

I knelt down and thanked her from the bottom of my heart.

Obinna later came to call me that my mother was back from the market and she's calling me to quickly come so that I can assist her and one other woman in getting ready for tomorrow's day.

Amara was equally busy with chores.

Obinna informed me that my mom said if she walk down here by herself, she will personally deal with me first before dragging me back to the house like a goat.

I told Obinna to inform her that immediately I'm out of the bathroom I will come.

I wasn't going to any bathroom but atleast that will buy me time before the okada guy that Mama Zaram called will arrive.

Mama Zaram gave me the sum of twenty five thousand.

My whole money with her, including the sold plantain was seventeen thousand.

She added extra money from her purse to make it twenty five.

She even said that's all she had in the house, if she had extra more she would have given me because I definitely needed it more than she does.

She listed out the people owning her and wish they had paid her from the stock fish they brought on credit, she would have given me more.

I added the six thousand salary I collected from madam joint and the total money summed up to thirty one thousand.

That was way bigger than I expected.

It will indeed go a long way for me.

With all the foodstuffs and the money, I feel it was a big sendforth

I will not need to worry over money for about a month or two.

Mama who collected the riders phone number called him to hurry.

He informed mama that he was already on his way

Just then the okada rider arrived, I was set, my bag packed.

I hugged mama and Zaram again.

Mama asked me to hurry before my people return back for me.

She prayed for me and said the big city will favor me and I will find true happiness this time

she promised to always pray for me.

I checked the address and number that Ify sent.

I also copied Mama Zaram's phone number.

Everything was intact inside my small hand bag including my money. Mama Zaram said I should hold the money very well.

I climbed the awaiting okada and the young rider took off.

Goodbye to this village that almost swallowed me raw.

It's sad that happiness ran very far from me while I was there.

Good bye to papa and my Mom, they should get ready to face their in-laws tomorrow.

Maybe they will mould another Aka for Eme nwa Danfo or vomit all the money they collected from the arrogant Eme.

I know if they discover my disappearance, papa and mama will never ever forgive me

They will keep cúrsing.

Already, I have been disowned and I'm not bothered.

Mama Zaram is my adopted Mother

I don't care about others actions or curses.

Mama Zaram's blessings is what I'm banking on.

(Do NOT take credit or plagiarize AMAH'S HEART STORIES)

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