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My Name is AKA - Episode 16




My Name is AKA - Episode 16

Written By Amah's Heart

She brought dinner but I was unable to eat. My heart was pieced and all I wanted to do is to sit there, stare at the open sky and wonder if there's truly God up there.

"You had it full to the brim and decided to offload it on them today.." mama Zaram startled me from behind.

 she took a chair and sat beside me outside the dark sky.

The fire from the wood was burning out, she has two rechargeable lamp.

One outside one was inside the house.

Zaram was already asleep in her room.

Something as simple as rechargeable lamp, my parents couldn't afford, they still uses a breakable globe lamp.

Except for Papa's battery torchlight.

"Yes Mama, I couldn't just hold it all in. I was probably out of line but I feel better letting them understand that they have hürt and broken the heart that truly cherish and cares for them.."

"... Mama, you know I love my family right? I love papa and my Mom, I love my siblings. They use to matter greatly to me before but not anymore.."

I swallowed hard, blinked back tëars and look straight into the dark bush, staring at nothing.

My left eyes hürt bâdly.

Mama Zaram applied something to the swollen part and it doubled up the pain.

Is either a stone from Papa or Uzo that landed on my left eyes and from that moment the pain never stopped traveling all over my body.

But the hürt in my heart is far bigger

"My child, you bottled up so much. You're stronger than you think, I know ever since you returned you haven't truly felt real happiness with your family, I know it hürt but this too will pass.."

"... you know challenging your parents wasn't the best idea, it's dangerous Aka but again, I like it as you bare your mind open..." she chuckled quietly.

"..I see the way you charge up there, you were hot and kept offloading fire without care. You didn't mind the wéâpons flying all around you, even the curses. You just wanted to lay it bare, hitting the nail right on the head. I'm glad you finally cut open the chest.."

"I'm leaving this village tomorrow Mama. I no longer want to remain here, i will like to borrow your phone and call Ify so that she can forward address to me. She used to be my co worker before leaving for the city.."

Mama nodded without hesitating.

"...did you know I used to wonder if Papa and mother is actually my real mother, how's is it possible they won't care how I'm faring? They don't care what I feel or my happiness. They're all about money and their own comfort, nothing about me matters to anyone..."

"They're your real parents Aka but is obvious they're far from carrying out their God given duty well, good parenting comes with lots of blessing and your Papa and mama doesn't know that. There are curses, condemnation and war when parents fails to do the right thing. Whatever decision you take, I'm solidly behind you my daughter.." 

"Thank you Mama Zaram, you're more like a mother to be than my biological mother. You maybe my step grandmother but I find solace in you. Thank you for everything..."

She pat me gently on my shoulder.

"You will be needing another plantain for your journey. your birthday plantain, almost all has ripe. I will take it to Cheke, the man has a restaurant at Abuna junction. He will buy it and the money will be included in your savings with me. I pray he buys it well.."

"...What do you intend to do with the bunch of plantain, you asked me not to sell it. I kept it in a way it won't easily ripe but one can't cheat nature.."

"I initially planned traveling to the city with it but I was indecisive, I needed to see if things will work out for me in this village, well is a wäste of time hoping and wishing in vain.."

"...by tomorrow, I will go to madam joint for my salary. I'm just hoping she will give it to me without further trøuble. Then I will take a night bus out of this village. I don't want anyone to see me leaving so that they won't report me to Papa. I also pray I won't cause you any trøuble.."

"Akachukwu, don't worry about me dear, I have handled bigger problems, there's no trøuble I can't take care off. Life dealt me a blow in the past when it took my only surviving daughter but I later got compensated with my granddaughter Zaram and her brother who is with the father. I can handle anything Aka, i won't fail to protect you in any possible way that I can.."

"...I detest injustice and will never keep quiet over the greediness of your father. Your parents don't know that the blessing they seek is right before them, I hope it won't be too late when they realize the harm they've done.."

"...go to bed now, Zaram's  bed is big enough for two. Don't dwell long on your pain because soon it will only be a sad memory.."

I went to sleep and a loud noise wake me up the following morning.

"Where's that stûpíd girl that thinks she's grown, because I gave her the privilege to work and make money, that's why she had the nerve to insúlt her mother and I.."

I try to open my eyes but the pain from my eyes hit me hard. My head aches bâdly

My left eye was swollen to the size of a tiny tangerine. 

There's a swelling on my forehead which was very visible

That's another place a rock hit me during yesterday fight with my parents.

I heard Mama Zaram saying something to Papa who's voice remained loud.

I stepped out of the bed but felt serious dizzy

My head ach badly

I yawned tiredly before walking out of the room.

Zaram was busy sweeping the goat house.

I didn't know that I woke up so late. 

It was almost ten o'clock.

Mama Zaram saw my face and pointed to papa, showing him what he did to me but Papa wasn't bothered.

"Ehee! There you are wicked prodigal child. You will regret it all in this life, except my name is not Peter again. You will suffer greatly for everything you said to me. You will crawl in your knees to beg but I will never notice your existence. For looking into my eyes, without féâr causing me pain and calling me a shameless man, you will wear shame as cloth,You will eat shame as food and all the days of your life will be filled with disgrace and shame..."

" stop it! none of your cúrses will have effect on her Peter. I reject it on her behalf, I speak blessings unto her days. As an elder, who saw your prégnancy and was there when your late mother delivered you, I gave you your first birth and watched as you grew into a man, got married and have your own children. Peter, your words is an empty barrel, it will hold no water over your God given daughter. I stand for peace and won't watch you do this évil..."

Mama Zaram with so much seriousness in her voice turned to me and said

 "...Akachukwu, the day will be good to you, the night will not bring you harm. No ill words from your father's mouths will stand over your head. , Chukwu aju (God won't allow such) out of anger he has spoken but out of love I have cancelled it all because love supersede hate. Love covers multitude of wrong. You will know no shame Aka. by the power of Jehovah our maker, men and women will come to your aid in times of need. In Jesus name Amen.."

Papa began to chuckle loudly

"Mama Zaram, you're wasting your energy. I have said what I said and it will be so. She came from my loins, she was formed through me so I have a full right to bless or curse her if I wish and it will come to past. And for what she did to her mother and I, Aka is nothing to us, she's cursed. She will walk in shame and will regret in this life. She's excluded from my children until she bring two female goats, schnapp hot drink and two hundred thousand naira to come and beg me.."

"... well, is a good thing that she will be getting married next tomorrow because I have gone to inform Eme nwa Danfo to come on Saturday for her. I collected fifty thousand from him to make food for the guest. I explained to him that I had no money on me and needed to cook and buy drinks and he gave me the money. I have given my wife twenty five thousand from the money, that's for cooking, I'm keeping the rest for drinks and the rest. Preparation is already ongoing.."

"... once she's married off to Eme nwa Danfo, he should let him know that her father cúrsed her so that they can both come with the two goats, the hot drink and two hundred thousand naira to beg me. That's the only time I can forgive, Or if Eme nwa Danfo pay handsomely for her bride price, I may consider because of that and forgive. Nothing else will make me call her my daughter or remove the curse on her head. Because, right now she's just a walking corp until she cry and beg for forgiveness with the items I listed. If not, mama Zaram, Mark my word, Akachukwu will suffer greatly. She will be so miserable for the rest of her Life.."

My father turned and started walking away.

He suddenly turned back and said.

"... Ehee! Before I burn all your clothes and shoes, come and pack them because I have already thrown them outside. They're close to the chicken house. I have warned my children not to go close or touch it. Amara wanted to bring it to you but I rebuked her. None of my children will touch your cursed things. Since you said what we live in is not a house, then I don't see reason why your things should be in my house. I'm giving you just fifteen minutes and they will go up in flames. Your mother will be going to the market, you will join her to make food for your husband and his people. I can't wait for you to be gone, to disappear because your presence is like poïsøn to my gut.."

He walked away while talking angrily.

I heaved sadly.

 mama Zaram said I shouldn't pay him any heed.

She brought warm Waters for me to wash my face.

She examined my eye and the swell on my forehead.

She gave me a pain relieved drug before applying something to my eyes.

She used Shea butter to massage my forehead.

Zaram volunteered to go carry my things before papa will burn it.

I asked her not to bother, he can go ahead and burn them.

Zaram was repeatedly saying sorry for the pain I was going through.

I was able to reach Ify with Mama Zaram's small phone, I begged her to send the city address and she promise to do so.

Mama Zaram made yam porridge with utazi leaf. 

I ate the little I can.

 I later freshened up and left to see madam joint for my money while Mama Zaram carried the plantain to Cheke, so that she can sell it for me.

If I collect my salary of six thousand and add to the money mama Zaram is keeping for me, I will have enough for my journey tonight.

(Do NOT take credit or plagiarize AMAH'S HEART STORIES)

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