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My Name is AKA - Episode 15




My Name is AKA - Episode 15

Written By Amah's Heart

My Mom was in the kitchen while my siblings were sitting outside and talking with Zaram who came visiting as usual.

"Aka you're already back.." Amara said surprised to see me

" Maybe she spoilt something at work or stole money and her madam sent her away..." Uzo said.

"Hahahaha! Uzo, Aka can't steal her Madam's money. She loves her job and wouldn't want to be dismissed. Beside she's not a thief, we don't have spirit of stealing in our family.." Obinna said.

"I don't trust her, she doesn't look happy so it means she caused problem at work and they pursued her.." Uzo added

"Why are you always having bad thoughts?.." Zaram said to Uzo. "... what if she's not feeling too well and decided to come back home.."

"I'm not sure of that Zaram because Aka like money and even if she's sick she won't return back home, rather, she will make sure she completes that day job.."

"... she have plenty money but she won't even buy anything for us. What kind of big sister will be hidding her money, she won't buy anything for the house or for anyone. Even on her birthday, she refused getting the things we told her we wanted. She will be pinching her money and will refuse to give Papa or mama and even us when we seriously need to buy something in school or at home. Aka is stingy and wicked, I don't even like it that she's home consuming our food ration, the full portion I used to get before she returned have shortened..."

He was still talking when I quietly hand my bag over to Zaram because of the little money I have in it.

I'm glad and at peace ever since I started giving Mama Zaram my money to keep safely for me.

If I collect my payment tomorrow, I will still give it to Mama Zaram.

With the way I left work, my madam may either decide to suspend or even fire me but I don't care anymore.

"Uzo tufiakwa gi(Uzo, God forbid for you) even if they give you a full pot of food, you won't still be satisfied because you're a glútton, longer throat Uzo" Amara said and others began to laugh.

"I will slap you Amara, are we age mate now? I will squeeze that rúbbish mouth of yours.." Uzo said angrily to Amara

"No, you won't dare do that.." I said while approaching him.

"I wasn't talking to you Aka, mind your business. go over to the kitchen and start making dinner since you manage to return early today..."

I walked over to where he stood, dragged him out and slåpped him hard twice on his two cheeks.

Loud scream left his mouth but I wasn't done.

He tried to fight back but he wasn't even a close match for me.

I wanted to teach him a bitter lesson to tame his tongue.

If he wants Amara's respect he should also learn to respect his elders.

Obinna whom I senior directly weighs his words before throwing, although he can also be disrespëctful  but he wasn't like Uzo

Uzo talks to me as he pleases and will report to Mom if I do things he do not approve.

I targeted his mouth, while still holding tight to his collar, I punched him hard breaking his lips.

I threw him to the ground and asked Amara to get me a strong cane.

I will deal with him like a little brother, next time he will be careful before running his mouth.

Amara brought a big plank and said I should beat him small with it at the same time she was still pleading for me to leave him.

I don't even know where Amara stood, if she want Uzo freed why then did she brought a heavy plank for me and at the same time asking me not to beat him

Zaram rushed and brought a proper cåne.

I used the cåne to fløg all over his body, he was scréäming.

My mother ran out and started scolding me for beating up Uzo.

But I didn't reply because her turn is coming.

I began talking very loud and angrily so that they can all hear me

I was directing the questions at Uzo.

I hardly even eat in the house, how am I affecting his food portion.

Sometimes I only eat once in that house and that's before leaving and don't normally eat when I return because they hardly leave food for me.

Many times I don't even eat at all at home and none of them care, I will go over to Mama Zaram to check if she cook or have any left over food.

How many times have I given him and others money either to buy books or pay for little bills in school because the school will send them home if they don't.

I have given them little change for snacks severally except when I don't have a spare change to part with.

Am I not supposed to be in school like they are too, do they think I enjoy working and trying to save for school because nobody cares enough help me out.

I landed another cane on his body, and as I raised it up again, he took to his heels and ran away

Mother rushed and grabbed the cane from me.

She was angrily shouting at me, she lifted the cane unexpectedly and flogged me twice.

I startled in pain.

I dragged the stick out of my mother's hand and break it apart.


She slapped me across the face, saying I have grown wings to challenge her.

"Challenging you is what I should've I done long time ago. What kind of mother are you infact? You and Papa are the kind of parents I don't wish for my enémies. I thought mother's are meant to be tender, caring and protective of their kids? even animals won't exposed their young to danger but all you do is to push me into danger and support papa in his quest to turn me into his bank..."

"Shut up and stop talking nonsénse. You're an ingrate Aka. after everything your father and I did for you and still doing for you, is this how you pay us back..?

Just then my father returned and started asking everyone what was going on.

Uzo ran out to meet papa and began to show him the beating marks on his body.

"..After everything we are doing for this ungrateful human being, she have the nerve to challenge me her mother... can you imagine that..?

"She did what? No, she dares not.."

Papa was still talking when I inteterupted him.

"Yes Papa, I did exactly what you just heard Mom say. Why are you surprise or you people think I will continue to be a scared little mouse who is tossed and turned in all directions without having a say of her own.."

I turned to my mother. "..What exactly did you do for me? You said after everything you did for me, I want you to start mentioning those things because surprisingly I haven't been able to think of any"

"So you've forgotten that given birth to you alive is one privilege you have and others don't. When you're little, do you know the kind of suffer your father and I suffer because of you? taking care of you and your siblings.." my Mom started thinking of what next to say.

My father asked her not to waste her time with me.

"I'm listening, is that all the things you did and still doing for me Mom? Both of you should really be ashamed of yourselves.."

Papa rushed to hit me with the plank lying carelessly on the ground but I escaped and keep my distance from them.

They began cursing and throwing words at me

"...Did I begged you to give birth to me? You said is a privilege that others do not have, which others biko?  are you God ? You haven't said anything reasonable to my ears. All you and your husband did was to turn me into money bag. Even if I decided to prøstïtute myself out there, none of you will care as far as I'm bringing money. Don't you see how other parents cares and protects their children, why must your own be different..?

"You can run your mouth from afar just be aware that you won't sleep in this house or taste any food from the kitchen.." my father said.

"Which house? Do you even have a house? During raining season everywhere is like an open roof, the sitting room and bedroom is leaking and we have to put plastic under, you don't have shame, you're really a shameless man calling this a house. Your mates are building a comfortable place for their family, those who do not have money to build are renovating theirs atleast but as shameless as you and mother is, all you do is to squander every dime you get. All the money you kept lying to collect from Eme nwa Danfo what do you usually use it for? Because I can't see anything tangible.Your only building is your stomach infrastructure. Incase you've forgotten, I hardly even eat in this house.."

"Chineke ga opoghi oku(God will punish you) my mother cúrsed 

"Ka thunder fire onu iberibegi..(thunder will fire that your stüpid mouth) papa cúrsed

"...i guess getting a paying job for you is a bad thing because you've developed wings to insúlt your mother and I. I will break your wings for you in this house Aka. you have the mouth to insult me right? You will no longer work there, madam joint will sack you, let me see what become of you..."

"..I bu akwensu nkwere mpi(you're a devil with horn)

I ignored their curses and threw more words at them, they were pained and try to reach me, my father even threw rocks at me but I dodged it and taunt him further.

Uzo threw a stone that hit me on my forehead.

But I didn't care because I wasn't don talking.

"If madam joint sack me how will you be able to pay for your drinks? Papa, you think madam joint dismissing from the job me will hürt me? It will affect your drinking bills. She won't give you any drink and you won't be able to eat free pepersoup while she deducts it from my salary, shamelessly father. Getting me a job when you supposed to be putting me in school, when my mates are learning I'm at the beer parlour working to see if I can save up for school, yet the little I have all of you will want to spend it all untill I'm left with nothing

"...My three hundred dollar went like the wind, I brought that money back from the big city and you didn't even bother to ask how I got it, you spent it without giving me anything or putting me in school.."

"..Nobody cares about my well-being, my happiness do not matter to any of you. You have made me bottled up so much and it's driving me cräzy. Some times I just want to know my wrøngs. Papa, How could you lie to Eme nwa Danfo that I was sick just to collect money from him, you kept selling me out to him so that he will keep giving you more money.."

"I gave birth to you and have the right to do as I please. I will inform Eme nwa Danfo to come pay your bride price this weekend. The earlier you're out of my sight the better. Because I may end up dismembering your body for everything you've said today if you remain in this house. Infact, you're no longer my daughter or my responsibility. I have already sold you off to Eme, atleast something good will come out of you. Your mother and I and even your siblings will benefit greatly from Eme. Is a financial freedom for me and if you like go and continue running your mouth at Eme, he will beat you up mercilessly and you can't run back to us because you have no place here anymore we can't even save you even if we want to. Eme is not as soft as he appears, no woman dares insúlt him and gets away with it. He will béât that mmuo ojo (évil spirit) out of you.."

I chuckled sadly "you lie papa, your selfish plans has failed. Whatever discussion you've with Eme is absolutely none of my business. You will have to mould another daughter like me to present to Eme because I, Akachukwu don't care to know what you're talking about. You're going to incure his wrath and vomit all his money when he comes to pay the bride price and I pour hot water on him.."

" You're blabbing, you will marry Eme and disappear with your untrained self and your dirty city life attitude that made Ego and her husband to kick you out of their lives.." mother said while father threw more cúrsed words. He threw stones at me, I kept dodging but one hit me directly on my left eye, almost blinding me.

"Anu ofia, (animal like you) nkita racha anya, akwensu, egbe ligwe.." he was about throwing another heavy curse when all of a sudden an elderly voice was heard.

It was Mama Zaram

"None of your curses will have any effect on her. She never wronged anyone, rather two of you have wronged her greatly. If you gathered an infested firewood, don't be surprise when the lizard joins you for dinner. Obu agu na a so umu nkita ohia akpa ori na awenta kpari (the Lions that decided to belittle himself by befriending the hyenas will one day become a cacass) mama Zaram took a deep breath, shakes her head pathetically and continued

"...otu a ka odi m na onu (that's all I have to say.."

She held my hand and led me away.

Papa was threatening to deal with me later

Mama Zaram said I shouldn't say another word to them.

I followed mama Zaram to her place.

(Do NOT take credit or plagiarize AMAH'S HEART STORIES)

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