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My Name is AKA - Episode 14




My Name is AKA - Episode 14

Written By Amah's Heart

I sighted him when I was coming out and quickly returned back inside, I went straight to the store.

In no time I began to hear someone calling my name, I already know why but I remained quiet in the store.

"Where's this girl, Aka...? I heard her call again, louder this time.

She was approaching the exact place I was.

I ran out of the store and came face to face with her.

"...I have been calling you, didn't you hear your name? What are you doing..?

"I was trying to arrange the crates, the new girls scattered the crates of drinks on the floor because they don't know how's we usually arrange it. So I decided arrange the place while they attend to customers.."

"You're old staff here and know how things are done, you should've put them through with the store and attend to customers by yourself..."

", I'm sorry madam, I thought Mma and Joy will be able to handle the customers.."

" No they can't, they just started five days ago Aka. what are you thinking? Beside, there's somebody asking for you and said he wants only you to attend to him.."

"Who's the person ma..?

" Quit asking stupid questions and go see for yourself but first of all listen to me.."

"...I  recently increased your payment to six thousand because of this particular customer. He's coming often and is all because of you. Be free and flexible with him, you see how Ify attend to Bosco, try to do the same. I employ beautiful faces, not for decoration but to give my customers best service in any way they want it. You're sixteen and shouldn't be naive or timid, you need to shake that big waist of yours, smile more, get a push up bra that will make your breâst stand and pointed, laugh when customers jokes with you or make comments about your body.."

"..do more than act like a scriptural union leader, this is not a church is a bar. Understand your environment and make use of your asset. If you can do that, I'm sure you will be getting more than your salary in a week..."

"... let me teach you something that you don't know. You gat the body and the face but you're not making good use of it. I know your parents don't care how you get the money, your father sometimes comes to drink on credit here and he will ask me to deduct it from your salary but I never did that. If I start doing so, you will not even be getting any salary in a month, your father will drink it all off. Rather, if he request for three bottles I give him two instead with maybe a small plate of pepersoup. You have to do all it takes to make this money Aka because is obvious your father does not care and I'm sure your mother will not care either.."

That was new, I thought Papa use to pay

Because he will always say "the bills are sorted, ask your madam.." now I understand what he meant.

How could he be so insensitive to tell my madam to deduct his intakes on my salary.

"... that's why I'm teaching you this things so that it will be useful to you. I also taught Ify, she made lot of money weekly, far more than her salary. I really don't know what she use her money for and is none of my business how many customers she sleeps with, my own is let it not affect my business. She acts well until she suddenly decided to resign because she wants a better future in the city. I know is a big lie, she's probably pregnant and ran away to abørt it, which is also her business. That's why you need to be extra wise. Not just collecting money from men, also don't allow them touch you without protection, is for your own good and if you don't want to be laid, don't let anyone force you out of your wish until you're ready to do it. So grow up Aka, and stop acting childish before this new girls out throws you and take your shine..."

"Okay madam, I have heard all that you said, thank you.." I replied with a heave

"Good, now go and attend to Eme, he's the one asking of you. And remember to smile and shake body... don't be stiff like a stick. The month will end tomorrow, I will pay you your salary and if you act well with the customers today, you will definitely get a big tip that you can include in your salary.."

I walked away, I greeted the customers and went straight to Eme nwa Danfo

"Good evening sir, what will you like to take..?

"Nwa Mara mma(beautiful girl) acharaugo nwanyi m(my precious wife)  obi di ya (the heart of her husband) ..

He went on showering me with lots of praises in his igbotic accent.

I remained standing like a log of wood, I try to smile but it wasn't a success but I still try anyone.

"...I na atom pieces ( you're the sweetness to my body)

Can he just rest and give me his orders now.

".. whatever you recommend for me today, I will take. What do you want your husband to eat and drink? Your wish is my command my Queen. Akpa ego m ( my money bag)

I feel really embarrassed and angry that my father and even madam is making me tolerate this kind thing.

Normally I could have walked away from him but I just have to play along.

I listed out the drinks available and asked him to make his choice but he insisted that I make choice for him.

I have seen him drink Palm wine several so I went in and brought palmy for him.

"Chai, nwunye mara obi di ya (the wife that knows her husband too well) sit and have a drink with me, you can bring either goat meat or anything available.."

I went back inside and brought a plate of pepersoup.

He asked for mine and I told him that I wasn't interested

I don't drink either.

He curved a smile

"Your husband is an enjoyment man, you will really enjoy whenever I pay your bride price. This your ukwu (buttøcks) will come out more when you finally move in with me.."

"... you will have your own shop and other girls will be jealous of you, maka I bu nwunye Eme nwa Danfo(because you're the wife Eme nwa Danfo) I na ighota m?  (Do you understand me?

"Is this all you want sir, I have other things I need to do.." I replied with a calm voice. 

"You're always in a haste to get away from me, I don't bite or scary, am I making you shy..?

I replied with a shake of my head, signaling a no.

"So what is it? Am I not handsome enough for you? Umu nwa na awusiri m maka abum a happening guy. (Big women are dying to have me because I'm a wealthy guy) 

I sighed silently, I could no longer stand the arrogant in his tune.

"I know you haven't chop life, you're just upcoming. I will spoil you and you will give me sons that will take care of my empire. I will open your own business because business if that's what you want.."

I didn't respond. My Madam came over to his table and asked him if I'm keeping him company and he replied affirmatively.

",If you need anything, don't fail to ask your beautiful Aka..." madam added with a cocky smile before walking away

Eme laugh out

"your Madam want the best for you. I'm going to make sure you have only the best things of life. Ego a bughi problem (money is not a problem)

"...last month I gave your father thirty thousand, the moment he mentioned that you're critically down with typhoid and malaria and was rushed to the hospital in town, he said the hospital bill was fifty thousand but he already paid twenty and it remains thirty to balance up and he doesn't know where to get the money. I didn't hesitate to help my darling wife and when I wanted to come see how you're doing despite how busy I was then, your father said you went to your grandmother who lives in another village after the treatment..."

"... after a week, I was less busy I came down here and was surprised to see you working like nothing happened. I asked how you're doing and you said fine and walked past me without another word, you didn't even say thank you but I guess that's women attitude and all that matters is that you're truly fine.."

"....Just last week again, your father came to my shop and told me it was your sixteenth birthday and you wanted to celebrate with your family and friends, he said if I really want you I should bring something for the celebration, I gave him twenty thousand to prove how much I wanted you and I will give more if I finally get married to you. Your father is going to fix the date by next week when I will come with my people to pay your bride price, you will become my wife..."

"... but I hope no man has first me and enter your local government, your private area.. you understand what I mean? Your father said I shouldn't delay in coming to pay for your bride price because other men are dying to have you. I haven't seen any man worthy to compete with me. Ujo anaghi atum (I'm not scared of anyone)

I was still trying to process everything he just said about giving my father money. I didn't even get a dime neither did papa even mention it.

I can't believe my father lied that I was sick just to collect money from Eme and he even gave him another last week for my birthday Which I still didn't get.

"... Nne, hope your private area is reserved for Only me. Your father assured me that it's intact and I believe because you're not like the girls I used to see here. I can't wait to travel far and beyond through your secret path and you will enrich my bossom with many sons.."

"... turn around for me, I want to see my property. I'm a gentleman to the core my dear wife. Come and sit on my laps let me feel you a little or will you like to come over to my house tomorrow? Let me have a little taste of your cake...."

I have heard enough of all this dírty and silly talk.

He thinks I'm a property to be acquired with money.

How could my father do this to me.

I walked away angrily

Papa haven't seen the wørst of me but I will be showing him what I'm made off.

He has pushed me far too long.

I'm done with everyone in this village.

Starting from my house, they will get it hot tonight.

I have endured enough of all this nonsénse.

No more, my father won't escape my rot.

I rushed inside, ignoring Ema calls

Picked my bag and walked away.

I'm going home straight to give them a piece of my mind.

(Do NOT take credit or plagiarize AMAH'S HEART STORIES)

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  1. Your story is very very interesting
    I would really love if you could make it 2 episodes per day