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My Name is AKA - Episode 12




My Name is AKA - Episode 12

Written By Amah's Heart

"Prégnant?.. how.." my exclamations was very loud.

I remained dumb founded, quiet and confused.

"I'm pregnant, three weeks gone and I'm not keeping this child, never!  She repeated.

"I heard you the first time, you've repeated it three times already. My question is how?.." I replied

" How what?  Don't you know how girls gets pregnant or you think is by eating food or maybe I drank mine from water.."

I was silent, not knowing what to reply. I haven't been in this kind of situation before

"... I'm repeating it so that you will understand how serious I am. Is very serious and I don't have time.."

"Oh God! Ify, I don't know if I can do this. I have already explained to you how important the money I'm saving is to me. I'm taking extra jobs just to make up the money, I told you that I made lots of unexpected expenses. I don't know if I can borrow you any money, please try to understand..".

"I will pay you back, I promise.. just trust me Aka. my parents must  not know of this pregnancy, I need to get rid of it before anyone notice.."

"Who's responsible? Is it uche?

"I wouldn't have worry much if it was Uche. I so much love that guy, even though he had financial challenges last year, I was the one sending him money for feeding and upkeep. He is in the city and haven't traveled home for the past five months, he's asking me to come live with him in the city and he will secure a proper job for me but i don't know if I'm ready for that.."

"If is not Uche..then who? I was still very anxious to know who's responsible and why she's so determined in getting rid of it.

"Bosco is responsible.."

"Wait, you mean that boy that the father owns a pharmacy shop? His name is Bobo Bosco, that's what people calls him. His father comes to drink palmy with goat meat pepper soup at the shop? He even used give you tips, he has given me 200 naira twice as tips... remember I told you that day. But the boy is still young, maybe around your age, 18 or 19. You shouldn't have fallen for him.."

"What are you saying Aka? I'm not talking about Bobo. The main Bosco is his father, chief Bosco. Don't tell anyone, is Chief Bosco, Bobo's father that's responsible.." she said in a whisper as we walked home slowly that evening after work

"Jesus! Ify... why na? I exclaimed aloud.

"Is madam's fault. well...I wouldn't blame madam fully, I agree to do it ignorantly.."

"... Chief have been asking me out, he buys me things like all this big restaurant food, ice cream and chicken, anytime he drives to town he buys some things, even cream and soap for me. I wasn't interested in him initially, despite how handsome and smart he dresses or acts he was still an elderly man and Bobo, his son is my age mate but I won't deny that I actually likes his personality. He is so caring and even gives me money sometimes.."

"...I followed him to town twice and he slept with me in one hotel. That was late last year, I missed my period and told him he said I shouldn't panic he will give me drugs. Aka!I was in a dëathly pâin for straight one week after taking the drugs. I promised myself to stay away from him and I actually did. He tried different means but it didn't work.."

"... then this year, he started going through madam. I don't know how he managed to convince madam, she began to encourage me to give Bosco a chance. She said Bosco is her good customer who really likes me and will make my life better. I bought into her idea and started seeing Bosco. The money he gave me last year and early this year I sent some to Uche and used some for myself and family. I just discovered three weeks ago that I'm pregnant again and I told him, he said I'm too naive that I need to be smart and act like a big girl.."

"...he used to give me drugs to take after we meet but I'm afraid of taking any drugs that I know nothing about and he complained that he doesn't like using protection.. like cøndōm. He said is only small small boys that use rubber to sleep with women. He also said things like since he's a pharmacist, he knows the right medicine to give me after the intimate moment..."

"...See Aka, I'm not going to go through that pâin like the last time, I will rather go under the knife. I was bleeding heavily, I was ill for weeks and thought my life will come to an end after taking that drug last year. God forbid, I won't try it. I have decided to go to town and from my enquiry it requires seventeen thousand . I also want to leave for the city after that. I need around fifteen thousand to add up to my transportation to the city and I have to hold little cash in hand too..."

"... Please Aka, I need the money. I will send it back to you immediately I start work and get my first pay. I don't want to ruine my life in this village. Chief Bosco won't leave me alone until I'm far from him. He's not the only one, some of this men you see around here are predators, they're not to be trusted. I love the way you usually ignore them, I have seen them staring at you like a hawk but you hardly give any of them attention. I really admire that about you, you're so focus in making money the hard and right way. I wish I have half of your boldness to stand up to Bosco or even warn madam to quit using me attract male customers. You've to also becareful before she finds another way to convince you into sleeping with men. I'm tired of this village and want to run away, start my life afresh. I need the money Aka.."

"I don't know Ify. I'm desperately in need of money for my school. After my last pay, I had about thirty two thousand and was planning to go pay it once school resume but my father was critically ill. There was no money to take him to the hospital, my father has this serious cough that I fear every night. My mother didn't have much, I wanted to go and get him drugs at Bosco pharmacy but my father said he has to go by himself so that he can explain his situation to them. He came back with few drugs and told me that they gave him injection and drip, the total amount for the whole medication was thirteen thousand nine hundred. I had no choice than to give him the money to go pay for his medicine. Thank God he became well again. I can't watch my father die despite how much I sometimes despise him for his choosen way of life.."

"... there was nothing in the house, I had to give my mother five thousand to add to the feeding money she had. Mama Zaram has tried for me, I don't want to disturb that elderly woman for money again. The only money left with me now after the expenses is around fourteen thousand. I want to keep working and saving every dime to be able to join next term, I don't know how possible that is because the more I save, the more my family comes up with one thing or the other that I will have no choice than to spend. This my father's sudden sickness rocked my pocket, I was in emotional pâin after the medical expenses and my father became well.."

Ify chuckled at first "i don't know for you but this whole sickness with your father maybe a way of extorting money from you because they know that there is no other means.."

"No..no! My father maybe many things but definitely not a manipulator. He can't be that heartless to do such to me, knowing how I so much needed the money.."

"I will ask Bosco himself, since he was the one your father went to for treatment. I will confirm from him if your father spent the whole thirteen thousand nine hundred on just drugs..."

"Is really not unnecessary. My father was really sick and Bosco treated him until he became well, there's no need asking him again. Like I said, my father can't swindle me off my money, isn't the thought of such funny to you.." 

"I still want to confirm from Bosco. So, will you lend me the money or not? I need to be fast in getting rid of this pregnancy because the more I leave it the dangerous it gets..."

"... Did know You can even follow me to the city let's work together and make some money.." 

"I just want to go to school Ify. I desperately do, that's why I accepted to work in Mama Jekus vegetable and corn farmland for three thousand. By weekend I have another  job, I'm going to follow Nonso's mother to go and weed her farm land. She promised to give me one thousand five hundred for a day Job. Ify, you don't understand why I choose to work this hard instead of falling for those Madam's customers that never stopped making dirty advances.."

"...well, I will lend you some money. Let me get home first and think about it please.." I said as we departed to our different paths.

"Think fast Aka, also think about leaving this village with me. please I don't have time again to waste in this village

I heaved heavily as I quietly walked home.

(Do NOT take credit or plagiarize AMAH'S HEART STORIES)

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