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My Name is AKA - Episode 11




My Name is AKA - Episode 11

Written By Amah's Heart

"11..12..13..14..15..". I stopped counting immediately I heard foot sound.

I quickly throw the money under the bed, looked around to make sure there's nothing implicating.

My brother Uzo walked in.

"Mummy is calling you, what are you doing inside here since.."

"None of your business.." I quickly snapped out to him.

"... let's go.." I said leading the way and hoping he will follow behind.

"Mummy is calling you to come and start cooking the Sunday rice and stew not me. I don't have any business going with you.." he said sitting down and looking around the room.

If I leave him behind, he may discover the money that I threw under the bed, I didn't have the time to properly hide it and won't take the risk of leaving the room without him.

Uzo my brother had an unbridled tongue.

He talks to me any how, insúlt me and gets on my nerves each time but I always overlook.

I understand is because he thinks my presence affects his food quantity, which is not true because I make sure he is well fed. I dish large quantity of food for him and he eats to his satisfaction but each time I ask him to do house chores he will refuse and will give flimsy reasons why he can't or point out blame to somebody else.

Obinna, my brother who follows me direct by age is fair in terms of behavior, words and approach, although he can be a little bit annoying but he will sometimes obey whenever I instruct him to do something.

Both of my brothers frustrate me, my parents aren't left out but I'm already used to It.

Uzo, behavior seems to be getting worst and I have had enough and waiting for a perfect time to beat that spirit of disrespëct out of him.

Amara is very helpful and although she can be a bit stubborn like the boys and will even start a fight with them without considering the fact that she's a girl.

She's hard-working too and hardly says no to my orders except when she's tired, she will tell me to send one of the boys instead.

I turned to Uzo after he said he had no business going with me.

"You actually do and I'm not leaving without you.." I said trying to push  him out of the room.

"Leave me alone! What are you hidding that you don't want me to see.."

"I'm hidding your empty head in my bag.."

"... follow me so that we can both prepare the food. You're not only born to eat, you have to also learn how to make it.."

",I don't have any business in the kitchen, that's a place for women like you..."

"Your business in the kitchen starts today and I will make sure you don't taste a grain of rice except you help out.."

", The food isn't yours, you're only the cook and nothing more. Mummy will dish out to everyone after you're done so you can't dictate for me. I'm not going anywhere..."

"That's alright Uzo. You just reminded me that the food isn't mine, I was actually doing everyone a favor by preparing it, isn't it? You're included in the people I'm doing this huge favor right?

"You're not doing anyone a favor Aka, you're doing your job and also eating out of the food. You're playing your role in this house and if you choose not to cook, Mummy will either force you to it or you will starve.."

"You're a smart kid but is unfortunate that you didn't apply your smartness to book because your last school report card shows you've been eating your brain away.."

"... well, since I'm not doing anyone a favor and I will equally starve if I don't do the cooking right?, I choose to starve today, I'm not cooking anything..."

I went back to sit on the bed.

He stood, looking confused and ångry.

After sometime, he añgrily stormed out of the room.

"I'm going to report you to Mummy, I told you she's calling you and you refused to go answer her because you're hiding something which you don't want me to see..." 

Immediately he left, I waited and make sure he was gone before I hide the money properly in it's usual place.

Mama Zaram has given me eleven  thousand so far.

I'm really grateful for her kind heart.

Few months ago, I went to where my father used to hide his money, after Mazi Dike and Uka mentioned it.

I saw thirty five thousand and collected five thousand only and keep for myself

But my conscience wouldn't let me be,

I felt really bad but the money is still mine so i wasn't really stealing it.

I used those words to comfort myself but I was still feeling bād.

I confessed to Mama Zaram, hoping she will back me up but instead she condemned the act,, telling me to return back the money.

She reminded me of the bible blessings that comes doing the right thing and the consequences for wrong doings.

After her several counsel, I went back and put the money back where I took it from.

My father later told me one day that the woman that sells beer parlour close to the market square is looking for assistance, if I want to save up for my school I better I apply fast, I may qualify.

I quickly did and she said the pay will only be four thousand naira a month.

That was too small, is just like lunch money for Nunu and Molly that their Dad gives to them

It can't do much for me, yet I had no choice than to accept it.

We're two working for madam joint,

Ify is through with her secondary school and she's 18 years.

Madam joint pays her 8k and she resumes earlier than i and does more work.

My madam said I will be resuming 2:30pm daily and close 7pm.

It sound fair at first until I realized that's when the major work starts.

I will work for hours without sitting down, she's the only lively drinking spot in my village

People come drinking and eating bush meat, goat meat pepper soup by that time.

Madam joint, like she's usually called is a very tough woman, she warns off men making advances at me.

"Leave her alone, she's a small girl. you're old enough to be her father..." She will say to them, warning them off.

I spend about five to six hours at work but is better off than staying home or going to go slice vegetable for my mother's customer.

 whenever I'm in my mum's shop, she will disappear either to gist with her friends or to God knows where, leaving me to do all the work.

She will only show up to ask me how much I have sold since she was gone and will complain if the money is little.

My father is sobber ever since the money with him finished.

He even ask me to borrow him some money and promise to pay later but I refused.

I told him I was saving for my school and no dime is leaving my pocket for any reason.

One day, the six thousand I brought home went missing

The money belongs to Madam joints, she said I should go give it to the bush meat seller but on getting there, the man wasn't home and nobody to give the money to, I had no choice than to take it home since I have already closed for the day.

The following day as I was leaving for work, I realized that the money that supposed to be in my bag has gone missing.

I asked around but everyone denied which wasn't surprising

I turned the house upside down searching yet nothing.

Madam joint said she will deduct the money from my pay.

That's almost like my two months salary.

She pays me 4k for a month, I lost 6k Which is more than a month pay.

Deducting it from my salary means I will have to work without pay for almost two months.

I was lucky enough when Ify decided to give me 3k, she was only helping me and know how much I needed the money for school.

From the savings I had at home, I brought 3k but madam joint only collected one thousand and asked me not to worry about the rest.

I was so happy and ever since then, I don't trust anyone in my house.

I made sure I hide my money properly and I do not give no matter how much my father needed money or my mother wanted me to lend her or my siblings needed to buy something.

My money is already twenty six thousand, I just have to save few more and my school registration fee will be set.

I have worked for four months and missed two term school section.

Mama Zaram kept to her words and gives me about 3k every month.

I sometimes get tips of 100 or 200 naira, every dime, big or small goes a long way for me

I also do personal expenses from the money, like buying sanitary napkins, buying soap and Vaseline that I use with my siblings

My parents also use this toiletries I purchase with my money but I don't mind.

I made sure there's bathing and washing soap because if you ask my father he will complain of not having money and mother too.

They will even remind me that I'm working and should sort out some bills in the house.

I was about leaving the room that day after my encounter with Uzo, when mother walked in

"Did your brother told you that I'm calling you...? She asked angrily.

"Yes Mummy but he said it wasn't urgent, that I should finished whatever I'm doing..." 

"Mummy is a lie.." Uzo said as he walked in

"... she refused and said you should come and do your wørst. She's hidding something under the bed and don't want me to see it."

"Uzo quit lying please, I wasn't hidding anything, you can come over and check and i can never say that to Mummy..." I said defensively

"...what do you want me to do mummy? Uzo didn't pass the message properly.."

Uzo was arguing but mother barked out the instructions to with warning.

I quickly walked away and straight to the kitchen, ignoring  Uzo as he threw words at me.

My mother remained in the room, probably searching for whatever they think I was hiding.

I'm relieved that my twenty six thousand for my school registration is kept somewhere safe, far from where anyone will think off.

My mother easily gets angry with me this days and my father support her hurtful actions towards me because I refused to loan them my savings.

They can keep boiling but the truth remains I will not spare a dime for any of them.

I will try to contribute the little I can for the house but that's all to It.

Just few more naira notes and going back to school will become reality for me.

If I happen to start school, i will have to work after school to be able to sort out other expenses because I can't rely on my parents.

I don't want to bother Mama Zaram, she have tried way too much for me, far more than the two people that gave birth to me.

I have developed a thick skin in this village, nothing anyone say or do bothers me anymore.

Not even my parents or sibling words or action.

Mama Zaram said, once my ways are upright, I shouldn't fear any cúrse or anything because God protects those who are pure in heart.

I derive strength from her encouragement and that's why I'm more determined than ever to make something good out of my life.

My people maybe wondering where I used to keep my money.

sometimes, i come back from work to meet my bags scattered or the room in disarray.

I know they're probably searching for my money but they can never see it because it's securely tied around my waist, in my undies, far from their reach.

It goes with me to anywhere..

(Do NOT take credit or plagiarize AMAH'S HEART STORIES)

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