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His Nanny - Episode 18




His Nanny - Episode 18

She Is Crazy 

Written by Author Jenny



I carried my baby in and i was surprised to see the whole house sparkling clean

Wasnt this the same house i entered that looks like a junk house 

  "Welcome ,how is she" sylvia asked walking to me 

  "She's fine" i replied codly

 Sylvia looks good now unlike earlier where she looks like a crazy lady from the woods 

  "Bring her"sylvia said and collected stacy from my hand 

   Since stacy was still sleeping she carried her gently to her room 

I'm still shocked on whats going on 

  "Hey princess" i called looking at mitchell 


   "are you okay"i asked and she gave me a sad smile 

   "C'mon on what is it" i asked 

  "I miss mommy kira ,,i want her back"mitchell replied and started crying 

Seeing my daughter crying breaks my hearts

  "Its okay princess ,i promise to bring back your mommy okay"i said and she nodded 

  "Pinky promise"

   "Yeah pinky promise,,now go to bed okay"i said and she hugged me tightly.


I entered my room and closed the door 

I quickly brought out my tablet that i use to skype with my mom 

  It was the time kira usually call every night,,and in no time it was ringing 

I dropped it well so i could see her face 

Action time

 immediately i could see kira ,,i bursted fake tears 

  "Omg mitchell what is wrong" kira asked 

  "I want you back" i replied and increased the cry 

  "C'mon princess dont cry, i promise to be back soon okay"kira replied and i nodded 

   "Stacy is sick"i said 

   "Omg what is wrong with her"kira asked 

   "the doctors said she i growing big teeth like mine"i replied 

  "Can you take the phone to her so i can see her face"kira asked and i nodded 

I came down the bed and carried the phone to stacy's crib so kira can see her face 

  "Awwn she looks pale"kira replied

  "Will you read me bed time stories"i asked and she nodded 

   "Once upon a time ..........

Well this has been the daily routine of kira and i 

We skype every night and she still reads me bed time stories 

I really like her because she is a nice person unlike sylvia who all she do is paint her nails and face 

All this while i have been acting the way i did so that daddy will sent her out 

Sylvia is a bad person 

When daddy is out she abuse us and call us the bad word 

But when daddy is back she act all nice 

I dislike her 


I know daddy likes kira , i see him always starring at her but when she looks back he will pretend his not looking 

I know i way smart than my age but thats just me 

I must make daddy send sylvia out and kira must come back because shes my mommy 


I waited till the kids have gone to bed before going to meet austin downstairs 

I saw shocked to see austin drunk

I quickly collected the bottles from his hand 

   "Heyyy give me that"he said drunkly 

   "Austin your drunk,lets go to your room" i said and helped him up 

  "kira"Austin called 

   "Yes austin " i replied 

   "Woah your really here"he added

   "i have been meaning to tell you how much i love you but i couldnt ,,i was to proud to notice it till you left" austin said 

I cant believe austin has feelings for that bitch 

Deep down i was boiling with anger but i had to control myself 

  "I love you kira "he said as i dropped him on the bed 

  "I love you more austin" i replied 

His hands reached for my boobs while i crashed my lips on his 

Before you know it we were both unclad and moaning loudly 

I hope those monster kids dont hear us 

Not like i care anyways 

we had sex till Austin slept off 

I collapsed beside him and smiled to myself 

This feels really good 


I felt a harsh tap on my body and woke up 

  "Morning sweetie" i said and smiled seductively 

  "WTF! are you doing here on my bed naked" Austin yelled 

  "C'mon dont pretend you didnt enjoy last night "i replied 

  "The way you were moaning my name ,,telling me how much you love me"it was amazing"i added and stood up from the bed naked while he looked away 

  "C'mon baby " i said and squeeze my boobs for him to see 

  "You know what ,,i have had enough"

    "Pack your things and leave this house"he yelled 


 "How can you have sex with me and chase me out of your house the following day"i replied angrily in tears 

  "Get out"he yelled and this time the look on Austins face could kill 

He was so angry 

I left his room in tears,went to mine and began packing 

As if that was not enough ,,Austin pushed me out of his house by himself into the street 

I felt so bittered and used 

 "You will pay for what you did"i yelled as he slammed the gate to my face .

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