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His Nanny - Episode 14




His Nanny - Episode 14

She Is Crazy 

Written by Author Jenny



 That f*cking b*tch 

I knew she did that intentionally 

I wasnt totally drunk

That was all a plan ,i wanted to pretend we were both drunk so i can seduce Austin into having s*x with me 

She ruined the whole thing 

I paced about in my room thinking of the best way to make her pay for what she did to me.

It been hours ,I took my bath ,wore something sexy and head downstairs for dinner 

Thankfully kira was still cooking 

   "Kira "i called in a polite tone and sat down on the couch 

  "You called "she replied nonchalantly

   "Please can you get me my phone from my room"i asked in a polite manner

 immediately kira left ,i quickly ran to the kitchen and poured a lot of hot sauce and salt into the food 

Minutes later she brought my phone back and went into the kitchen. 

I sat down in the dining with mitch and Austin and kira served us food 

Austin was the first to take a spoon full into his mouth and spat it out immediately

  "What wrong"i asked innocently

I quickly took the spoon and scoped some into my mouth and spat it out

  "Omg kira" i yelled

   "What the hell is this kira" Austin yelled 

   "What do you mean "she asked

    "taste the food" austin said 

    she tasted the food and spat it out immediately

I could see the expression on her face ,,she was really angry

  "What is wrong with you kira ,,are you feeling okay "austin asked 

Okay i wasnt expecting him to be saying this quietly 

  "Sorry Austin i will make you something to eat"i said ,pushing kira out of the way i ran into the kitchen 

  "Sorry mitch ,,sylvia will make you something different to eat "I heard austin said to his daughter 



I knew something was off when she asked me to go bring her phone politely 

Now ,how do i make Austin believe it was all her doing 

   "I'm so sorry Austin it wont happen again"i apologized and he nodded 

  "I want cereals"mitch said and i nodded 

After i fed both mitch and stacy i took them to their room 

  "kira i know your food dont taste bad"mitch said while i smiled and pinched her cheeks 

   "Sylvia went into the kitchen when i was watching sofia the first" mitch added 

  "I knew it ,dont worry am going to take care of it okay" i replied and she nodded

I bath the both of them as they played with the water and soaked my clothes 

i went to went my night dress before going back to their room 

i made stacy lay on my body and mitch curled up close to me while i read them stories about princess and mermaids 

i could tell they really enjoyed it and both of the slept off of my body 

I wonder what it will feel like having my own kinds some day 

I'm already getting addicted to stacy and mitch and i love them so much 

God knows am going to hit sylvia really hard that she will pack her things and leave 


To be continued 

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