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His Nanny - Episode 11




His Nanny - Episode 11

She Is Crazy 

Written by Author Jenny


I bid the Kid's goodbye as the driver drove them to school.

I had swept the room, ironed his clothes, and prepared the Kids before 7:00.

And now everything was all set.

Austin has been trying to work from home despite the fact that he's not fully recovered.

"You'll get headache if you don't close that Laptop" I said as I snuck into the room.

He didn't know I was coming and that was just what I wanted.

He kept quite and closed the Laptop slowly.

I sat close to him on the bed and moved the laptop a little further.

I held his cheek and made him face me.

"Am I a nuisance to you?" I asked looking at him.

"Am I a disturbance to you?" I asked once more.

"No... No.. Yo-"

"I know I'm just a Nanny..." I said cutting him off.

"Trust me. Anything and everything I've done is for the betterment of you and those two cute Kid's... " I added and left him and stood up


"I came here for just the pay and... now... I believe I have a better reason to stay.

 You may not like me being your Nanny.

 This time, I'm not gonna force you into.

 It's choice" I said and left his room.

I left him to the thinking.

I wanted to give him an emotional blackmail.


I don't know what happening.

I can't definitely fall in love with him.


He's Rich and there must be some women around.


I love him...

Ah! Damnit!

I ran downstairs and took the clothes.

I'll wash them and go to the grocery store to get some groceries.

We're running out of grocery.


Her words touched me.

I was just so dumbfounded.

I didn't if it was a pun or not but definitely, I was having some sort of feeling for her.


Can't happen.

She's just my Nanny and I don't have time for women.

I just wanna dedicate all my time to my Kid's.

My phone rang and I checked the caller and it was... Sylvia.

Sylvia Peter — one of my childhood friends.

She hasn't really been on the radar, why would she calling.

"Yeah. Hello." I said as I picked.

"It's Sylvia" she said with her tiny voice.

Her voice’s one of a kind.

"Oh. Sylvia! how are you doing!?" I said.

"I'm Austin. I’ll be coming down to Korea


Do you mind if I spend a little time in your house? My parent's ain't coming with me."

 she requested with her tiny voice.

"Oh. Sure. Ofcourse... you didn't have to Sylvia. 

You've been a good friend. How's Mr. Peter?" I asked.

"The oldies definitely fine. Let's chat on WhatsApp." she said.

"Alright." I said and caught the call.

I checked my message on WhatsApp and I saw Sylvia's message.

“Im at your doorstep Mr. Austin"

She got to be Kidding.

I tied my pajamas and ran downstairs.

I opened and saw her smiling.

"Sylvia!" I called with a smile.

"Austin!" she called and hugged me.

She looked at me and Kissed me.

I turned and saw Kira looking at us .

"Hey. Come and have some rest. Hope the jet lag wasn't much?" I asked while I took her luggage.

"Nah. It wasn't much." she said and followed me.


I gave Austin the surprise he didn't expect.

I hugged him and kissed him on purpose.

He didn't even get fussed up.

Normally, he'll shout at me for doing that in the past.

I walked to his sitting room and saw a lady there.

Could have re-married without telling me?

"Austin..." I called and he turned.

"... Did you get married again?" I asked.

"Nah. She's just my Nanny" he said as he got to know why I asked.

"Alright then..." I said as we approached my room.

"Have some rest." he said and he led me to the room.

"I'll be right back" he said and left.

I only smiled.

I can't take chances.

I need to make sure that I make the Nanny Leave.

I'm not sharing my man with any f’cking body!



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