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Endless Tears - Episode 35




Endless Tears - Episode 35

Subtle: I just wanna make you Smile again

Genres: Billionaire, Deceit

Tags: Deceit,love, jealousy,hatred, marriage

Written by Adeola Nissi                                  


                        (AM SORRY )


       Kelvin paced the waiting room of Corina Hospital in agitation. 

“How can you two be so insensitive?” he barked at Mrs. Bello and 

Mr. Sinja. “How couldn‟t you bring up such a topic before her, in her 

condition?” he asked, glaring at Mrs. Bello. “I knew it! I never should have allowed her out of the house. I am so stupid. If anything happens to her, I don‟t think I would forgive myself” he said, pacing. 

Immediately Mr. Sinja had showed up at Kelvin‟s office, Kelvin had had the vague feeling that he was related to Amara somehow. The 

resemblance was obvious, but Kelvin had shrugged it off, telling himself that so many people looked alike without necessarily being 

related. How wrong that was! If only he had known, he would have 

protected Amara and prevented her from finding out the horrific way she did. He honestly did not know what he would do if 

anything happened to Amara. He turned to stare at the detective.

The elderly man looked like he had been struck by lightning as he clenched his fists painfully beside him. Kelvin felt for the man, wondering what was going through the mind of the man who 

seemed to have gone through equal bouts of deceit and pain.

Kelvin sighted a doctor coming out of the department Amara was rushed into and moved hurriedly towards him, along with Mr. Sinja and Mrs. Bello. “Doctor” he called hurriedly. “How is she? How is Amara? She was rushed in now” he ranted.

“We are her parents, please tell us” Mrs. Bello said and Mr. Sinja glared at her.

The doctor looked at them in concern. “Her situation is very delicate. I fear she has fallen into labor” he said. 

“What? But she is not due till next month” Kelvin said in agitation.

“Yes, but if she doesn‟t deliver that child now, her life might be at stake; she is in enough danger as it is. She is in great pain; I guess it is due to physical or emotional stress. I hope the situation does not get worse because if it does, we may have to resort to CS. Please take it easy, we are on top of the situation; excuse me” he said and left hurriedly. Kelvin stared after the doctor, white-faced.

“Oh God!”


            The waiting room was filled with people seated in different places but waiting obviously for one person and thinking about that 

one person. Mr. and Mrs. Peters were there and Mrs. Peters was almost out of her mind with worry. She had paced the waiting room 

until she started becoming dizzy. She felt pained that she had hurt her daughter so much by keeping the truth from her when all she wanted by keeping Amara‟s birth a secret was to prevent her from 

getting hurt. She regretted what she did but knew that regrets and being sorry was not enough to write off the damage that the secret 

has caused in her daughter‟s life. If only Amara could find a place in her heart to forgive her…

Mr. Peters, on the other hand was angry. He felt sorry that 

Amara had gone through all these – ending up married to her brother and all – but most especially, he was angry that she was no longer on their side. Why did everything have to crumble just when Amara started bringing home some cash? Despite his numerous threats to his wife that he would reveal the mystery behind Amara‟s parentage, he knew that he would never have gone through with the threat; not when he knew what he could lose. He knew he could always get cash from Alex through Amara if she was on their side, but now that everything was in shambles, that possibility was totally out of the question. He had no idea what he was doing in the hospital, seated like a jobless man. Even though Amara had been a great daughter, she had made the mistake herself; she should pay for it herself. But still, it wouldn‟t hurt to be seen with the Senator‟s family, would it?

Mr. Bello snr sat some distance away from the rest, with his head resting heavily against the backrest. He had a lot of things to do at the office but he just could not turn a deaf ear when he heard that Amara had gone into labor prematurely. Normally, he should 

despise Amara for being the product of his wife‟s betrayal but he was  never one to transfer aggression. He does not think or act like other men. He liked Amara a lot. She had a fierce fighting spirit which he admired. He had instantly liked her and that feeling only grew when he saw the way she was handling her odd relationship with Alex. It was not the girl‟s fault that she was not conceived in a respectable way. Actually, he could not begin to imagine the level of pain and sadness Amara must be feeling, all because of the stupid actions of the woman he married. No wonder the child in the womb was reacting to the extreme tension. Even though the Senator was so worried about Amara, he hadn‟t been prepared to meet the culprit who got his wife pregnant. His former employee was seated in the waiting room when he arrived and right there and then, Mr. Bello wanted to forget his position in the society and break Habeeb‟s bones with his fists but he strictly had to put his anger under control. There would always be another place and time for that, he told himself, even though he continued to clench his fists.

Mr. Habeeb Sinja felt like his brain had contacted deadly virus. 

He could not process any thought normally anymore. His daughter was just behind that closed door ahead of him, struggling between 

life and death. His daughter! That sounded so weird even to his own inner ears. His life had been a disaster for as long as he could even 

remember. When Kate had pushed him out of her life and out of his livelihood, his life had crumbled. He hadn‟t expected to fall in love 

with Katherine but then, she had dumped him like a piece of trash. It had been expected though; who wouldn‟t see that coming when she was obviously married with a child. He should have been wise 

enough to avoid any dealings with her; or even wise enough to keep his heart under lock and key. But then, he had fallen for her and had 

paid dearly for it. He hadn‟t been able to love again. After many years of staying alone, his family had forced a woman on him. He had married her and even though he did not love her, he respected her and treated her well until he was able to see her as a friend. But  then, tragedy struck again and she died in an accident, along with 

their three years old son. Destroyed beyond redemption, he had joined the police force, not even considering another marriage. And 

now, he had a daughter? He could not lose his daughter when he just found her. He just couldn‟t. Not even the presence of his ex-boss could stop him from praying for his daughter‟s wellbeing.

Alex carried a bottle of hot wine in his hand but he was not drinking it. Ever since he found out his true relationship Amara, he 

had been drinking, just hoping that he would forget everything. But after drinking himself to stupor and the haze cleared, he was left with his problems looming over him, looking bigger than it was the last time. He had instantly got a lawyer to process their divorce, but that still did not change the fact that he had been married to his sister, did it? It did not change the fact that he had treated his sister like a piece of trash to be used and trampled on at every given point in time. She was there right now, laboring to birth the child that he had put in her, but what could he do? He could not do anything but wait helplessly. 

He turned to look at the woman he called mother and moved farther away from her. She was still crying, biting her fingers occasionally but Alex could not feel anything but anger towards her. She had been the originator of this mess; she effectively destroyed everyone because of her selfish desires.

Kelvin could not keep still, he was either seated or standing or 

pacing. His thoughts were in complete disarray. He tried to come up with clues of what Amara was going through in there but had no 

idea. He had never been in the labor room with anyone but experienced women always said that a woman in labor was a handshake away from death. They had explained the pain that they 

go through until Kelvin almost could boast of a mental picture of the entire process, but waiting in the waiting room was giving him too much tension. Tola and Tina were also as agitated as kelvin, pacing the hall with their mouths murmuring inaudible prayers.

  The door opened and a doctor walked out. Everyone ran to him, firing different questions which, at the same time, had the same

meaning. The doctor, looking completely strained, shook his head. “I am sorry…”

Hushed silence fell on everyone at once. “Sorry for what?” Tina cried…


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