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Endless Tears - Episode 34




Endless Tears - Episode 34

Subtle: I just wanna make you Smile again

Genres: Billionaire, Deceit

Tags: Deceit,love, jealousy,hatred, marriage

Written by Adeola Nissi                                    

                         (MY FATHER)

Kelvin and I decided that it was best to meet Detective Sinja at 

an eatery, we did not want a situation where other people like Alex 

would suddenly show up at the door and that could definitely 

happen if someone knew where I live. I walked into the restaurant 

and soon sighted Detective Sinja sitting at a corner of the eatery. 

Kelvin sat a couple of table away from him and I walked up to the 

detective. Mr. Sinja stood up as I drew closer. “Good evening sir, it 

has been a while” I greeted with a tight smile.

Mr. Sinja smiled and for some seconds, I stared at him. Mr. Sinja was definitely not a young man, even though his muscles and 

body build made him look much more fit than all the young men floating around. He had an athlete‟s build and one could not easily 

predict his age from his appearance. He must definitely be the toast 

of ladies with his great looks; that is if his domineering and arrogantly indifferent look did not ward ladies off him. If I could 

guess, I would assume that he would be in his forties, but his eyes –those dark eyes which gazed piercingly through me now – made it 

seem as though Mr. Sinja had seen far too many things in life.

“How are you Mrs. Bello?” he asked.

I frowned. Oh no! The last thing I needed was for someone to 

call me Mrs. Bello; that brought only one person to mind – and that is the last person I want to think about right now. “Amara is fine” I said quickly and sat down before my legs unbuckled beneath me. The evening was already looking bad. I caught Kelvin‟s concerned look 

from across the large room and I swallowed.

“Amara it is then” the detective said and sat down. “Do I order something for you?” he asked.

I shook my head quickly. “I am fine. I want to get this over with as fast as possible” I said.

He smiled. “Of course. Actually, I thought you would take out time to visit the station but you never did. I am sure you are aware 

that Lisa was granted bail?” he asked and I nodded. “Well, Lisa‟s family has been in and out of the station, pleading with us to drop 

charges against her. We should have charged her to court but we are waiting for your word. Are you ready to pursue the case or not?” He asked.

“I am dropping my charges against Lisa. I don‟t…”

“Habeeb” someone gasped and our heads automatically turned. I blanched and nearly fainted when I saw who was standing, 

gaping at us. Why did the devil have to materialize? Mrs. Bello stood a few tables away from us gaping mostly at Mr. Sinja. Who would 

have thought that this woman would show up here? I had always known that meeting the detective was a bad decision but I never 

knew it would be this terrible. She turned her gaze to me in horror 

and she seemed to turn paler. The last time I saw Mrs. Bello came 

slapping back at me and I grabbed the table tighter. Kelvin approached the table with his concerned look trained on me. He 

looked from one person to the other and for the first time, I glanced 

at the detective. He had also gone white.

“Do you know her?” I managed to ask, puzzled.

He did not seem to hear me. “Are you Ok Ara?” Kelvin asked when he got to our table. “I think it is better we leave now” he 


“Habeeb?” Mrs. Bello gasped again.

Detective Sinja swallowed. “Kate” he responded and my curiosity became pricked. He must know her on a personal level to be 

able to call her by her first name.

“Let‟s go” Kelvin said again with more force. 

“No, wait” Mrs. Bello said, rushing towards us.

I could almost feel the tension radiating through Mr. Sinja. He looked completely different. He stood up. “I think I need to leave 

also” he said.

“No!” Mrs. Bello yelled forcefully, causing some other people at the eatery to turn in our direction. “You can‟t go. You know Amara? 

Oh God! My life is ruined” she lamented, looking scared.

“What about Amara?” he asked with a tight look. “It doesn‟t even matter” he dismissed. “It was nice seeing you again Kate, I need to catch up with an appointment” he said and quickly made for the door.

“There is something I need to tell you” Mrs. Bello yelled, 

stopping him in his tracks.

He turned to face her with his face carefully blank. “And what is that?” he asked.

She looked around at the people gazing at us. “Why don‟t we 

discuss this somewhere else?” she said and looked questioningly at me. 

“Amara” Kelvin called softly.

“I have nothing to discuss with you Kate” Detective Sinja said and made to leave.

“You have a daughter.”

The detective froze, along with me and everyone in the eatery. 

Everyone had their eyes fixed on us. “You are right Kelvin, let us leave this place” I said, already tired of the melodrama. I stood up 

and made for the door where Mr. Sinja stood, rooted to the ground, looking at Mrs. Bello like she had just lost her mind; I also wondered 

if she had. I walked hastily out of the eatery with Kelvin holding onto 

me firmly.

“Amara! Wait!” Mrs. Bello yelled, running after us.

"Damn it! I never should have allowed you come here." Kelvin 

said angrily as we walked on.

Mr. Sinja followed Mrs Bello closely and dragged her forcefully, turning her to face him. “What the hell are you talking 

about? Which daughter” he growled.

“Amara” she called shakily and I stopped. How can she even 

have the nerve to call my name? I turned to glare at her. “Please listen to me. I am sorry my dear, I am sorry for all I did to you. I 

would forever regret my actions. I am not proud of what I did” she said as her eyes watered.

I glared at her. “Whether or not you regret your actions does 

not change anything now, does it? We are creating an unnecessary 

scene. Please leave me in peace ok?”

“You can‟t go” she said shakily.

“Oh? And why not?” I shot back at her.

“Because… erm…” she glanced from my face to Mr. Sinja‟s and 

back. Mr. Sinja turned to look at me, then glared at her.

“What daughter are you referring to?” he asked, shaking her 

like a piece of doll.

“Our relationship years back produced a child Habeeb” she 

said shakily. She turned to look at me. “She… Amara… she is that 

child” she swallowed. “Amara is your daughter.

I blinked. Oh! My ear drums echoed for a while. This had to be 

a big joke, I thought, staring at them like they were speaking Latin. I 

grabbed Kelvin‟s hand tighter. “Damn it Amara! I am getting you out 

of here” he said forcefully.

“You don‟t mean it right?” I yelled, snatching my hand from 

Kelvin's, looking at the two people before me like they had grown 

horns. Mr. Sinja was frozen to the spot with his mouth agape, looking 

at me like I was an alien. “How can you say such ridiculous nonsense 

uhn?” I yelled angrily and felt a dull pain in my stomach. “You have 

lost your mind, you don‟t know what you are saying… you don‟t 

know…” I bent over as the pain in my tummy grew.

“Ara” Kelvin exclaimed, grabbing me. “What is wrong? Are 

you ok?”

“Amara” Mrs. Bello yelled running over.

I tried to stand up but the pain that overtook me almost 

knocked the wind out of me. “Aaaaarrrrhhhh” I yelped in pain. “My 

tummy” I cried out. “Kelvin…… my tummy…” I cried out as the 

pain became increasingly unbearable. “Aaaaaarrrrrhhhhh”

“Get the car” I vaguely heard Mr. Sinja bark as he whisked me into his arms effortlessly. The pain took over my senses and raked through every fiber of my being. My baby… Please be fine… Please be fine… I took my numb hand to my tummy but all I felt was this immeasurable pain that took over my brain, making me yelp and gasp in pain.


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