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Endless Tears - Episode 29




Endless Tears - Episode 29

Subtle: I just wanna make you Smile again

Genres: Billionaire, Deceit

Tags: Deceit,love, jealousy,hatred, marriage

Written by Adeola Nissi                                                                                    


                     (IT WILL NEVER HAPPENED AGAIN)

Now, Mrs. Bello could fully agree that nothing is hidden under 

the sun. You might hide it for a while but a secret would always 

bounce to the surface sooner or later. She had thought that that 

mistake with Habeeb was gone and gone forever and that her secret 

had been successfully buried, but now, she had to face the glaring reality of the situation at hand. Her mistake of years back was back, 

and not only was it back to taunt her, but it was ready to destroy everything and everyone in its path. The woman had given the baby girl a permanent black (+) mark at the back of her left ear. She had told her that it might be very helpful in future and that it was always important to have a mark on the child with which the child can be 

identified, in case her path crossed with her child in future. She had prayed it never happened then but now, it was obvious that her prayer has gone unanswered. If Amara was truly that unwanted 

child of hers, then…

 “Oh No!” she said with a sickly pale face. “My son cannot be married to my daughter” she whispered in fright. She shook her head. “No! It is a coincidence” she tried to reassure herself. “Amara 

can NEVER be my child. My Daughter cannot be married to my son. 

It has to be a coincidence”


I sat at the edge of the bed and put my head in my hands. Try as I may, I could not forget the scenario of the past hour. What could have been Mrs. Bello‟s problem? I knew my mother-in-law was so 

harsh and wicked but she had seemed almost insane. She had been totally different from the composed woman I knew her to be and she 

had looked completely shaken and scared. 

And she had noticed my birthmark! It was totally confusing. 

She not only noticed the birthmark, it seemed to be the main reason why she was agitated and scared. Thinking about the drama again, 

my brain was in overdrive. It almost looked as if Mrs. Bello recognized my birthmark! I frowned and shook my head as I stood up to wash my face in the bathroom, hoping that it would at least 

clear my mumbled thoughts. It didn‟t though.

I had only been able to see the mark with the aid of a mirror and the feel of my fingers. Why did it seem as though my mother-in-law knew the mark? And why had my mother seemed uncomfortable by it? She had remained uncomfortable even after 

Mrs. Bello‟s departure, until she finally left with my dad. The whole drama was beginning to confuse me and I hoped something would distract me from my thoughts before I run mad from thinking too 


I heard a knock and heaved a sigh of relief, ordering the person to come in without even noticing the difference in the knocking 

pattern. The door opened and I was so surprised to see Alex. It was so surprising that I found myself gaping idiotically. 

“Sorry to disturb you Amara” he said, gaining my attention.

I blinked several times to gather my scattered wits. “What do you want with me Alex” I was impressed that my voice was very firm.

He stood straight, confident as ever, but he looked a bit uneasy. 

“I… I have not wished you happy birthday, and I wanted to do so before you went to bed” he said.

I stared in surprise. I have had too many surprises in one day. 

First, he said I was pretty, now, he is wishing me happy birthday. 

“Why do you want to do that?” I asked.

He shrugged, “I just wanted to” he responded.

I did not know what it was, but somehow, he looked different. 

For a second, I could almost glimpse the man I had fallen in love with in the village. Did he think that he could win me over by being sweet? I almost laughed. The easily deceived Amara was already 

gone, replaced by a cautious one. “Why? You want to acquire my sympathy? Since Lisa is not home, you are looking for a woman to share your bed right?” I laughed. He looked a bit hurt but I really 

wanted to slap his face for his audacity. “I am not a fool Alex, I have a brain, and neither am I an object of sexual sport. If you are looking 

for someone to roll with in your bed, go outside and get one, I am not available for such rubbish. Now, can you leave my room?” I boomed 

in a perfectly pitched voice, with my feet tapping the floor in anger.

For some seconds, he stood there, frozen. He looked at me and I stared back boldly until he finally turned, opened the door and left. I breathed deeply and sank onto the bed.


The senator stared at his wife, who sat opposite him in the dinning, trying hard to eat her food. He saw the shake in her hands and watched her trembling lips as the half-filled forks went in 

periodically. It was already hours since they arrived home, yet, they   have not exchanged a single word. He smiled to himself and 

pretended to concentrate on his food, making noticeable noise with his cutleries. 

“I am sure you have come up with a perfect explanation for your actions earlier” he said, seeming unconcerned. “Tell me Kate, 

what lie would you tell me?”

He heard the fork drop from his wife‟s fingers and refused to raise his eyes from his plate. “What… what do you mean?” 

He raised his eyes slowly. “You know what I mean Katherine. 

What was the meaning of your display earlier? I sense there is something you are hiding from me” he said bluntly.

She fixed a brave look on her face and faced him. “Without listening to me, you assumed I was planning to tell you that? Are you calling me a liar? Why would I need to lie to you?” she looked hurt.

The senator decided to go subtle. “I am sorry then. Can you now explain the drama?”

“Yes!” she declared. “I told you, didn‟t i? I told you it was a bad idea to allow that girl marry Alex. Did you see that mark behind her ear? It is a diabolic sign; only incarnates have that mark behind the 

ear.” She said.

The senator looked at his wife in complete surprise. “Kate! 

Since when did you start believing in all these trash? You said you do not believe in witches or stuffs like that, and now, you know the marks?”

“I don‟t forget things, a friend told me that mermaid queens exist in the normal world and they destroy the lives of people they are associated with. She told me of the mark. Just imagine, since she came into the family, Alex has turned into something else. She destroyed the relationship between Lisa and Alex, now; she is making you turn against him. Now you have suspended him from  your own company. Isn‟t that enough proof? You need to drive her out of our lives. She is evil” she declared.



Today, the Senator slept in his room without his wife. They had had a heated argument over a totally bizarre issue. Nothing his wife 

could say could convince him that Amara was a „mami-water‟ or whatever it was that his wife was insisting she actually is. Nothing 

she did could also make him agree with the fact that their son needed to divorce her. Maybe the reason why he could not make himself 

believe anything she said was because he knew her too well. She gets shaky and tense when she is hiding something really important, and 

would always hide secrets under believable shades of lies. It was disheartening that he never could trust his own wife to be completely 

honest with him. A lot of times, he wondered why he married her, and now was one of those times. Katherine was keeping something 

from him, and if all her fretting was any indication, this was not something small. What he did not know was what Amara had to do 

with this. What was it about Amara that unsettled Katherine so much? He had never seen his wife this distressed before; she was 

almost like a moth skipping through fire. No doubt, Mr. Bello surmised, that birthmark was the key to this. That plus mark definitely had a history if his wife had looked ghostly immediately 

she saw it. The ridiculous explanation of Amara being with an evil spirit was senseless to him. He needed to find out what this was all 


Finally decided, he picked up his phone and dialed the number of a secret private investigator. He waited patiently until the investigator picked up. Without waiting for pleasantries, he went 

straight to the point. “Luke, see me in my office tomorrow. I need you to do something for me”


“What the hell is the matter with you?” Toba asked in anger. 

“Are you really sure there is nothing going on between you and your village bet? You seem to have changed”. 

“Of course there is nothing going on, besides, even if I want it to, Amara would not accept anything with me on a platter of gold” Alex retorted feeling anger creep into him as he remembered the way 

his own wife chased him out of her room like a piece of trash.

“Why do I have a feeling that you already want it?” Toba bellowed.

Alex fixed Toba an angry questioning look. “And why does it seem to bother you so much?” he asked.

Toba glowered at him. “Why should it not bother me? You come running to me for help, yet I give you advices and you don‟t follow them. Don‟t come bothering me if you would always do what 

you want to do”

Alex‟ eyes narrowed. “You asked me to beat her up, see where that led me?” he returned in anger.

“The only thing I see here is that you have become a chicken just because of that thing you keep in your house. She is keeping you on your toes like a puppet. When did you become so soft?” Toba 

bellowed, looking at Alex as if he could not quite believe he was the one.

“Say that one more time and I would show you how unsoft I am with my fist” he said with clenched fists. He looked just as dangerous as Toba knew he was, or used to be before Amara surfaced.

“Oh, you can display your fists here but when you see Amara, you turn to jelly” he spat out.

“I am warning you Toba”

Toba saw the telltale flash in Alex‟s eyes and knew he had to tread softly if he would be leaving the bar without a swollen eye. He sighed. “Alex. All I am saying is that this girl is too small to keep you  locked firmly in her small palm, how old is she? She just clocked twenty!” she exclaimed like he could not quite believe it. “You are a 

whooping five years older, yet she seems to be the boss in that little house of yours, where is your edge? Why can‟t you put her in her 


Alex grimaced. “I let her have her way. I have really destroyed her life”

Toba‟s frown deepened. “And now you are regretting your actions!” he exclaimed in bewilderment. “Are you sure something is 

not wrong with you? What has that girl done to you?”

Alex stared long at Toba. His coming to meet his friend was not helping matters at all. After listening to his friend rant and rave like a 

frozen dock, he was certain that he would not be able to help him in 

any way; not like he had been of any help ever since. To be sincere, 

Alex did not know the type of help he sought. His head had been in 

the clouds lately and he was beginning to wonder at what he actually 

needed. “I think I need to go home now” he said, paid the bill and stood up. Toba shook his head and trailed after him.

“You are being pathetic Alex. What do you plan on doing about Lisa uhn? You did not get her out of jail until her poor parents were able to pull the required strings to get her out on bail. When she 

surfaces, you would be in for it; remember, Amara is not the only one carrying your child in her womb” he said with piercing clarity.

Alex swallowed as he marched to his car. “You don‟t have to remind me that I have two babies on the way; if I don‟t remember, who will?”

“I think the only child you remember is that of the little whore in your house. How sure are you that the child is even yours?”

Alex stopped suddenly and fixed Toba with a firm glare. “As much as I am not overjoyed at the prospect of having a baby at this early stage of my life, I know the child is mine. The reason is simple I was the one who made her a woman, and there was no other  person, I assure you. She has never lied to me, despite all I have done; I am the only lying party here, that much cannot be denied” he said and entered his car without waiting for another annoying comment from his friend.

As Alex drove home, his anger grew until it became gravely unbearable. He almost started soliloquizing in anger as he drove 

home. What angered him most was that Toba had been right. He had changed! Even the blind would see it vividly. He could not tell what 

triggered it. He was beginning to blame himself for what he did to Amara; and why? He could not even tell. Maybe because Amara had 

picked up her pieces so bravely, doing the damnest to put the past behind her. Or maybe it was because she had become so bold that she 

now had the effrontery to stand up to him; even Lisa could not that effectively as Amara did; it was as annoying as it was amusing. It 

was probably her growing beauty that was getting to his head, he mused. With each passing day, she grew in beauty and it was not half as annoying as it was fascinating. It was even more surprising 

that she was that way with the bulging pregnancy.

Alex rubbed his palm over his face and stroked his thumb against his day‟s growth of beards, in frustration. He did not understand what was going on. There was this strange feeling he had 

towards Amara that could not be named. He felt a strange connection between them. It was not a feeling he identified with. He had loved 

before, yes, but he was did not think this growing feeling was love. 

On the contrary, he would have known instantly if it was love; or

wouldn‟t he? Lisa did not hold his heart, there was just this strong sexual attraction between them that Alex could not do away with. He 

had loved a woman only once in his life and got burnt from it. But now, what was this that he was developing for Amara? He groaned 

in frustration. He hated something he could not name or identify 

more than anything. He sighed and drove into the compound...........


I adjusted my silk night robe about my body as I walked the stairs to grab a cup of water. I was finding it difficult to sleep. It 

was one of those nights when my memories would come floating back through my mind emotions all worked up. Many times, I thought I had gotten past the hurt and anger and bitterness, 

that I have them successfully locked away never to resurface; but more often than not, they always came back to haunt me, especially 

when I find myself alone in my massive bedroom.

As I walked fully into the sitting room, I found Alex sitting at the mini bar in the sitting room, drinking. His head turned and his 

eyes bore into me as I stood transfixed, staring back at him. 

“Are you willing to join the party?” he slurred. “It seems you also could not find sleep”

I noticed the drunken state he was in by the way his voice dragged. I shook my head slightly. “It startles me that everything I knew about you was wrong” I said in amused anger. “So you are also 

a drunkard”

His posture still seemed composed even though he was obviously drunk. Only his voice could make someone realize it. “I am not drunk madam, only tipsy” he said and raised a half-filled cup. 

“You should join me”

I eyed him. “You are pathetic, you know? You need help” I said as I made my way to the dispenser.

He smiled. “Yeah! I need help to get to my bedroom safely. My legs feel shaky”

I hissed. “You can sleep on the bar, even sleep on your feet; it is none of my concern” I drank my water and replaced the cup. Out of 

the corner of my eyes, I saw Alex rise to his feet. He seemed stable enough until he took a step and swayed. My first instinct was to 

hurriedly grab him but I caught myself in time. „I don‟t care‟ I told  myself again. I don‟t care if he falls and breaks his pretty nose; it 

won‟t mean a thing to me!

He closed his eyes tight for some seconds and later opened them. He seemed to be trying to keep his gaze straight. He took four 

unstable steps again and nearly fell over; before I knew it, I was at his side. Realizing it, I became so angry; more at myself that him. I should happily watch him fall without helping him. I should even 

walk over his fallen body; so why am I here, worried that he might hurt himself by falling over? I sighed slightly and grabbed his hand 

roughly. I but it around my neck roughly, supporting him with my shoulder. “I guess it would not hurt to prevent you from breaking 

your neck” I said as I dragged him up the stairs in anger.

He smiled annoyingly. “I guess you still care about my neck” he drawled.

I felt the great urge to topple him down the stairs. “It would be better if you keep your mouth shut if not, I would gladly watch your head roll down the stairs.

He continued smiling but kept quiet. I had a cause to enter his 

room for the second time since I entered the house and it brought 

back the remembrance of the terrible day Alex told me I was nothing 

more than a bet. My teeth bit into my lips as I shook away the 

overwhelming emotions and anger that took over me. I practically tumbled Alex onto the bed and straightened.

Alex looked sleepily at me. “It feels so good to have your arms around me again” he said with half open eyes.

I stiffened and almost slapped him at that. Controlling myself with great difficulty, I turned to leave. “Savor it while you can cause it would never happen again, you can count on it”. I exited the room and slammed the door shut..........


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