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Endless Tears - Episode 26 & 27




Endless Tears - Episode 26 & 27

Subtle: I just wanna make you Smile again

Genres: Billionaire, Deceit

Tags: Deceit,love, jealousy,hatred, marriage

Written by Adeola Nissi                        


                     (THE MARK)

I retired back to my room after eating and relaxed fully on the 

bed with my „Every Woman‟ in hand. It has been a long day and all I 

had in mind was a deep dreamless sleep. My eyes drifted close as I 

read the book blindly and an exhausted yawn escaped my lips. I 

yawned again and finally dropped the book, giving in to sleep. 

I jumped and sleep vanished from my eyes when the door 

suddenly opened. Tola was the person I saw when my eyes finally 

settled. “What is going on Tola? You scared me” I asked in confusion.

Tola looked agitated and on the verge of tears. “Amara, you 

need to save me please” she pleaded.

I jumped to my feet at once. “What are you talking about?” I 

held her.

“I can‟t stay long. Lisa would suspect something. Tina would 

be here soon”

“What do you mean? What would Lisa suspect?” before I could 

get an answer, Tola struggled out of the door hastily and I stood, 

staring at the door. I could not even understand what the hell just 

happened. It was beyond strange. I paced the room slowly, trying to 

come up with an explanation for the weird encounter but nothing 

came to mind. I turned to go downstairs to confront Lisa. It was 

certain that Lisa was doing something to Tola and I needed to know 

what it was exactly. 

Before I was able to open the door, the door opened again, 

nearly hitting me directly in the face. “What is going on?” I nearly 

yelled as I jumped out of the way.

Tina came in and quickly closed the door, just the way Tola did. 

“Can you explain what is going on or do I need to find out myself?” I 

asked sternly, folding my arms across my chest. 

She swallowed. “You should be losing your child right now” 

“What? God forbid! What is the meaning of this nonsense?” 

Now my anger has grown sky high.

“Please listen to me Ama. Lisa gave Tola some drugs to replace 

with yours. The drug is meant to abort the child speedily. According 

to her, the drugs are very strong. Tola could not refuse because she 

threatened to kill Tola if she did not comply.”

I paled and my legs shook uncontrollably. “W… What…What 

are you saying?” I held my tummy firmly in protection. “Are you 

trying to tell me that I… that I…”

“No” Tina quickly interjected. “Tola changed the drugs in her 

presence and gave your own drugs to Miss Lisa as instructed but that 

is not what you used. She later went back to change it to vitamin 

tablets after she told me. What you used cannot have negative effects 

on you” she declared and I sagged in relief. “But now, Tola is in 

danger” she continued, looking frightened. “If Miss Lisa is capable of 

trying to abort your child, I think she would also be capable of 

getting Tola killed, she needs to have the feeling that what she did 


“What are you saying?” I asked in confusion.

“If Miss Lisa sees that you are in serious pain, she would 

believe undoubtedly that you used her drugs and it would get Tola 

out of harm‟s way.”

I nodded as I thought of it and hissed. “I am going to strangle 

her neck when this is over, right before I hand her over to the police” 

I said in anger. “So she wants a little drama?” I smiled. “Drama, she 

would get” I turned to walk to the bed and froze.

“What is it Amara?” Tina asked, concerned.

“My… my tumm… ouch” I gasped as I bent over in pain. Tina 

ran to help me but when she got halfway, she stopped and almost 

started laughing. “Jesus! You almost fooled me also. You must be a 

good drama queen” she grinned.

“Can‟t you see that I am in pain? Aaaarrrhhhh… this is not the 

time to laugh. Shut up and… ouch… get into character” I ordered.

She bowed slightly. “Yes ma‟am” she answered with a grin. As 

she straightened, the smile on her face was replaced by a deep frown. 

Good girl, I thought. “Oh my God Amara, what is wrong with you?” 

she asked with pitched voice, coming to my aid.

“My tummy… arrrhh… I can‟t breathe… the pain… aaaahhhh” 

I streamed. “My tummy is on fire… Oh God! My baby… ah” we 

bundled ourselves out of the door and started down the stairs with 

me screaming and collapsing on the floor. Tina was also doing a 

good job of being the help mate. “What did you put in the food 

Tina… ooowww… I can‟t take it … Oh God…”

Tola and Lisa came running. “For God‟s sake, what is all the 

commotion about?” Lisa squealed.

I really wished I could tear off her filthy hair from her head. 

“Jesus! This is too much” water gathered in my eyes as I feigned the 

look of extreme pain. “It is still months to my delivery, what is going 

on? Aaarhhh” I whimpered. “Please be fine, baby…” I whispered to 

my baby. “Mummy is here… You are going to be fine” I whispered 

again. “Hospital… Take me to the hospital now” I stood from the 

ground but did not stand straight, holding my stomach like a mother 

hen. From my bent position, I saw the smug smile on Lisa‟s face as 

she stared at me and I almost gave up the charade to beat the hell out 

of her. Tola quickly joined Tina and they both managed to half-carry 

my screaming form outside the house and into the car. The driver 

sped off like a mad man, genuinely concerned and I was actually 

sorry for the poor guy who knew nothing about the whole charade.

We arrived at the hospital I use for my antenatal within the 

twinkling of an eye and Tina and Tola made a big scene of taking me 

inside. Some nurses also came to our rescue, while I continued my 

pretense of wreathing in undiluted pain. The nurses uttered words of 

sympathy and encouragements which almost had me laughing out loud or crying in shame. I swallowed the laughter that was 

threatening to erupt and carried on the pretense until I was safely 

deposited in a room. Immediately the door closed, all my pretense 

ceased and Tina, who could not hold it any longer, busted into an 

uncontrollable laughter.

“Jesus… I never knew you could act so well. I almost believed 

you were truly in pain” she laughed heartily.

Tola grinned and heaved a sigh of relief. “I owe you my life 

Ama” she said, full of gratitude.

“My child and I would be forever grateful to you Tola, you 

have nothing to thank me for” I returned.

The nurses looked at us in confusion. “Can someone explain 

what is going on here? Amara?” one of the nurses asked.

I looked at them apologetically. “I am really sorry for the 

trouble; it was a matter of life and death. Someone tried to terminate 

my pregnancy. If I could only see the doctor, I would be eternally 

grateful for the help” I said in a pleading tone.

They both looked at me in curiosity. They knew me to a certain 

extent and they were certainly concerned about my welfare. “That 

sounds pretty serious” the nurse I knew to be Nurse B, said and led 

the three of us to the doctor‟s office. The lady doctor was with a male 

friend and the nurse went to whisper into the doctor‟s ear. She 

invited us inside fully and she smiled at me. “How are you Amara? 

What is this that I am hearing?”

I felt awkward talking in front of the guy but since she was 

willing to talk in his presence, I knew that he could be trusted. Tola 

narrated the whole incident of how she was offered money and how 

she was threatened and forced into going through with the plan. She 

said so many things and all I could do most times was gap in 

amazement. It was as annoying as it was unbelievable.

“Do you have the drugs?” The man asked suddenly, surprising 


The doctor saw the surprise on my face and smiled. “Don‟t 

worry, you are definitely lucky you met him here. He is a police 

detective. Mr. Sinja. I am sure he can help you”

“I definitely can. Who is this murderer in the making” he 

looked really angry.

I swallowed hard. “Thank you so much sir. All I want is to stop 

her from ever trying this nonsense again. My child means everything to me and I would not risk his safety for anything in the world. I also want my friends to be protected. These are the people that mean a lot to me and I would do anything as long as they are protected” I said. 

“Well then, let‟s go. This lady must surely be arrested for attempted murder. The foetus should definitely be lucky; he has so many people who would risk their lives for him.” With that, he stood up and bid the doctor farewell, marching to the door like a trained soldier.......

The drive back home was filled with silence on my part, while 

Tina and Tola talked endlessly, recounting the entire episode, and 

laughing whenever they talked about my displays. The police man 

made a phone call to someone I guessed to be a fellow police officer 

and asked for my address, which I gave. I saw the confused look on 

the driver‟s face but ignored it. The face of the police man was as 

hard as stone and I found myself smiling. He was definitely a 

handsome man, no doubt, but his face made him look ruthless. 

Kelvin had looked different, yet similar, I thought suddenly, not even 

knowing what prompted such a stupid thought.

We entered the compound and I noticed Alex‟s car. We 

alighted and the police officer followed closely behind, betraying no 

emotion. We met the duo cuddling like a pair of teenagers in the 

sitting room. Is it not weird that they are always doing that every 

time I see them? I thought vaguely.

Before I could utter a single word, the policeman emerged 

behind me. “I believe you are Miss Lisa” he began.

Lisa jumped out of the chair, looking alarmed. She turned to 

glare at Tola.

“Yes she is, the question should be, who are you?” Alex 


“I am Detective Sinja” he extracted a card from his breast 

pocket and returned it. “Miss Lisa, you are under arrest for 

attempted murder” he said and I heard the siren of a police car 


“What? What are you talking about?”

“What is this Amara?” Alex boomed, standing up to glare at 

me. “What are you scheming this time?”

“Oh! You would need to ask your little beauty queen over 

there. She is the one who tried to terminate my pregnancy with 

useless drugs” I shot back.

“Well, you are better off without the pregnancy, don‟t you 


The policeman raised his brow. “If you are not careful young 

man, I would arrest you also because you sound like her accomplice” 

Like magic, he removed handcuffs.

“This is a mistake, I am innocent, you hear me?” she yelled and 

tried to run but Mr. Sinja‟s hand shot out faster than I could even 

imagine, grabbing her just in time. He attached the handcuffs and 

two other police men entered the sitting room.

“You would pay for this, Amara, Tola” she screamed. “You 

would pay for this” she yelled as the men dragged her out of the 



Mrs. Bello poured herself a drink as she recounted her sorrows. 

It was now twenty years since she did the unthinkable, yet, she could 

not make herself forget her past errors, especially one. A living breathing mistake which could not be forgiven. Every year, she 

remembered the 20th of September and willed it to go away.....


“I don‟t think I am following this conversation.” Toba said as 

he dropped his full glass of alcoholic wine on the counter. “Do you 

mean to tell me that Lisa tried to abort Amara‟s pregnancy and is 

now in police custody?” He asked stupefied. 

Alex sighed and downed his drink at a go, ordering the barman 

to refill the glass. “Precisely. My life has turned into a circus ever 

since I encountered Amara. It has been from one problem to the other 

ever since she showed up. She seemed to have changed from the 

innocent village girl whom I willingly placed a bet on, into a 

dangerous viper, ready to bite with poisonous venom at the slightest 

provocation. Nothing works against her” he picked up his glass and 

drank the cup halfway, allowing the alcohol to burn down his throat. 

“Just imagine: I rid her of her virginity, and what did I get? She got 

pregnant” he pointed out, with his arms swinging in the air. “She 

showed up and when I suggested abortion, what happened instead? I 

ended up married” he roared in indignation. “I made her a maid in 

my house to punish her for making my life hell on earth but what 

was the result? My father threatened to take my position and I 

stupidly went ahead to get an agreement which allowed us both 

liberty to do whatever we wished. That is really one of the most 

stupid things I have done in my life” he swore angrily.

“Amongst many other stupid things” Toba inserted 


“Thanks. I brought Lisa into the house when she declared her 

pregnancy, mainly to spite Amara, but what was the result? My 

house became hell on earth. I told her of the bet to destroy her morale 

and confidence but what did I end up achieving? She completely 

transformed into a monster. You advised me to beat her to a pulp 

and I did, but what was the result?” His voice rose several degrees as 

he drank the rest of the wine at once, slamming it frighteningly on  the bar. “I got a bloody suspension letter from my own father‟s 

company.” He boomed and Toba scratched his head in exasperation. 

“Lisa tried to use drugs to bring down Amara‟s child and she was 

stupid enough to use Tola instead of doing the dirty job herself, but 

what did she get? She landed behind bars” he hissed through 

clenched teeth. “No plan works successfully against her.

Toba sighed and decided that his drink was necessary, drinking 

it all at once. “That girl is not normal. She is either a witch or a 


Alex picked up another full cup and started drinking again. 

The alcohol was beginning to make him feel lightheaded. “Do you 

know the worst part of this entire charade? Amara looks more 

beautiful by the day” he shook his head. “She looks completely 

different from the village girl she was. I don‟t know how that is even 

possible. Pregnant women always look shabby and ugly to me with 

their protruding bellies and all but Amara looks totally different from 

that image. She is practically glowing. She was beautiful before with 

her uncommon shape and complexion, which is why I considered 

sharing a bed with her in the first place, but now, she looks even 

shapelier. Her eyes glow when she laughs and her cheeks seem to 

have a reddish glow. It makes me think and…”

“Shut up man” Toba barked. “Are you alright? Don‟t tell me 

you have started nursing stupid feelings for that tramp”

Alex hissed. “Don‟t be stupid. She is a woman and I am 

definitely not a wood. She has a certain sexual appeal and I am 

bound to react to it”

“Just listen to yourself. That stupid reaction of yours is what 

brought you this far. Besides, you were not just talking about her 

body, you talked about her eyes and… did you mention cheeks? If all 

you want is minutes of sex, you won‟t notice her eyes; you would 

notice something more sensual”

“Are the eyes not part of the body?”

Toba hissed. “I pity you. That girl is not normal. She brings bad 

tidings. Any involvement with her again would be like jumping from 

frying pan to flaming fire. If I were you - which I am so grateful I am 

not – I would be looking for a way to get Lisa out of jail. When she 

was there to give you free sex, you were not thinking of Amara‟s eyes 

and cheeks. The sensible thing to do would be to get her an 

apartment because bringing her back into the house might be another 

terrible mistake. She might try something against Amara, maybe 

even try to kill her, and if she succeeds, you both are in for trouble. 

Big one!” he emphasized. “Prevention is better than cure” he 

breathed. “In the meantime, I think you have to get used to being a 

father because it looks like Amara is here to stay. Besides, you have to 

children to look forward to” he grinned...........


About two weeks after Lisa‟s arrest, I was beginning to feel 

sorry for her. Her departure from the house brought laughter and 

freedom back to Tola and Tina and we rarely saw Alex. He seemed to 

have abandoned the house, only to show up on few occasions. Tina 

and Tola talked easily and laughed freely now and I did not want 

this to change. For the first time, I was actually enjoying my stay in 

the house. I knew that Lisa did what she did in an attempt to get rid 

of me and I pitied her situation a bit but the detective had promised 

to keep her behind bars until the case was charged to court. He said 

that it was dangerous to have such a person roaming the streets of 

the federal capital.

I walked with the ladies, as we took in the beautiful garden -

the only part of the house where you can find complete peace. “I 

think you both are gifts from heaven” I said suddenly, changing the 

subject. “I never thought I would be this close to you, especially you, 

Tola, who seemed to hate me for no reason”.

Tina whistled and Tola smiled. “I never thought so too. I have 

having the company of new people, especially one who would have 

to share my responsibility. When you became my boss‟ wife, I was 

angry and I… I wanted to turn you and Tina against each other when 

I was apparently ignored in the house” Tina and I cast a quick glance 

at her and she hastily continued. “But when you bought clothes for 

me, you immediately won me over. I love dressing up nicely and a 

new wardrobe and also liberty to wear what I feel like instead of the 

maids‟ gown was the best thing that has happened to me in a while. 

It was surprising that you thought of me despite all I did to you and 

it made me realize that you are really a kind hearted person. I wanted 

to do something to repay you” she said. 

“Confession Time!” Tina declared, standing with squared 

shoulders. She did the cross sign across Tola‟s chest. “Your sins are 

forgiven. Go and sin no more”

I laughed and so did Tola. “What do you think about setting up 

your own businesses?” I asked suddenly and they both froze.

“What do you mean?” Tola asked.

I had given this a lot of thought and decided that I was not 

comfortable with the fact that my friends were apparently working 

for me. “Don‟t you both want to be independent? You know, be on 

your own?” I asked tactfully, shrugging nonchalantly.

Tina sighed. “Of course. I have definitely thought of it millions 

of times but it is easier said than done. The world out there is harsh. I 

have some money saved but it is definitely not enough to open a 

restaurant, which is what I dream to open”

“Yeah!” Tola put in. “I want to open my own salon. But the 

money I have won‟t do anything. Even if I get a shop and some 

things with the money, where would I live, what would I eat? That is 

why I prefer to stay here for the meantime, until I get enough money.

I nodded. I wanted to do something tangible for them without 

it looking awkward. “Alex should be able to see to setting you both 

up, shouldn‟t he? You both have been working for him for some 

time; he should be able to establish you both”

“What are you saying Ama?” Tina asked in shock. Tola had 

gone mute.

“Well, it would take a little persuasion I guess but we all know 

that Alex has the means to do it” I continued, seeming not to notice 

their agitation. “It is what you both deserve after working for him for 

so long, putting up with him. It is your right” their faces looked 

funny and I found myself smiling. “If you still don‟t know what I am 

talking about, all I am saying is that I would talk Alex into 

establishing your businesses for you”

Their eyes widened and they both screamed suddenly, jumping on me like I was a mysterious father Christmas. I squealed.


I rubbed my eyes as I walked down the stairs groggily. I had 

slept late the previous night, just listening to Tina and Tola as they 

talked endlessly about their dream shops and all. It made me happy 

to know that at least, some people‟s dreams can come true. Even if 

mine seemed destroyed due to my mistake, I can at least take 

pleasure in knowing that Tina and Tola would at least have what 

they had always dreamt of. Who knows, I might still be able to 

salvage something out of my life. 

“Happy Birthday”

I nearly jumped out of my skin and came fully awake at once. 

The sitting room was half filled. My parents were there, the senator 

and his wife, Alex‟s three drivers, our gateman, Tina and Tola and 

three or four people that I could not name. I was not just surprised, 

but shocked. It was surprising that I did not remember my own 

birthday, October 5.

“Happy Birthday my baby girl” my mother said, approaching 

me, and I still stood at the foot of the stairs, looking frozen in my 

night gown. I laughed nervously as my mother hugged me tight.

“I… I…” I stammered as my face reddened. I laughed 

nervously again. “I don‟t know what to say. I even forgot my 

birthday” Tears gleamed in my eyes and I tried hard to blink them 

away. My father came to hug me and then, when the senator came 

with his smiling face, the tears rolled down my cheeks. He hugged 

me and wiped away the tears. I continued to murmur thanks to 

everyone and Tina and Tola propelled me up the stairs hurriedly. 

The sitting room was a sight to behold and the fact that it was 

decorated for me brought fresh tears to my eyes. The senator‟s wife 

looked glum, like she had been dragged here, but she was the only 

one who did not seem happy.

When we entered my room, I hugged Tina and Tola tightly. 

“Thanks a lot, I am so happy today”

They grinned. “It was your father-in-law‟s idea” Tina said, 

surprising me.

“Yeah” Tola agreed. “Now, enough of that, we need to dress 

you up. It is party time” she squealed.

They took their time dressing me and Tola really outdid herself 

in making my hair a sight to behold. When I looked at myself in the 

mirror, minutes later, I could not believe my eyes. I looked like a 

movie star. I had to agree that Tola‟s talents were best in a salon. 

Happiness filled my heart and I jumped up like a baby. The glowing 

gown I wore showed my protruding belly a little but I looked so 

exceptional in it, and I also wanted my baby to have part of the 

attention. The music coming from the sitting room was already 

floating to the room. I looked at Tina and Tola. “Let‟s go party” I 


“Yeeeaaahhhh” they squealed and we bundled ourselves out of 

the room.

I have never had so much fun in my life. I have danced with 

virtually everyone in the sitting room, except my mother-in-law of 

course. Tina had cooked so many things and I could not stop eating. I 

had a feeling that I would be twice my current size within the next 

twenty four hours if I did not reduce my consumption. 

Several hours after, the door opened and Alex entered. His eyes 

found me and he seemed to freeze on the spot. I watched in irritation 

as his eyes raked my body slowly; what surprised me though was 

that I was not reacting to him the way I used to. My skin did not 

break out with Goosebumps, or anything. I nodded internally and 

gave myself a good pat in the back. This was definitely a good sign.

“Is this the time you are supposed to be arriving for your wife‟s 

birthday? Where have you been? You definitely were not at work 

and neither did you sleep here” the senator scolded.

Alex ignored him totally, obviously angry with his father.

"You look really beautiful Amara" he said, surprising everyone 

into complete silence. I stayed there for several seconds, unable to 

believe he had just said that. Instead of feeling delight, anger ran 

through my veins at his audacity. I turned to grab a cold cup of water 

to quench my sudden thirst and anger, passing by my mother-in-law 

but she suddenly grabbed me; the first time we actually touched all 


I was stunned. “Did I do something wrong ma?” I asked, 

instinctively knowing that the excitement was finally over.

“Can‟t you greet your husband? You have no respect for my 

son” she snarled.

“You are hurting me ma” I squealed in pain as her nails bit into 

my flesh.

She caught her husband‟s eye and instantly let go of my hand. I 

hurried past her and filled a cup with a much needed cold water. As I drank and walked back, my mother-in-law shocked me again by 

grabbing me. Something seemed to have caught her eyes and she 

froze. Before I could think, she turned me around suddenly and 

tugged on my left ear. “Where… where did you get that?” she 


“What is the meaning of this nonsense Katherine?” the senator 

boomed, calling his wife's name for the first time.

“Do you have a problem with my daughter?” my mum asked, 

moving closer.

The senator‟s wife looked pale. “Where did she get that black 

dot behind her ear?” she asked shakily. 

My mum shifted. “It has been there since her birth. Why?”

The senator‟s wife released me and shook her head furiously. 

“N… No… Nothing…” she stammered. “It is nothing." She laughed 

nervously. "I feel sick. I want to go home” she hastily said and 

headed outside. The senator looked stupefied at the drama and 

hastily said.

“Uhhh… Don‟t pay attention to her. She is like that when she 

does not get enough sleep. I think we have to go” he came towards 

me and kissed my cheek before going after his wife with a confused 

look on his face. I stood there frozen, trying hard to come up with a 

reasonable explanation for what just occurred............


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