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Endless Tears - Episode 20 & 21




Endless Tears - Episode 20 & 21

Subtle: I just wanna make you Smile again

Genres: Billionaire, Deceit

Tags: Deceit,love, jealousy,hatred, marriage

Written by Adeola Nissi                        

                     (A MAN INVOLVED)

Alex placed his head on his office desk as thoughts ran through 

his mind, throwing him in a state of confusion, and everything was 

centered on Amara. She had changed and he could tell that the 

woman was not the same villager she used to be. She had challenged 

him; something that only a few people could do, but she had done it

effectively. This annoyed him more than anything. He could not even 

begin to believe that Amara had stood up to him. Where had she 

found the courage to do that? 

And this morning… she had looked… spectacular. Not for once 

looking like the same Amara he used to know. She had looked totally 

outstanding, even without make-up. He almost hadn‟t been able to 

take his eyes off her bosom and the cleavage that was visible for all to 

see. She had always been beautiful but he never imagined that she 

could be that beautiful. This worried him also. He did not want her 

looking beautiful, he wanted her to look pathetic because that would 

give him the avenue to maltreat her freely. When he jad offered her 

the opportunity to own beautiful clothes, he hadn't thought that she

would look completely outstanding in them. It was probably not 

even the cloth that made her look outstandingly gorgeous; it can as well be the way she carried herself confidently, a trait that only just 

surfaced the previous day.

Now she feels he won't go through with marrying Lisa. What 

on earth would give her that thought? Lisa is not only beautiful but 

sophisticated and rich; the ideal woman for him. He knew that he 

could take Lisa out to dinner parties and not be scared that she 

would disgrace him with bad village attitudes and poor table 

manners. Despite the fact that Lisa was a spoilt brat, she was 

perfectly mind blowing in bed and that was all he always looked for 

in a woman. Amara is a total novice where sex is concerned, she was 

nothing more than a „use and dump material‟ to him, he never 

imagined that she would end up getting herself pregnant. He banged 

his fist on the table. Now, he would end up marrying two wives. He 

murmured a curse under his breath. Leaving Lisa was not an option 

and leaving Amara was even worse. He could not afford to lose this 

company. It was all he lived for. 

The door to his office opened unceremoniously and Toba 

walked in with a grin. “Hey man” he cooed.

Alex raised his head wearily from the table and looked at his 

friend. Toba was smiling down at him but he could not even muster 

enough strength to return the smile. His face seemed to continuously 

hold a frown ever since Amara came into his life. He hadn't seen 

Toba ever since they finished service and instead of him welcoming 

his friend with a beaming smile, all he had was a deep frown and 

sweaty palms. "Hey buddy" he murmured.

Toba frowned and accepted his friend's handshake before 

sinking into the opposite chair. "This is not the kind of reception I 

expected to get after weeks apart" he said.

Alex exhaled. "I am sorry Toba, my thoughts just seem to be 

scattered all over West Africa"

Toba smiled. "If that is the case, I guess it would take years to 

fully gather your thoughts  Alex's frown deepened. "I am sure you are right"

Toba whistled and frowned deeply. "OK. I really need to know 

what is responsible for shaking the confidence of the almighty Alex 

Bello" he said. "Only a woman can do that"

"Very true. A lowlife village local champion for that matter" 

Alex returned.

"What the hell are you talking about?" Toba's interest was 

already pricked.

"I am talking about Amara"

"Who is Amara?"

Alex hissed. He could not blame his friend for not remembering the name of their betting contest. He would not have remembered her name too if she hadn't shown up on his doorstep with pregnancy 

claims. "Amara. The girl I deflowered during service"

Toba's eyes widened. "Yes! What about her? I thought you were done with her when you won the bet"

"I was" Alex exhaled. "Until she showed up in my father's house claiming that I impregnated her"

"What?" He almost jumped out of the chair. "You think those village girls are witches, you can never touch them scot free. I warned you. Did you never hear of the word condom? 

How could you have been so careless?"

"Well, it is too late for me to answer that. I am already married to her"

Toba bolted up. "You are what?" He yelled. "Are you sure you are alright Alex? You seem to be saying rubbish"

"I got married to her about two months ago man"

"Are you sick?" He roared. "Did you never hear about abortion?"

"Shut up man, you are pissing me off. Did you listen to me at 

all? She showed up on my father's doorstep, not mine. Her blasted 

father threatened to truncate my dad's election by spreading the  news if I don't marry his daughter. My father made me marry the 

bitch and there was nothing I could do about it."

Toba hissed. "Nothing? How did things get this far? Why didn't 

you tell me anything?"

Alex exhaled. He knee that everything was a huge mess. "Sit 

down bro, you have not heard the full gist"

"There is more" he sounded bewildered as he sat back down.

"I made Amara a maid in the house but she flared up when she 

found me with Lisa and asked for a divorce"

"Good for you" Toba said instantly.

"Yeah. It would have been but dad threatened to take the 

company away from me if I let her go away with his grandchild."

"Oh brother, your life is really messed up"

Alex frowned angrily. "Thanks. And it gets messier because it 

also turns out that Lisa is also pregnant"

Toba stared at him, totally dumbfounded for some minutes 

then started to laugh uncontrollably. Alex scoffed and wanted to 

punch Toba in the throat. "It is nice to know that my predicament is 


Toba laughed and laughed, trying to stop himself. "Ol boy... I think... 2face is your role model" he laughed out loud and his laughter vibrated the walls. "But 2face never married his baby mamas so I think you need to take lectured from him"

"Shut up" Alex boomed angrily. "If you are not going to say anything sensible, get yourself out of here you swine"

Toba forcefully brought himself under control. "Sorry... So, is that all?"


Toba forced himself not to laugh as he tried to listen to the rest of the tale. Alex told him of the contract, how Lisa moved into the 

house and sped up the wedding date and how Amara moved out of  her room for Lisa and how he had told her that she was merely a bet 


"Wait" Toba stopped him with wide eyes. "Are you trying to 

tell me that you actually told her that you placed a bet on her?" Now, 

this did not sound funny.


"Oh, Alex, you are probably the most stupid man on earth. It seems this Amara knows how to make you do stupid things. How can you do that?"

"I really deserve whatever insult you throw because you are 

right. That is the most stupid thing I have done so far because she has changed. It is like she is about to invoke the spirits of hell" he explained all that happened ever since he told Amara about the bet and when he finished, Toba's eyes were wide.

"Oh, you are in for trouble man"

Alex exhaled deeply. "I know but I can't sit down and do nothing. I need to do something. Something to destroy that confidence she now has and give her back that inferiority complex"

Toba thought for a while. "Well, that shouldn't be so difficult. 

She is a woman, you are a man. Beating her up every time she runs her mouth would cool her down a bit, it would be preferable to do it 

in presence of one or two people. That would give her a level of inferiority complex. Downplay her and put all her shortcomings before her, use it to taunt her in the presence of people and you 

would see that this newly found bravery would vanish. Although, I hope she won't be pushed to do anything rash..." he said 

thoughtfully. "... Like kill you"

Alex swallowed. "That is a brilliant idea" he could not wait to 

get the control back. "Why did I not think of it before?" He 

remembered when he had hit her when she just entered the house. 

She had squirmed and fled. "It is an excellent idea" he breathed again. "And no, she won't be tempted to kill me because I would make sure 

she does not have enough strength to even try".

Lisa paced her room. This has got to stop. She could not sit back and watch Amara trample all over her. It was as if Amara knew how 

to get her blood boiling with anger. She has been with Alex for about two years now, and all of a sudden, this tramp shows up out of the blues to snatch him? No. Lisa was not ready to share Alex. And she was also sure she would still not be ready to do that fifty years from now. She needed to get Amara out of the house and she did not care how she achieved that.

She heard the driver enter the compound and minutes later, she heard the voices of the maids as they talked with Amara. Yes! She thought. She needed an accomplice to accomplish her mission and if her hunch was right, Tola would be her best bet.......

Mr. Bello sat in his study looking thoughtfully at the wall. What sort of father would he call himself if he could not even say truthfully 

that he had raised Alex well. All his life, he had made sure that he was never unjust to anyone, he had tried his best to impact the same 

values into his son, but it seemed his best hadn‟t been good enough. 

Where had he gone wrong? He probably should not have gone into politics. If he hadn‟t, maybe he would have had more time for Alex. 

Maybe, he would have noticed this heartless behavior in him and changed it before it became too late. But he had failed. He had failed as a father to be a good mentor to his only son and child. His wife had never been a good role model, he always knew that. It was not 

his fault that he had fallen in love with her, despite her misgivings. 

He could not tell the heart what and whom to love. But he should have been the better parent. He should have been the better parent for Alex. 

He swallowed hard as he thought of the various things his son had gotten himself into lately. He had impregnated a poor secondary school girl and it had only taken some investigation to find out that he gambled on the girl‟s pride. That knowledge had hurt him more 

than he was willing to express. It was so unbelievable that his own 

biological son could be so cruel as to do such a despicable thing to an innocent girl. This had informed his threat to Alex several weeks 

back. He knew categorically that Alex would not lose the company 

for anything in the world so it had been good bait. He would never allow any injustice to befall Amara. It had been because of the guilt 

that his son had bet on Amara‟s pride that he had gladly given 

Amara‟s father, Mr. Peters, what he demanded for – an apartment, 

which was well furnished. Mr. Bello had rented the apartment, paying for three years at once. If the press could wind of the scandal

his son had caused, his political ambitions would be thwarted. But that was not his problem.

Alex had come to them with another shocking news. He had impregnated Lisa. Mr. Bello had never liked the spoilt girl who thought herself higher than everyone but he had tried to accept her 

when Alex showed his interest in her. How would he sit back and watch his son marry two wives at this early stage. Even though Alex 

behaved ten times his age, he is just twenty five years old. Marrying two wives could kill him before thirty. Yet, it would be unjust to 

throw Lisa away. She is definitely carrying is grandchild also.

He sighed heavily. He had no clue as to what to do salvage the situation. It seemed to have gone a bit out of control.

Two days passed without me seeing Alex. He apparently hadn't‟t come home at all and I found myself wondering where he was. It would not be surprising one bit if I found out that he was out

making other babies, since he had turned into a baby making factory. 

During the past two days, Tola had become almost as close to me as Tina and I found myself liking her. She seemed sweet and funny but no one would take the place that Tina occupies in my heart. She was not just my closest friend but was also like a sister and sometimes, 

even a mother. If Tina hadn‟t been there, I am not sure I would have survived all that I have been through. She was there when no one 

else was there to support me and for that I would forever be grateful. 

Tola was not the only one that changed within the past two 

days. I also noticed that Lisa was quiet now. She always looked at me 

with hatred brimming in her eyes but she always kept her mouth shut. Since she always ran her tongue like a parrot, I instinctively knew something was wrong. She must be up to something, and it did not smell good. Living in the village, I knew certainly that two 

women could never live in peace if they had to share a man. One woman would try to kill another just to make her vanish. Well, I certainly wanted her to vanish from my life, along with Alex and all 

the problems he brought into my life, but I definitely am not a killer. I can‟t kill anyone to achieve that. Although, even though I am not a 

murderer, I don‟t know if Lisa would resort to killing me. It was probably extreme to think that Lisa might try to kill me but the 

feeling that she was planning something was strong. I have been 

crosschecking everything I eat and had decided to cook in the kitchen along with Tina. Tina would definitely not do anything to hurt me 

but, who knows, Lisa might sneak in and…

I laughed suddenly. The movies I have been watching on that massive television were beginning to get the better part of me.

Tina turned and stared confusingly at me, stopping the rice she was busy rinsing. “What is so funny uhn? Why are you laughing?” 

she asked. “Considering the fact that you are slicing onions, the opposite should be the case”

I smiled. “I am just thinking that the movies I watch is becoming too much. It is beginning to pollute my good reasoning” 

She frowned. “Hmmmm… I see” she eyed me suspiciously. “Is that all you were thinking about?” she raised a brow.

I frowned at her and shook my head. “My God Tina, you are too nosy. Wash that rice before we all die of hunger”

She grinned. “It is my duty as your friend to be nosy. Be sure to tell me what you are thinking uhn?”

I sighed. “Ok, if you are a good girl, maybe I might confide in you” I said cheekily.

“And what is the secret?” I turned to see Tola bouncing into the kitchen as she stared at both of us suspiciously.

“What?” I stared at the two ladies grinning at me with questioning eyes. “You both are so unbelievable. Who would imagine that an ordinary laughter caused this?” for some reasons, I had a 

reason to think that they were on a totally different page from my  line of thoughts. They looked at me with this knowing look on their 

faces and I started wondering about what was going on in their small heads.

“Well, if you are laughing, there must be something behind it right?” Tola winked and Tina grinned as they both gave themselves high-five.

I frowned at them now, looking from one to another. “Tell me you two. What the hell are you cooking up?” I was now confused.

“Aaaarrrhhhh… nothing. Only jollof rice” Tina answered as she returned to the rice.

“Don‟t you dare give me that! What is going on?” I snatched the bowl of rice and faced them squarely with a look that said „spit it out‟.

They grinned. “Ok, let‟s see Amara” Tina began. “You suddenly agreed to get a nice wardrobe; you look exceedingly great all the time, you smile more often now than you have done in the past months…”

“And now, you are laughing” Tola finished and raised her brow, even though I was still frowning. “What informed all these changes? Is there… a man involved?” she asked grinning.

“What?” Oh! I stared at the two ladies and suddenly began to laugh. I laughed and laughed and laughed until I ended up crying. 

Once I started crying, I could not stop. Just when I thought I had reached my bus-stop where tears were concerned! The smiles on their 

faces vanished instantly and they were trying to stop my tears. 

“There is a man involved” I said between sobs. “He has instigated all the changes in my life. I wonder when that would change” I sobbed 

and Tina and Tola held me, blaming one another all the way for taunting me..........


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