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Endless Tears - Episode 11&12



Endless Tears - Episode 11&12

Subtle: I just wanna make you Smile again

Genres: Billionaire, Deceit

Tags: Deceit,love, jealousy,hatred, marriage

Written by Adeola Nissi

                  (MY BABY BOY)

My knees started going weak from all the tension I had just experienced, but staring at Alex as he paced, I discovered that facing 

his wrath would be much more sapping that what I had just 

witnessed. I was exhausted though, and was not in the mood to get 

into any meaningless arguments with Alex. Watching him pace was 

exhausting enough. I walked silently towards my sack with a heavy 

heart. I could not believe that I was being separated from my 

husband, barely a week into the marriage. Normal couples would 

still be on their blissful honeymoon by now, but we are definitely not 

the picture of a perfect couple. It felt like a heavy weight had just 

landed on my shoulders as I thought of leaving. Why does it hurt so 

much to leave Alex despite all he has done? I wondered. I surely 

should not still love him after all these! I swallowed painfully as I 

cleared my throat.

“So I guess it is goodbye Corper” I said. It had felt so good to 

call him Alex in the presence of everyone. But now that everyone was 

gone, I decided it best to call him Corper. Calling him Alex now 

would create a picture of intimacy and I did not want that because it 

would make my exit more unbearable. 

“And where the hell do you think you are going to?” he 

growled, coming to a stop at my front, making me shiver. Whether 

from fear or reaction to his nearness, I could not tell. 

I swallowed. “To wherever I can find peace. I want a divorce, 

or an annulment since the marriage was not consummated after the 

wedding” I said with a raise of my head.

“Oh, so you can rejoice in the fact that you left me destroyed 

right?” he asked in anger and chills went through my spine. He 

glared at me then paced again. “In case you don‟t know, let me tell 

you. „The Bellos Crow‟ is my life. After my secondary school, I spent 

four years learning the managerial tactics from my father until I 

became an expert, even much better than my father. After gaining 

admission, I partly managed the company from school by giving

orders of what should be done, even without being there. The 

company grew tremendously until it became as big as it is today. I 

would be damned if someone else would take over what I have toiled 

for all my life.”

I felt for him. With the way he talked about the company, I 

knew instantly that he really loved the company. Though I noted 

this, I saw no reason why all these should affect me. Surely the 

Senator‟s threat was not real, was it? “I still don‟t see why you are 

telling me this” I said to him and his face softened slowly, with 

embarrassment creeping in slightly.

“You can‟t leave this house, you have to stay”

I inhaled as anger set in again. “You want me to stay? Sacrifice 

my happiness and freedom for you? Just because you want to keep 

your company? How dare you?” he really had a lot of nerves. “You 

have given me nothing but sadness. If not for this child, I would have 

cursed the day I set my eyes on you. Where is Corper Bello, because 

this man standing before me is not the man I met in my humble 

village” I ranted as I paced too.

A pained expression seemed to cross his features but it was gone in a second. “I am sorry, I know this is selfish of me but please look at it positively. Your parents would still disown you if you leave me and you would have nowhere to go in this large city. You could

stay here instead, have a roof over your head and food also” he started pacing as if he could not believe the words coming out of his own mouth. “It is your only choice cos I won‟t give you a divorce”

I laughed softly. “You think that would stop me?” I asked. “I would rather live on the streets than be a maid in my husband‟s house”

“You don‟t have to be a maid. You would be recognized as the… woman of the house. You would have your own room upstairs, including everything you need” he rasped in irritation.I swallowed. “But there is one thing I cannot have, right? I can‟t have my husband” I said.

He nodded. “We would both live together but have the 

freedom to do whatever we like. You have the right to go anywhere and do anything you like with anyone and I also have the same rights. We can be mature enough to manage this situation we found ourselves without inconveniencing each other in any way”

“In other words, you want us to live in the same house like tenants, or strangers, right?” I asked bitterly.

“You must admit that it makes perfect sense” he said.

The drama just never seemed to end. From being a maid, to being a housemate in my husband‟s house. Can life get any worse? I sighed. But thinking about it, the proposition was not totally bad. In fact, it sounded ok. Once I get rid of the ridiculous motion that Alex 

would come to love me as much as I still foolishly love him, I should be able to live by those rules. I swallowed. “Ok” I murmured finally, 

feeling the last of my strength drain out of me.

He exhaled in relief. “Perfect then. Please ask Tina to show you 

to one of the rooms upstairs. There are four rooms there, you can 

choose anyone you like” he said in total indifference. I have to go out 

now, when I get back, I would give you a credit card for you to use 

for whatever you might need. I would also have a lawyer draft an 

agreement in order to make this arrangement legal. This would 

protect both our rights. I hope this is ok?” he asked and I nodded 

numbly. He turned towards the door instantly and was out of the 

house within seconds.

I did not know what a credit card is but I let him leave. I have 

had more than enough and I needed some space to assimilate the 

turn of events. I knew instinctively that Alex was probably going 

after the saucy girlfriend but I quenched the bitterness I felt at the 

thought. Since I have agreed to this insane arrangement, I would

most likely experience this shit on a regular basis. And the legal   agreement he talked about would definitely give him the legal rights 

to do that; I surely hadn‟t seen that coming. I turned on my heels, 

walking slowly towards the kitchen. There was only one thing I 

wanted to do with the last iota of strength in me.

I got to the kitchen and met the two ladies looking as though 

they had just fallen into a ditch. I was sorry for keeping this away 

from Tina who had been extremely helpful from day one. They both 

looked scared but Tola looked like she wished the ground would 

swallow her. There was no mistaking the fact that they had heard 

everything. I smiled. “Tola, I want you to select a very good room for 

me upstairs, preferably anyone that has a good view of the beautiful 

garden. Make sure it is sparkling clean without a speck of dust, do 

you understand?” she was silent. I glared at her. “Do you understand

me?” she nodded stiffly and I smiled. “Good girl”

I smiled softly at Tina and left the kitchen. The excitement of taking everyone by surprise vanished with each step I took, replaced firmly by an overwhelming sadness. By accepting this arrangement, I have given Alex the right to hurt me the more. Since we could both do anything we liked, I knew that he would take advantage of that by having as many women as he liked. I closed my eyes and prayed that 

I would have the ability to withstand what was to come.

Two weeks dragged by and the swell of my tummy became visible for all to see. Unfortunately, the only things that saw the swell 

apart from me were the four walls of my bedroom and the sparkling furniture that were hung in several places. Alex had brought the agreement, just like he talked about, two weeks ago and I had signed 

instantly, wanting to get the deal over with. Ever since I endorsed the document, I have not set my eyes on him. It was not surprising since 

I almost never stepped out of the room. I had everything I needed 

there; the soft warm bed, the enticing bathroom which I learnt had hot and cold water a fingertip away and a refreshing view of the soothing garden from my window. I initially paid Tola back in her own coin, making her do everything, ranging from washing my rag-like clothes, to washing the bed sheets every blessed day. It was not much work since I learnt that they used a machine to do all these, but 

the fact that I was ordering her around was enough to frustrate her. It was not long before I grew weary of this because it was not in my 

nature to have people do the chores for me, so I decided to apply maturity by allowing Tola have her space. She was surely regretting 

her earlier actions, it seemed unnecessary to add more fuel to the fire. 

Tina was helpful as usual, never letting me rest. She tried to see me as the madam that I was but I was not comfortable with it. Living big was so strange, it was almost scary, and I needed a friend to stand 

by me. After carefully schooling her and letting her know that I would rather have her as a friend than my maid, she finally gave in, though, she still showed great levels of respect. Tina has been 

responsible for making sure that I eat, and she would talk me to death if I don‟t eat anything. It was annoying sometimes but many 

times, it was refreshing because it felt good that at least someone cared for me. I wondered why my mum hadn‟t visited. If my dad didn‟t visit, it would be great in saving me mental and physical stress but I needed my mum more than I could express. Even though she 

behaved too soft many times, making other people ride her easily, I still loved her so much. And despite my dad‟s awkward behaviors, I 

still loved him nonetheless, but would be happy to avoid him for some time. Our poverty state seemed to have changed his mentality.

I sighed and rolled off the bed to answer nature‟s call. I had been urinating a lot and Tina attributed it to the pregnancy. After releasing the content in my bladder into the water closet and flushing, I walked back into the room. I heard a knock and instinctively knew it was Tina. I had grown so accustomed to her 

knocking pattern.

“Come in Tina” I said as I sat on the bed carefully. The 

dizziness had gone, thank God and my appetite was improving, thanks to Tina‟s unrelenting efforts.

Tina entered with a big smile on her face which effectively made me smile also. I was just so blessed to have her at a time like this. “Good morning. How is my madam doing today?”

I smiled. “My name is Amara. How many times would I repeat 

that?” I asked softly. The tray in her hands caught my eyes and my 

mouth watered when the tantalizing aroma assaulted my nostrils. 

Whatever was in that tray would definitely be devoured by me 

because I heard my tummy groan in response to the aroma. My child 

seemed to jump up in excitement.

She grinned. “You may be my friend but you are still my boss. 

You can perceive the aroma, right?” she asked knowingly. She was 

the best cook I had ever seen. I vowed to learn how to make some of 

the complicated delicacies from her, as soon as I am able to get myself 

off this mess.

“This aroma is more than enough to awaken my taste buds.” I 

murmured, with my mouth salivating as she lowered the tray.

“Thank God, I won‟t have to force it down your throat” she 

said with a smile. Immediately she opened up the glass plate, I

confirmed my suspicion. There was a large piece of deep fried 

chicken, which was largely responsible for the aroma. A small 

quantity of jollof rice was beside it, and I noticed the fried plantain 

with great joy.

I smiled wholeheartedly. “I see you are bent on making me 

happy today” I said.

She nodded. “I can‟t have you starve the little angel in your 

tummy, can I?” 

I dismissed her words and started eating immediately. Tina sat 

by the bed, watching me eat, with a calm smile on her face. “If this is 

what it takes to make you eat, I might cook this everyday” 

I nodded vigorously with my mouth full. I truly would not 

mind this delicacy, if it tastes like this all the time.

She looked at me softly. “I was actually planning to ask you 

something” she said and I nodded my head for her to continue. “Are 

you not going for antenatal care?” she asked.

I raised my brow. “Antenatal?” I asked ignorantly.

Her eyes widened as though she could not quite believe her 

ears, but she soon wiped out the facial expression. “Yes, antenatal 

care is used by hospitals to monitor and guide pregnant women 

through the stages of pregnancy” she said.

I almost stopped eating. “I have never heard of it. I was only 

used to midwives back in the village. Hope it is not too late” fear 

gripped my heart at the thought that something might have 

happened to my child.

“Of course not. I can follow you to a hospital this evening if 

you like” she offered.

“Of course. Thanks Tina” I said gratefully and she smiled.

I pulled my faded gown over my head as stared at the full 

length mirror. The gentle swell of my tummy brought joy to my soul.

Notwithstanding what I was going though, my child was my 

happiness and I have made the habit of talking to my child before I 

sleep, believing that the fetus could hear everything I said. This 

would be the first time I am stepping out of the house and there was 

a tiny feeling of excitement. My hair was pulled tight into a pony tail 

and I turned away from the mirror, not looking at myself for a long 

time. I stared at the credit card that Alex gave me two weeks ago. 

How could there be money in this plastic card? I wondered vaguely. I 

picked it up nonetheless. I hoped that Tina would be able to use it 

since we might be needing money. 

I climbed down the staircase and found Tina waiting for me. 

Even in a maid‟s cloth, her appearance was way better than mine but 

I did not give a damn. I would be damned if I would accept Alex‟s 

money for my own personal expenses. I would only take whatever is 

necessary if my child is involved.

We walked to the door together talking quietly and out of the 

corner of my eyes; I caught Tola staring at us. I paused slightly and 

turned to Tola. “Please take care of the house, we would be back 


“Yes ma” she said bitterly.

I turned and proceeded out of the house with Tina. “Do you 

think you can walk? The hospital is not far but if you can‟t handle the 

walk, we can ask a driver to take us”

I laughed. “Oh Tina, the pregnancy is not on my feet. If I can‟t 

walk now, what would happen when I am nine months gone? I am 

sure I would not be able to lift a finger.”

She laughed and we both started down the beautiful street. I 

stared shamelessly at the beautiful surroundings and decided that 

taking a stroll every morning would be a fantastic idea. It would be 

good to leave the depressing house every morning, I told myself. It 

did not take long for us to get to the hospital. I went through the 

registration process and was made to take lectures with many pregnant women. It was refreshing to see women who were also 

pregnant, especially the heavy ones who looked like they were 

carrying nothing less than a dozen children in their tummy. I 

wondered what I would look like in the next six to seven months. I 

smiled at the thought. I might look three times my current size but I 

did not care. I was always a lover of children and the thought of 

having my own was too exciting a thought; I would not let thoughts 

of the child‟s father kill that silent joy.

Before leaving the hospital hours later, a female doctor 

approached me. “Hi” she said with a soft smile.

I was in a really good mood for the first time in a very long 

time, so I smiled gaily at her. “Hello doctor”

“I don‟t think I have seen you here before” the nurse said.

Tina smiled. “Actually, she is new in the environment” she said 


The doctor smiled kindly. “Oh. Have you done your scan?” she 

asked and my heart froze. I definitely knew what a scan was, through 

extensive reading. But what I did not know was if I was ready to 

know the sex of my child.

“I… I don‟t think…erm...” I stammered in anxiety.

Tina faced me. “Actually, that is a very good idea ma‟am” her 

brows creased in a frown. “Why not? It would help you know the 

kind of clothes to buy. You might even be carrying twins” she 

squealed in sudden excitement.

I fidgeted with my gown in anxiety. She really had a point, and 

a part of me really wanted to know. In fact, all of me wanted to 

know. My only wish was that the man I loved was there with me 

holding my hands. I swallowed, quickly changing my line of 

thoughts. I smiled weakly at the doctor. “Can I do it now?”

She nodded excitedly. “I am sure you would be glad you did 

the scan.” She said. “Come with me”

I followed her and the presence of Tina was really a life saver. I 

did not know why I was so agitated. Probably because a part of me 

knew without a doubt that the child would be a boy. I swallowed. It 

was also probably because the scan would remind me vividly of the 

time the life in my tummy was created. How Alex worshipped me 

with his hands, body and words. I concentrated on breathing 

properly as the doctor led me to bed in the lab. I lay on the bed with 

my heart pounding and fixed my wide eyes on the screen ahead of 

me. Tina was standing beside me, hopping anxiously too. The doctor 

did some things on my tummy and an image appeared on the screen. 

My heart skipped and raced wildly as tears came to my eyes. I saw 

my baby! My baby! My thoughts centered on the life growing in me 

as my love for my child grew several degrees.

“Oh so cute” Tina cooed and jumped like a four year old girl. I wiped my tears which was making my vision blurry and fixed one hundred percent attention on the child. Oh, how could I not love the child?

“A boy right?” I gasped out. Even my voice sounded strange in my ears. I swallowed hard.

“Yes. A boy” the doctor grinned happily. The baby turned slightly, as though in confirmation. I gasped and my hands flew to my tummy as my eyes blurred with tears again.

“My baby. My baby boy”


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