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Endless Tears 2 - Episode 7




Endless Tears 2 - Episode 7

Subtle: we met again

Genres: Billionaire, Deceit

Tags: Deceit,love, jealousy,hatred, marriage

Written by Adeola Nissi                                 


                        (HER PAST,HIS EGO )



        Amara seemed frozen as she stared at Kelvin standing some distance away from her, looking as frozen as she felt. It was like she had gone back in time as she recalled the very last time she had seen him. That day she had walked away from him with a heavy heart. It seemed like a lifetime had passed between that time and now. She couldn't move as she gazed into his dark eyes despite the distance between them. The people which crowded the plaza gazed at them 

incredulously but they did not seem to notice.

Kelvin hadn't been more shocked in his entire life. Who would have thought that he would see Amara today of all days. She was nothing like the woman he knew, yet, she was the same. Her hair was 

packed firmly behind her head in a stern-looking way, making her look a bit unapproachable, coupled with the suit she had on, but he did not see all that. He saw only the woman he had been forced to part ways with six years ago. The woman who had remained in his thoughts and dreams throughout the length of time. He swallowed hard as he ran his eyes over her face, pausing slightly when he sighted her pink lips, the one had only had the opportunity to taste 

once before. "Ara" he whispered silently, knowing that the distance would make it impossible for her to hear but the instant twinkle of her eyes made it obvious that she had heard him, or perhaps traced the movement of his mouth. He could not stand it any longer, his legs suddenly unlocked and he was walking towards her. Amara did the 

last thing he thought she would do; she turned and started running away.

Amara ran with all her might with her heart pounding. Her heels were making her legs hurt badly but she could not stop. She just couldn't!

"Amara! Wait damn it" she heard Kelvin yell as he pursued her, advancing rapidly. She increased her pace and nearly ran past her car. She pressed the unlock button and ran into the car instantly, 

locking the door. Her hand shook wildly as she tried to put the key in its hole, starting the car instantly. Kelvin had obviously not assumed 

she would have a car and he immediately rushed off to his own car, giving her the blessed time to rush out of the parking lot. Her hands shook wildly against the staring as she drove in any direction she saw, not willing to take the chance of driving home, lest he followed her. She gazed at her mirror to see if he was following and was 

alarmed to find him, behind several cars, trying to maneuver his way through. She swallowed and gripped the staring harder till her knuckles turned white, going beyond the speed limit. She saw the 

traffic light ahead and prayed for a miracle. She ran past it and soon, the light turned red. She checked the mirror and saw that Kelvin's car 

had been held back. She exhaled the breath she had been holding and swallowed hard, trying to regulate her breathing. After driving for 

ten minutes without being followed, she found her way home.

She pulled the car to a final stop inside her compound but could not find the energy to come out. She was shaken to her roots. 

"This can't be happening" she asked. "No! No!!" She slammed her fists against the steering. "My past is not crawling back. No" she cried out as her eyes watered. She blinked severally. "Oh great! Now I am going to cry?" She yelled at herself, blinking furiously.

A neighbor knocked on her window and she raised her eyes. 

Perfect! She thought. She removed her car key and alighted, grabbing her bag. "I am fine" she murmured before the neighbor could say anything.

The Lady looked at her, full of concern. "Are you sure?" She asked

Amara managed a weak smile. "Yes, I am. Thanks for the concern" she turned instantly and focused on leading her stiff legs to her apartment. She went straight to her room and leaned against the 

door, breathing rapidly until she slipped to the floor, staring at the dark room, without bothering to turn on the light.

    Amara ignored all the calls that came in throughout the night, until she decided to turn off her phone. She did not go to 'Ara P' until 

the afternoon, two days after, when she was sure she had recovered from her shock. As she arrived, all her worried staff greeted her with extra enthusiasm, wordlessly trying to know what was amiss but she dismissed their worries with a cool smile as she headed for her office. 

She met a few people waiting for her but without looking at them, she quickly responded to Tega's greeting. "Oh boss, thank God you are here. They have been waiting to see you, especially that man over there."

Amara turned to apologize but on seeing the man in question, she gasped, grabbing Tega's table to keep her from crumbling to the ground.


“Egotistic!” Maxwell grunted angrily as he sat behind his desk in his office, glaring at his system without actually paying attention to the details on the screen. It has been two days, yet, Amara‟s insult continued to replay in his senses. “Handsome freak uhn?” he barked at the system again. “Well, at least she included handsome” he said drily. Being insulted isn‟t something he was used to, on the contrary, he was used to people falling over themselves to please him. But why 

couldn‟t Amara do the same. He knew from his private investigation of her private life that she has no one in her life. He saw no trace of past relationships and this showed vividly that she would be a very hard woman to get. But then, he felt drawn to her somehow. She intrigued him in ways he could not begin to explain. She is different from every other woman, he thought as he leaned fully against the backrest of the chair. Women were falling on top of themselves to get 

him to smile at them but the one woman that he wanted had snubbed him and called him names. She hadn‟t been enticed by all he had to offer. As annoying and demeaning as her comments had been, they somehow made Max like her more because it showed more vividly that she wasn‟t like the other women he had come across.

Egotistic! The word danced around in his brain, annoying him beyond words. Someone knocked the door and he barked „come in‟. 

The door opened and his driver came in smartly.

“You called me sir” Bolaji said.

“Close the door and come here” Bolaji did as told and walked up to the table, facing his boss. He hadn‟t seen his boss being as angry as he had been the past few days and he knew it had 

something to do with the last date he drove him to. Bolaji kept his face passive as Maxwell faced him with a glare. Maxwell swallowed as his driver faced him, unsure if he should be doing this. After some seconds, he took in a deep breath. “I want to ask you a… question” he said stonily. “Make sure you answer with all honesty”

Bolaji nodded firmly, feeling uneasy. It is very unlike his boss to ask him anything apart from evaluation on how handsome he looked; however, looking at Max, he knew instinctively that that is 

not the question he would ask.

“Am I… erm… I mean…” Maxwell cursed himself silently for doing this. He had been thinking about what Amara said for a long time and stupidly, he was starting to believe she actually spoke the 

truth. “Am I egotistic?” he suddenly dropped.

Bolaji gaped, not believing what he had just been asked. And how on earth should he answer that? His honesty can get him fired, he thought in agitation. “Sir… erm…”

“I asked for honesty Bolaji” Maxwell said firmly.

Bolaji swallowed and shifted. “errrr… Yes… you... You are sir”

“What?” Maxwell roared and Bolaji squirmed.

“You asked for honesty sir, please forgive me. I don't want to lose my job, i have responsibilities” he ranted hastily, hoping his sack letter isn‟t part of the documents on the table.

Max swallowed as he gripped the edge of the table, glaring at his driver. He couldn‟t believe another person agrees with Amara‟s insults. He shuddered just thinking of the fact that everyone probably thought of him this way. “Why didn‟t you say something?”

Bolaji‟s eyes widened like Max had just said something ridiculous. “How could I sir? I was scared. My job could be on the line” he said, looking at the table instead of the face of his boss.

But Amara is not scared, he thought. It surprised him how things like these could intrigue him so much. Amara remained the only person who did not cower at his presence or hold back her 

tongue because she was scared of annoying him. He exhaled and dismissed Bolaji, who gratefully vanished from sight. Max raked his fingers through his hair. I have to get Amara, and if I would need to change myself to get her, then so be it.


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