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Endless Tears 2 - Episode 6




Endless Tears 2 - Episode 6

Subtle: we met again

Genres: Billionaire, Deceit

Tags: Deceit,love, jealousy,hatred, marriage

Written by Adeola Nissi                                 



A waitress arrived to serve their meal and Amara watched unconcerned as she blatantly flirted with Maxwell, who basked in the glory of the attention. Amara averted her gaze, focusing on the enticing fried rice, salad and chicken placed before her but although the delicious aroma was making her mouth water, she frowned at the 

food. Maxwell hadn‟t even asked her what she wanted; he had obviously placed the order before her arrival. She raised her eyes as the waitress sauntered away, swaying her hips provocatively. “And if I don‟t like salad?” she asked, staring at Maxwell.

“I have not seen a single lady who does not like this delicacy before you” he stated.

“I see you have enough experience in this aspect” 

she retorted.

He grinned and a sparkling image flashed through her mind, making her blink several times to drive it away. “It is not my fault that I am so handsome” Maxwell stated grinning, bringing her mind 

back. “Women naturally float around me”

Amara bit her lip to stop herself from returning a sharp comment and she focused on her food.

“You don‟t have to be jealous though” he whispered conspiratorially. “I have eyes for only one person”

Amara gripped her fork and knife like a vise and raised cold eyes at him. “Good for you, Mr. Babs” she stated and focused on her food.

Silence reigned for a few blessed seconds, only doused by the sounds of utensils and the hushed voices of other diners.

“I would love to have you call me Max” he suddenly said.

She raised her eyes. “I don‟t see why I would want to do that” she returned. She saw where this was heading and it created a bitter taste in her mouth, making her lose her appetite.

         “Are you always this uptight Amara?” he suddenly asked unsmiling, yet not frowning.

Anger surged to the surface and Amara found herself holding the knife like a weapon. Something tugged at her brain and she momentarily let go of her anger as curiosity took place. “Who told 

you my name is Amara?” she asked. She had made sure nobody knew her full name ever since she arrived Lagos, Max had been calling her Amara and now, thinking about it, she found it unsettling.

He smiled. “The person who manipulated you to this place called you Amara.” He said.

Amara almost growled aloud. Tina! She exclaimed internally. 

Somehow, she had felt that the entrance of Tina in her well-calculated life would change so many things. She could already feel it happening. The wall she had erected to guard her heart was already weakening; that could only explain the reason why she accepted to go on this date. And then, there was something else! She could not 

shake off the intense feeling that something was about to happen. 

The feeling was getting her all edgy. She took deep calming breaths and faced her food, playing with it. She was aware of Maxwell‟s eyes 

on her. “You never did tell me about yourself” he said.

“Probably because there is nothing to tell” she said

“I heard you are single” he dropped his fork, relaxing fully as he studied her.

Amara raised her eyes icily to glare at him, wanting nothing more than to get out of that place. “You hear too many things for your own good, Mr. Babs”

He smiled. “Yeah, you‟re right about that” he winked at her. 

“You know, we both are single and I think it is a good thing.”

“It is?”

“Yeah! You see… We are perfect for each other; I am a complete package - exceedingly handsome, tall, rich and connected - you would have all the contracts and exposure you need with me by your

side. You are also outstanding, financially independent, beautiful and sexy. We deserve each other. ” he stated.

Amara shook her head in outrage, glaring at him. “You, Mr. Babs, are the most egotistic man I have ever come across. How dare you” she barked, drawing attention as she stood up. For the first 

time, she saw a deep frown settle on Maxwell‟s face. “I am not for sale, handsome freak, and if this…” she gestured wildly with her 

hands. “… is the reason why you gave Ara P that contract, you better withdraw it now. I don‟t know why I came here in the first place. 

Tina would hear it from me! Rubbish” she grabbed her bag and stormed away, pressing the elevator button violently. Her blood was running through her veins at an alarming rate, she was sure she 

would have a nervous breakdown. She swallowed hard, taking calming breaths to drive away her anger to a certain level but still, she kept replaying Max‟s words. She bounced out of the elevator immediately the door opened and her heels clicked away as she marched out of the plaza.


Amara froze as that voice registered and echoed in her head. 

No! It can‟t be. It definitely cannot be! That voice couldn‟t be mistaken, it was already stamped in place in her heart. It was as 

unforgettable as the person who owned it.

Slowly, she took the longest turn of her life. Her breath caught in her throat as she gasped. Standing some distance away from her was the very last person she expected to see.


Alex placed his head on the table of his office in total exhaustion. He should be at home now, but he just could not think of doing that. The Island of Patmos would definitely be a better place of 

abode, compared to his house. Lisa had been a thorn in his flesh and it seemed the thorn was there to stay. His only consolation was Pamela. She looked just like Lisa with her exquisite beauty. If only Lisa could match her beauty with good manners, his life would not be a living hell.

The door of his office jerked open and Alex‟s head snapped up in alarm. “Toba” he gasped as his friend marched forward. “What is going on? Is the building on fire?” he asked.

“You won‟t believe what I just saw" Toba said instantly, looking incredulously at Alex.

Alex sat straighter. It is not every day you get to see Toba looking this serious. "What?"

Toba sank into a chair, facing Alex with his open laptop poised on his laps. "I was surfing through the internet, checking out some things when I stumbled on a site. Apparently, there is this Events' Planning company which is making waves in Lagos, due to the designs and standard. When I checked it out, guess who I found as the founder of this company..."

Alex snorted. "Cut the crap and just tell me" he dropped.

"Your ex-wife, Amara" Alex stiffened, staring unblinking as the words echoed in his brain. Toba lifted the laptop on his lap and placed it in front of Alex, who stared unseeing at the laptop for some seconds. Blinking hard, he focused on the laptop and saw the picture of a woman. The person before him, in a small dark green gown and 

a white suit jacket was nothing like the naive village girl he knew. 

Although the face was undeniably hers, it showed vividly through the picture that the woman before him was a refined and well￾polished woman. He could not believe his eyes.

"This... This is impossible..." He breathed.

Toba laughed slightly. "Impossible right? I would not have believed it myself if I did not see it with my own two eyes"

Alex stood up forcefully and his chair rolled backwards from the force. He had spent months searching for Amara all over Abuja but he hadn't found her. Even after getting married to Lisa, he had searched but hadn't found her. Life had been cruel to him. Just when he was beginning to like his marriage to Amara, she had turned out to be his sister and now, he was doomed to life with Lisa. 

But why did he still wish he could eat the forbidden fruit? Despite knowing that she is his blood, why was he still harboring the abominable 

feeling that Amara would have made an excellent wife. But no! He raked his hand through his bits of hair. He had to come to terms with the fact that she is and can only be his sister.

He swallowed. "You said she is in Lagos?" He asked thoughtfully.

Toba raised his eyebrow as he stared at the thoughtful face of his friend. "Oh no man, you are not thinking of doing what I think you want to do, are you?"

"And why not?" Alex turned, staring at the picture again. Oh, but she is so damn beautiful!

"Why not? Are you crazy? If Lisa finds out, your house would be a living hell"

Alex hissed. "It is already a living hell. Besides, she doesn't have to find out"

Toba shook his head. "And why would you go looking for Amara. She is your sister, man! I know I am a bad person but I draw the line where family is concerned" he said.

Alex raised his eyes to stare at his friend. "And who said I was going there to do anything untoward. I have learnt my lessons. She is 

my sister and I really need her forgiveness so that we can be proper siblings"

Toba snorted and shook his head again. "Even if you can fool yourself, you can't fool me man, I know you"

Alex sighed and looked at the laptop again. Lagos!


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