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Endless Tears 2 - Episode 5




Endless Tears 2 - Episode 5

Subtle: we met again

Genres: Billionaire, Deceit

Tags: Deceit,love, jealousy,hatred, marriage

Written by Adeola Nissi                                  

                                   (ANNOYING MAN)

Alex entered his sitting room with a heavy heart, not knowing what he would meet. His house was always hotter than a boiling kettle most of the time and when it was otherwise, it would be cold 

as ice. Right now, he would prefer cold as ice because he was completely exhausted. He sat down on the couch heavily with his head dropping against the backrest of the chair. Where is this 

woman? He wondered vaguely, hoping that by some sheer miracle, she had decided to visit a friend. 

That was not to be anyways because 

he instantly heard her fast footsteps in his direction.

“You are here! Very good” she declared, advancing with menacing steps. Alex swallowed hard as she materialized before him, shaking with fury. Alex closed his eyes briefly, regretting for the 

umpteenth time, the decision to marry Lisa. “You better open your eyes o. Today, it is either I kill you or you kill me because someone would die here” she yelled and flung some pictures at him. 

Immediately he saw the pictures, he knew that all hell would be let loose today and for the rest of the month. Due to the frustrations he 

encountered at home, his friends had advised that he seek satisfactions from other women and he had found himself engaging in threesome with two ladies, taking pictures all the way. He had 

kept those pictures hidden but there was definitely nothing hidden where Lisa was involved.

“Who are those sluts?” she screamed, holding his shirt in her fists and shaking him with all her might until she had him dragged out of the chair. “Who are they? Are you deaf?”

Alex decided to brazen it out. “That is none of your business. 

Who gave you the right to search my room?” he barked.

“Eeeeehhhhhh…” she clapped her hands in bewilderment. “See 

this man ooo, you don‟t know anything; by the time I am through with you, you would not have the mouth to ask me foolish questions. 

I said, who are they?” she yelled with her voice ringing in the air as she squeezed his shirt, choking him.

“Woman, leave my shirt this minute” he roared in anger.

“Or what? You are going to beat me?” she asked and laughed hysterically. “Beat me now” she yelled. “Beat me, shameless man”

The sound of tears reached their ears and they turned to see their six years old daughter crying as she sat at the foot of the stairs. 

“Please… stop fighting…” she pleaded, crying profusely.

Lisa glared at Alex and left his shirt. “You see what you have caused? Can you see? You better go back to the place you are coming 

from because this house would not contain the both of us” she spat and went to take her daughter. “Come with mummy Pamela” she 

said, storming away and dragging her crying daughter along.


“You? I came here to meet you?” Amara asked, bewildered, as she stared at Maxwell Babs.

“Are you not one lucky woman? You get to see me twice in one day” he said with a grin.

No, this was not making any sense, Amara thought. She had thought having a handsome man as a date would be a bit of a consolation, but it turned out that she would rather be with the 

ugliest man on earth currently. And why did he not seem surprised? 

He had definitely known that she was the one he was meeting. She was the only blind one in this stupid date, she thought in annoyance. 

Tina would pay for this! She swore.

“Why don‟t you sit down” he said, looking around to tell her that people were beginning to stare. 

Amara stiffly lowered herself onto the seat, facing him coldly.

“Why did you arrange this?” she asked, wondering if he connived with Tina in order to bring her here. She wouldn‟t be surprised. 

He smiled. “What better way do we have to get to know each other?” he asked.

“I think you have told me more than I desire to know about you” she returned, hoping to get him angry. Who knows, he might do her the favour of leaving in anger, saving her the stress of another 

boring discussion.

“Well, I intentionally told you all there is to know about me in the office” he acknowledged.

“You did?” she asked, trying to keep her anger down.

“Yes” he smiled. “So that I could have this time to hear all there is to know about you” he said smoothly, bringing on his charm.

Amara stared back at him, not knowing a single polite answer to give to that. She did not know if that response was even flattering or annoying, so she said, “there is nothing worth knowing about me"

He raised his brow. “Oh no! I don‟t think so. I mean, I know that your life would not be half as interesting as mine because I have had a pretty interesting life, right from day one, but then, I would still like to hear it, however boring you think it is"

Amara frowned and glared at him. This has got to be the most annoying man in the world


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