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Endless Tears 2 - Episode 4




Endless Tears 2 - Episode 4

Subtle: we met again

Genres: Billionaire, Deceit

Tags: Deceit,love, jealousy,hatred, marriage

Written by Adeola Nissi                                  


After sitting for over an hour across the table from Maxwell, 

Amara could undoubtedly say that she was fed up. The fake smile she had glued to her face was becoming faker by the second and the 

worst part was that the man responsible for her misery did not even seem to notice. She was seated for business and despite the fact that 

she had noticed Maxwell‟s unbelievably handsome features, which was the limit to her bodily inspection, for the past hour, all she had 

wanted was to get down to business, seal the contract and get out of the office, but the man in question seemed to have another thing 

planned. Amara could almost categorically say that she hadn‟t said ten complete words ever since she sat down, all she had been doing 

was listening to him. Every time she tried to point out that they were not discussing what she came there to discuss, he would bring up 

another topic. And what were they discussing? He had definitely been talking about himself ninety percent of the time, and the other ten percent was loaded with talks about the company and politics. 


Amara could swear she heard him mention something about weather. She vaguely wondered how someone so handsome could talk so much. She sighed silently as his voice echoed in her head, without actually hearing him. It was just a matter of seconds before her patience finally expires.

“You are not listening to me” she suddenly heard and she lifted her eyes to Maxwell Babs.

“Am i?” she murmured vaguely as she stared coldly at Maxwell. “If you probably realized sir, I have been in your office for about one hour and we have not discussed my reason for coming 

here. I have other appointments” she said and was glad for once that he did not interrupt her.

  Maxwell smiled and Amara wondered if she had seen him frown at all. “That is probably because there is nothing to discuss” he removed a file from the drawer and passed it to her. “That contains 

everything you need to know, you can forward the bill to our mail and I would have it transferred to your account. I have seen your works, I don‟t need more conviction” he said confidently with a 

pleased smile on his face.

Anger bubbled up in Amara and she spoke without thinking. 

“So, since you know that, why did you waste about two hours of my time?” she asked. He seemed too relaxed and Amara found this so annoying.

“Well, I thought you might want to know a bit about the company so that you can portray the essence of Bracket through your designs” he said simply.

Amara almost pointed out that what he had been talking about had been himself and not the company but she bit it back in time. 

“You are probably right” she dropped icily.

“But I can see that you are in haste. Did I bore you?” he asked suddenly.

“Of course not” she lied. “I just have other appointments” she said, standing up instantly, relieved beyond measure. Just thinking of 

the date made her wonder if sitting here with 

Maxwell was not a better option. “Thanks for the contract Mr. Babs, we would definitely make the event an unforgettable one” she said, officially closing the meeting by stretching her hand for a handshake.

He stood up with his smile firmly in place and shook her hand, holding a little too long and far too tenderly. Amara pulled her hand 

away. “I am sure you will. Have a nice day” he said.

“And you too sir” she said immediately and with that, she turned, leaving the office as fast as possible.


Mrs. Bello walked down the sloppy street as the sun faded into the clouds, providing a cool glow. She had on a black velvety gown which swept the ground at her feet as she took slow measured steps down the street. Her low pricey slippers clicked mildly on the cold floor as she padded through. She got to the lonely bench at the end of the street and cautiously lowered herself onto it. The cold from the bench seeped past her gown, connecting with her skin, but she ignored it, contented with the peace she found there. The bench was placed under a shady tree, providing protection against the sun and giving the atmosphere a cool feel. Over the years, she had made a habit of coming here because the place gave her a sense of peace which she desperately longed for.

Mrs. Bello leaned backwards to rest her back against the trunk of the massive tree, closing her eyes as tension slowly oozed away. It 

had been six years, years loaded with pain, regrets and loneliness. 

She had lost everything: her husband, her son and her daughter. No one wanted anything to do with her and even though she still lived with the senator – her husband – they were practically strangers. 

They never spoke apart from the occasional greetings which her husband barely answered. Somehow, getting a divorce would have 

been better but the senator would not give her a divorce. All her apologies fell on deaf ears and she was left to live like a stranger in her own house even though she had access to all the fine things she desired. But then, the forgiveness and love of her husband and son was what she wanted above all. Alex had gotten married to Lisa and 

hadn‟t invited her to his wedding. Even when Lisa had given birth to a baby girl, she hadn‟t been allowed into the naming ceremony.

Katherine Bello wiped the lone tear that streaked down her cheeks. She had no idea where she could find her daughter. Maybe if Amara could forgive her, the remaining people would have mercy; 

but that seemed the most impossible. If she were in Amara‟s place, she doubted she would ever have forgiveness for the woman who tossed her into the trash. I have lost everything, she thought bitterly. 

She had made too many mistakes in her life, and she knew undoubtedly that those mistakes would haunt her for the rest of her lonely years.


Amara got to Confidence Plaza twenty three minutes past five. 

She sighed. This has got to be the worst day of the year, Amara thought vaguely. Maxwell had been so annoying and tiring. She always knew that men loved to talk about themselves but then 

Maxwell had seemed like he was advertising himself, showing her just how good and irresistible he was. She found that totally 

annoying and now, she had to face a date! Her phone rang and she stared at the caller. She swallowed heavily and picked up. “Hey Tina” she said.

“Babe, are you there yet?” she asked with a smile seeping through her voice.

“Well, I am currently at the gate” she said simply.

“Really? Ok, have fun” she said

“Don‟t count on it” Amara responded and hung up. She stared at the plaza. It is not too late to turn back, she told herself as she 

stared hesitantly at the large building. Shaking her head, she moved into the plaza and sighted a security officer. “Please I am going to the 

eatery” she said and the man pointed at the elevator, telling her to go to the third floor. She murmured her appreciation and moved stiffly 

towards the stairs.

Seconds later, the door chimed, opening up to a very classic eatery and Amara walked in with her heart beating wildly in her chest. She sternly told herself that there was nothing to be scared of 

but her heart would not just slow down. She scanned around for table 27 and noticed it some footsteps away from her with the aid of 

the tags hung on the ceiling. She saw a man seated there with his back to her and she swallowed hard, trying to regulate her breathing. 

She was still in the same clothes she wore to Mr. Babs‟ office. The black skirt suit and sky blue shirt she had on was not something any 

other person would wear to a date, but then she reckoned that the suit was perfect. The guy seated there also had on a black suit, 

making it seem as though they were going to discuss business. She sighed again in an effort to calm herself then took in a deep, much 

needed breath as she got to the table. She pasted the biggest fake smile she could muster on her face as she turned to the man, but her 

smile froze and vanished immediately she saw the person seated there. You must be kidding me! She gaped.

“It is nice to meet you again, Amara” Maxwell Babs murmured with a pleased mischievous smile.

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