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Delayed - Episode 5




Delayed - Episode 5

Written by Charles Fancy Dorcas

Stanley can't really tell why he was upset but he was definitely not in a friendly mood

But he knows that no matter how vexed he seems, promise, his friend will not have it.

Promise has a running mouth and even though he knows and does his job well but he can be very trøublesome.

"Hmmm..." Promise finally opened his mouth to talk.

"... Stanley look, forget this boss of a thing, no be me do you o. Abi you see me for your dream? Whatever maybe your problem that's making you act this way this morning better go and sort it out o, Wetin sef! I say make you find babe you no gree! leave me o. If you lack whom to call early in the morning don't call me because I've tried for you. No wake me for my sleep again guy, I go change am for you o". Promise said acting upset.

"Hahaha, really? So because God manage give you that girl now you won't allow me hear word abi? Look, I don't even have your time now, just dress well and lock the door behind you. You never marry you don dey dress like ma'd man, when you born children nko..." Stanley fired back while smiling.

Stanley flashed back to Jane and again and began to smile this time.

Even though it has been mixed feeling but every thought of the girl bring calmness to his heart. 

Stanley can't fathom why he's feeling jealous and happy ever since he saw Jane, for the fact that he couldn't speak with her made him have this mixed feeling, he can't get her off his mind. 

"Better go and find who you will vent your anger on. Am off to my office". Promise lastly said without waiting for any reply from Stanley

Fews months to Grace's wedding Stanley bumped into Jane at the mall as she goes to buy fews things for her friend. 

Stanley on the other hand also went there to get something for himself. 

On his way out, he saw someone he recognized coming to his direction. He started thinking where he must've seen that face before.

the face looks familiar he thought as he would not stop staring at her.

"Oh no! This beauty again? I remember...the restaurant". He said.

 Already carried away by her thoughts that he didn't realize when the things he bought fell to the ground.

"Hello...Excuse me sir, is everything okay with you? I mean, you look lost in your thought that you didn't notice this". She said as she bends to help him pick his things from the ground. Stanley keeps staring at her without a word.

"How can a beauty be this humble and kind? God". He said deeply 

"...a woman can not be this perfect. Her worst part must be bigger than her good part. Stanley thought to himself

"Sir, I think you should take things easy, though don't know what may be wrong but I believe all will be fine". Jane said as she hand over the things to Stanley smiling.

 but as he stretched his hand to grab them he ended up holding her hand still looking at her deeply.

In that second, the feeling was overwhelming for him

It felt like the breeze stopped blowing.

 is he in another planet? 

What a beauty!

evethings seems to have stopped at that instance, he can only hear his breath in the big mall.

 Everything seems silent

 His heart was racing fast as he stared at her.

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