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Delayed - Episode 4




Delayed - Episode 4

Written by Charles Fancy Dorcas

Stanley didn't approach the ladies despite how much his friend tries to make him do that.

He watched as they ate, talk and laugh 

When they were done with their meals, they paid and stood up to leave

Promise asked Stanley to go before they walked out

"Now is your time man, she may be the angel you need in your life. They're about leaving... guy, stand up, why are you acting like this?

"... are you the only one with heart break. You and your ex are not meant to be and that's why things ended the way it did. 

"I don't think I'm emotionally fit for another relationship now.." Stanley said

"Which one is that you're not fit. You obviously like and admire the girl, approach her and strike a nice conversation with her.

"... you maybe lucky this time around

But Stanley didn't reply

"...ok o, don't say I didn't tell you, na you sabi".

"...i just felt I should help you come out of this bachelor's state but it seems like you are enjoying your loneliness" Promise said, seeing Grace and Jane heading to the exit door.

The ladies walked out of the restaurant and Stanley didn't bother to go after them.


 "Grace dear, thank you for the meal and everything. It's been awhile we had time like this and I am supposed to be the one treating you not the other way round". 

"..You are a darling, what would I have done without you, see how you spoilt me today...." Jane said smiling

"It's nothing best friend, what are friends for....Just promise me that you won't cry again, I believe your Mr handsome is somewhere working hard for you. I love you girl". 

"I love you too..." They hugged and parted their way home.


It's a new week and everyone are expected to be in their offices but Promise was still asleep.

 His phone began to ring non-stop and when he finally picked it, lo and behold it's his friend and boss. Stanley's call jolted him up as he frowned and answered the call.

"Guy! Why are you calling me by this time now, don't you have time in your house? E never dey early for you? Feeling upset that Stanley woke him up.

"You must be out! don't tell me you are still in bed by 7:30am". Stanley fired!

"...it seems like You have forgotten I'm still the boss here. Make sure you see me in the office immediately!". Stanley fired again, smiling from his end. He knows who Promise is even though he talks alot.

"...i'm sure you heard what I said, I want to see you in my office now!!!!" He commanded and then ended the call.

"Chai! I didn't know that it's morning already. This guy sef, must he sound rude". 

Promise hurriedly rushed into the bathroom after the call to shower and before 8:15am he zoomed out of his house holding his jacket. 

He has to reached the office as soon as he can knowing well who his friend is. 

When it's comes to business time he doesn't joke with it. They have been friends right from the University and after years they finally meet again working at the same office.

 Their meetings was coincidence because Stanley never told him that his father has a company and that he will be taking over the company after his university. But as God would have it, they came again.

Getting to the office all sweating and looking not properly dressed. 

He first went to his boss' office to make known his presence. 

Stanley on his own end rose his head to a man sweating and he smiled inwardly still keeping a calm and bossy face.

"You think you can make mouth and go scort free abi?" He mouthed, smiling but Promise didn't hear him.

"...Promise, what's the meaning of  this! Why are you breathing like someone who ran a marathon race and why are you not on your jacket? Stanley thundered and stared furiously at promise. 

It's payback time he thought, still smiling from ear to ear, he doesn't want Promise to see him doing that else his office may turn to a war zone, oftentimes he bend his head when he wants to laugh seeing how frightened his friend is.

They maybe friends, a very close one at that but he doesn't joke with his company or job.

They can play and trouble each other outside the job but when they are on duty, they need to be focus.

Stanley asked himself so that he can give him the work he has for him.

Stanley still flashed back to those ladies at the restaurant

He does not know when exactly he will be ready to begin another relationship but he needs to be focused with his work and forget about anything woman.

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