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Delayed - Episode 3




Delayed - Episode 3

Written by Charles Fancy Dorcas

"Guy! Take a look at those ladies over there. Oh my goodness! I've never seen such beauties before, especially the dark one". He said

"..If not that I am engaged I would have gone for her, just take a look". Promise said trying to get his friend's attention but unfortunately, Stanley is not interested. 

Stanley has been bored since his fiancee broke up with him few weeks to their wedding and since then he promised not to fall in love again until he is certain that he has found the right one. 

He has been pressing his phone since he entered the restaurant leaving Promise his friend to be doing the talking.

"...Stan"... as he fondly calls his friend. 

"..Are you even listening?" Promise asked Stanley collecting his phone just to get his full attention.

Stanley lifted his head up and looked at Promise with mixed expression but didn't say a word. He knows that his friend can be troublesome and disturbing when he mean something but not today, he is not just ready for his trouble. 

In order not to draw people's attention he had to comply and listen to him.

"Come, guy I am not interested! I have told you several times that I am not interested with some kind of ladies for now....if you want her please go I'm not interested. After all, I want a wife not some cheáp thing!" Stanley fired calmly. 

"Hia! Man, I know how you feel but trust me guy, there's something different about this girl just take a look...."

"...Her smiles, shape...her..."

Stanley looked at him getting pissed off already but managed to turn his eyes towards the direction where Grace and Jane sat.

"Wow!!!" Stanley exclaimed. 

He became quiet as he admire Jane's beauty and how calmly she speaks to her friend even though he couldn't hear what they were saying. he felt something within.  

He couldn't stop stiring at her as he mouthed another wow! again.... 

"What a beauty". He thought inwardly.

"...How could a lady be this beautiful?...."

"Well, whoever that has her should be the lucky one". Stanley said acting as if he was not moved but deep within him he only wishing. He doesn't want to feel defeated by his friend.

"What do you mean? See, Guy, from what I see.....I think it's only the other lady that has a ring on her finger which means, you can try your luck. Who knows, you might be the lucky one and. C'mon you don dey old o".

Promised need to ginger his friend up as he continued talking.


Before he could finish Stanley cut him short. 

"No, no, no Promise. Not now please, I have alot on my table right now. I don't want to rush things". He said, still staring at Jane. His eyes are all over her, beholding the perfect imag of damsel

"..See how happy they are......" promised said quietly

"...they must be best friends I guess, I love her smiles.." He finally said removing his eyes from their direction. He doesn't want his friend to catch him staring at her else he would look for a way to start teasing him.

Although the lady is beautiful indeed, but he wasn't sure if he wants to try his luck like Promise was suggesting.

He was still hurting from the past relationships experience and wasn't ready to quickly start up another.

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