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Delayed - Episode 2




Delayed - Episode 2

Written by Charles Fancy Dorcas 

'Thats my girl! Oh God I thank you for my beautiful daughter that you have given me to wipe away my tears. Since the death of my husband it hasn't been easy for us but through her I see hope and reason to live again. Please Lord, watch over her and bless her at the right time we pray in Jesus name. Amen they chorus

"Mother, What would I have done without you. I thank God for giving me a warrior as a mother. God bless you mother".

"Bless you too my darling. Meet me in the kitchen please"

The next day been weekend, Jane decided to pay her friend, Grace a visit. 

Grace has been her childhood friend who sticks by her both in good and bad times. Despite their misunderstanding they always have a way of coming back.

"Hello girlfriend..." Jane greeted immediately Grace opened the door.

"Jane! Is this you? I thought you wouldn't come to my house anytime soon but thank God you did. Come in girl, I've missed you so much!" She exclaimed.

"Miss you more baby girl, you know how the work has been now, you too can testify to it". 

"True... please come, I have gist for you my friend". Grace said. She can't contain the joy in her so she needed to share it with her friend.

"What's the news my love, hope it's a good news?" Jane asked Grace as she sit properly to welcome this gist.

"My dear friend, Grace has indeed found me o. Hmm, do you know that brother Chidi proposed to me yesterday? Oh yes!  So girl, prepare because you are going to be my Chief best. She said happily.

"Grace, Oh my God! you are joking right?" Grace shook her head signifying No.

Eyes popped out.

"My goodness!  I can't believe this, my girl is taken, oh my God! Come here baby". Giving her a compassionate hug. 

"...This can only be God's doing". 

"My sister, you can say that again. Grace said excitedly.

"...I pray he surprise you too with your Mr handsome soon".

"Amen o". Kneeling down to Grace's prayer.

" if I say that I'm happy for you is an understatement Grace... I'm too excited for words.

"...You know what, this calls for celebration Jane said feeling emotional already and tears dropped down her cheeks without her noticing.

"Hey! Jane, are you crying?"

"No love, you can't just imagine how happy I am right now seeing that my own friend will be married soon. I'm really happy for you babe".

"One thing about you is that you are too emotional. Please they better be tears of joy, let's go out and celebrate girlfriend?" Grace tried to cheer her friend up as she grabbed her so that they can leave or else it may be a crying session.

"Of course, let's go. But wait, promise me you'll tell me how it all happened".

"Yes ma'am!" Grace replied and they bursted into laughter.

After a long ride they could spot the chicken republic restaurant. A huge rich restaurant filled with all types chilled drinks, ice cream, Harvard meals and everything eatable. 

The restaurant has been Grace's favorite since childhood where her parents takes them to buy her favorite chocolate ice cream.

They never knew that the same restaurant would turn someone's life around, that it would Mark a remarkable thing in Jane's life and then come to reality. 

"Jane let's enter this one it's my favorite!" Grace said excitedly.

"I Know it is..."

On entering, they cat walked through the door way and eyes were all over them because of how elegant and beautiful they were.

"Woow! What a creature". One of the men in the restaurant  said as the ladies walked in and took a table to their selves

A waitress brought the menu to them

"Ma'am, you may choose from the menu please?" The waitress spoke calmly handing them a menu book as soon as they sat comfortably.

"Ok, just give us this ice cream for now we'll call you for the meal please. Grace replied the waitress as she started telling her friend how she got engaged.

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