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Delayed - Episode 1



Delayed - Episode 1

Written by Charles Fancy Dorcas 

"Why is this happening to me, why me God? So folake could go to the extent of laughing at me because I have no reasonable man who came for my hand in marriage...."

"...It's true that all the five men that I dated only wanted to have me on their bed but Am I this cursed? why is it difficult for me to find a true love? A man that I will call my own, eh?...." Sobbing.

"Just look at me, am in my late 20's now still, yet to find a man who will love me genuinely". 

"....God! you said whosoever that finds a wife finds a good thing and obtain favour from you" Looking at herself,

"... Lord, am I not a good"? 

..."I have paid my tight, served you faithfully and did all that you commanded me to. Why do you choose to leave me now when I needed you most!"? Still crying.

Jane laments as she remembered how life has been playing her bad. She hopes, prayed and cried to God believing that one day God would change her story soon. 

Jane is a beautiful, hard-working and God fearing lady who grew up with her mother all her life because her father died when she was at a tender age. She has been the spec of guys but due to how she chooses to live a purified life there were certain things she vows not to engage herself into of which the men and ladies of her time see as a normal thing! Yet she promised to keep herself without compromising, she prays and trust that one day God would settle her maritally because she is not getting any younger anymore.

Most of her friends are married with kids but she didn't bother not until the day her friend Folake, blasted her on not having a serious relationship. 

Would she blame herself for not having a serious relationship? Who will understand her plight and how she's being coping? What a life, what a friend! She said.

At this stage, she is depressed and has forgotten that delayed is never a denial and that God's ways are not the ways of men.

"God please.....I'm tired of.."

Still crying but cleaned her eyes as soon as she heard a foot coming towards her door accompanied by a knock calling out to her. 

"..This must be mother calling". She said and hurriedly cleaned her eyes.


"Yes...Mother..." She stood up and opened the door

"Jane, are you still crying?" Looking at her daughter keenly.

"...I  thought we've talked about this before, we agreed on no more crying right?"

"...Look here my child...I have told you several times that you are worrying yourself too much! The mother said.

"..you are beautiful and a good girl who deserves a good man. my love, you are my daughter and I love you so please for my sake be happy".

"...Your well deserved husband will come at the right time. God is not deaf that he cannot hear your cry, he sees all that you go through my dear. Pls enough of the crying will you?" She smiles, trying to cheer her daughter up.

"Thank you mother. I won't cry again". Jane said.

"...you are the best mother in the world mom. You always have a way of giving me hope mother. you are full of wisdom, I can't ask for a better mother. I pray to be good wife and a mother to my unborn children too, love you mother" Jane said, smiling and revealing her one sided dimple and they both laughed.

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