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Out Of The Box - Final Episode




Out Of The Box - Episode 43

Written By Amah's Heart

"I swéar it to you that it's impossible, you can't do that.." He shouted angrily.

"Okay then, watch me.." She replied daring him.

"I'm ready to go to any length, just to make sure of it. I thought I was the wicked one but you're acting like Jezebel..." He said while pointing towards her.

He went on his knees, feeling defeated.

"...Didi..please, please for God's sake. look at me, I beg you in the name of God, the most high..don't do this to me..."

",So you can actually beg, I thought you're Mike Tyson. You're supposed to be a belt holder in this fight, why are you acting like a weak man? You're begging me, a whole Desmond is on his knees.."

"I'm tired of fighting, I don't want to fight anymore. You've won, you've proven your point, my foolishness is always before me, Didi. No matter what I do you will always win. I'm a dead man without you, I know I wronged you greatly, I hurt you with a clear eyes, but sincerely it was from a place of foolishness. I didn't understand the grave impact of my action until it recently dawned on me..."

"See Desmond, no matter what you preach, if you like sing all the love poem in this world, is not going to work. I gave up on you and on our marriage long time ago. You've pushed me too far, I have endured a whole lot, forgiven so many things I'm yet to heal from, I'm finally done.."

"Didi please, don't take the kids away from me, they're all I have left. Jasmine and Jason means everything to me. please my love. I promise before this earth, before God and man that I will be a better father and off course a better husband if only you will also give me another chance.."

"...I have started a close relationship with God and has repented of my shortcomings. I'm only a human and an imperfect one. I pleaded with God two months ago to bring you and my kids back to me. After I learnt that you've returned back from Amy's wedding, you're in back to the country after six months, I was so happy.."

"...At least I will finally have full access to the kids. The restraining order on the kids, which you placed through the help of Isabella, Luke's wife rubbed me of my right as a father. The lawyers from Isabella's law firm came to the house to serve me the letters. I wasn't given much choice than to sign it..."

"...I can only come see them but not allowed to take them away and your mother has to keep watch, only for 30minutes and nothing more, if I bridge in anyway, I will be banned from coming close to them again, I never go against any of the restrictions orders because I can't afford not to play with Jason and jasmine, I derive great joy watching my kids. I come visiting every weekend and those were the happiest moment of my life Didi..."

",...now that you're back, I thought the embargo will be lifted and I will get to spend quality time with them. After six months of staying in USA with Amy, you returned back and said you want to take the kids along with you to the US. you can't do that to me, don't do it please. I'm their father, I deserve to be in their lives, I deserve to watch them grow and come home to my kids after each day work. Jason is only two and Jasmine is six, they need a childhood experience with their daddy, they're still little kids and deserve better. This separation will be hard on them. Don't be selfish, try to consider their psychological health please.."

Didi who was sitting by her mother's door steps, stood and approach Desmond.

"Did you just say I shouldn't be selfish and I should consider the kids mental health in all this? When Jasmine was brutally injured by Cynthia,  Jasmine was only three years, she could have died in the hand of your baby mama because of your carelessness, did you consider our little daughter in anyway. You were busy defending your ex..."


Didi moved more closer, taking a step at a time while demonstrating with her hands.

"...Jason, my cute little boy..he was too little to understand that his own biological father rejected him and kicked him out. You were heartless to the extent that the boy will crawl to you and you will rather stand up from there and walk away than touch him, none of his tears or cry touches you Desmond. I cried, my heart breaks into pieces each time I watch you curse and disown our baby boy claiming he was a product of my infidelity. You told me everyday to take him away because he wasn't your son rather he belongs to Luke..."

"...Desmond, as a mother did you know how hurting that was. It was only after Luke paid for the DNA test which was done under your watch, after the result came out that you believed that Jason was your son..."

"No...no Didi! I already knew he was my boy before then. After Mimi pointed out to the birth mark on his ear, I began to take a close look, if you noticed I was carrying and playing around with him before you finally took him away... maybe you didn't see me because you're already nursing håte in your heart for me.  my son and i share the same birthmark. I knew without doubt that Jason was mine but I was still angry thinking you slept with Luke. Not until the incidents in Amy's house and he made me understand that trust is important in marriage.."

"Shut up Desmond, shut that your lying mouth because right now I don't have an iota of respect for you. I wasn't done talking when you interrupted me. Did you in anyway at all consider the psychological effect all this have on them? You exposed them to pain and trouble. Who's selfish here among two of us, Desmond? Me trying everything I can to protect the kids from the trouble and danger you keep bringing into their lives..."

"Didi please, I understand now. For the sake of the kids try to find a place in your heart to forgive. I can't live without them.."

"But you've been living without them or haven't you? One of the reasons why you're sober is because Cynthia was released from prisøn and she later came and take her daughter from you. She said that she does not want you anywhere near them. She promise to take her daughter far, start a new life and raise Mitchell all by herself without your help. Cynthia disappeared with Mimi, I heard she flew out of the country with Mimi to start her life again and I'm not sure you will ever see Mimi until she becomes an adult and do you think she will forgive you easily for what you did to her mother because I'm sure Cynthia will fill her in.."

"...So Desmond, you want me not to be selfish with my own children? Oh no Desmond, I'm very selfish with them. I have suffered and cry my heart out while watching you hurt them both intentional and unintentional. All I got is them, I have to protect them from a bully and careless Dad like you. I'm very selfish with them Desmond. We will be leaving tomorrow to the US. Amy have even secured a good job for me which I will be starting by next month. She sent me  money that I used to do papers for the kids and for my Mom. We're traveling out Desmond and I don't know when next you will be seeing us again..."

"Oh no Didi! no...you can't do that. Let me come with you, I'm ready to abandon everything here, pay through to  get my own papers done, I'm ready to do anything Didi, please don't take my children. I have loose Mimi and as much as it hurt, I don't know when I will set eyes on her again. Just consider me, I'm also a human being. I don't know if I can live with all this, is too much. Please Didi, I'm still on my knees. Let me come along, I want to be in the life of my children, for God's sake please.."

"Is already too late Desmond. We're leaving early tomorrow morning. there's accommodation on ground, for us. Tally, Ami's husband secured the place for us. I'm moving on to start a new life. Luckily for you, I'm not as inconsiderate as Cynthia, I will continue telling the kids nice thing about you and maybe after three years, you can come visit them..."

"How about you Didi..?

" what about me? Didi replied as she glared at him with her hand folded fashionably.

"I mean us, is this the end of our marriage, you sent a divorce paper last month through Isabella's law firm but i did not sign and will never sign it. I love you way too much Didi, does my love for you means anything at all? I can't stop loving you even though is obvious that you don't want me anymore. The day I saw you kissing Luke at Amy's place, I died and wake up, I couldn't get out such disturbing memory from my head, it lingered for Long. It hunted me even in dreams. I came to understand how you must've felt during the time I was with Cynthia, right under our roof.."

"...forgive me for every pain I caused you. I will never stop loving you and no matter how long it takes, I will wait for you. Didi... My only true love, I can still remember the first time you agreed to be my woman, I was so happy, I felt like I won a jackpot. I remember the time..."

" hey..please stop!  save those lines for your next woman. There's nothing you say that will move me Desmond..." Didi cut in, interrupting Desmond.

"...you're a lucky that I haven't picked interest in any man yet. I'm focusing on my kids and my new job abroad. I'm done with men, i want less drama as i focus on my heavenly race and new life without you in it..."

"...If after three years and I'm still single, you can try those love lines again, it may work..."

Desmond stood and nodded quietly

"As long as it takes Didi, I'm ready to wait for you.."

"That's if I'm still single and another important thing is if I'm interested in you because right now, I have no single interest in you, not now nor ever. I'm also not interested in any man and don't know if I will ever be ready..."

" at least I will get to speak with the kids on video calls, see your pretty face once in a while. I will be sending in money too if you will permit me...I will really appreciate if I play my fatherly rôle from a distance. I will come to see the kids after two years, maybe I will start from there with the love notes.."

"I said three years not two, don't be unfortunate and come uninvited because you will never get to see them ever again, I promise you that. Stick to every of my rules and we are good..."

Didi walked back inside, ignoring Desmond who was asking if he can come early to see them before they leave and maybe to drive them to the airport.


Didi sat talking with her Mom that early morning

Is been a tough journey for her, this whole thing was never how she envisioned her life but then, like they say "life is unpredictable"

Indeed, she agrees fully, it played a hard one on her.

"It wouldn't have gotten to this if you had allowed God to be the driver, although there would be road bump, potholes, roadblocks and untard paths but you will be at rest because you're safe with the driver who will never leave you half way nor abandon you when the going gets tough. If God was fully involved, your heartache would have been replaced with peace.." Agnes had said to her worried daughter.

'I agree Mom, I was fighting a huge battle all by myself, thinking it can only gets better but it keeps getting worst. I left God out, I only thank him during the good times and fight him when life challenges hit me..."

Agnes looked up at the wall clock.

"Is almost time, the bags are all packed. Is almost 5am.."

Didi nod before releasing a heavy breath

"Mom, thank you, i don't know what I could have done without you. God bless you mightily Mom. I'm finally out of this crâzy box of unhappiness and regrets.

"...this Battle would have swallowed me whole if not for your many prayers. God sent people to my aids unexpectedly, in a very difficult situation that I have already given up hope, help will arrive just in time..."

"....I know it was because of your prayers. On my part, I wasn't doing much, I was mostly angry and venting out my annoyance to God. This few weeks, I have prayed more than I ever did. You took care of Jasmine and Jason when I was away. Thank you Mom.. This time around, I will certainly make you proud. So help me God.."

Agnes drew her daughter into a warm embrace and Didi held unto her mother, in tears thanking her and saying Amen repeatedly as her mother showers her with prayer

They later gathered in their living room and prayed together with the kids.

There was a car honking outside.

Didi recognized the car sound, it was Desmond's.

She has already asked a cab to come pick them so Desmond coming is useless to her.

She went out and Desmond told her that he saw the cab  man she invited and paid him off.

Didi was angry but her Mom calm her down and insisted that Desmond takes them to the airport instead of waiting for another uber driver to come pick them.

Desmond was happy that his mother in-law defended him in front of Didi and the kids

He thanked her all over before loading their luggages in the car.

He was at peace knowing that Mrs Agnes is with them. Both her daughter and grandkids are safe with her.

He drove them to the airport, he was able to hug and kiss his kids goodbye before the plane took off.



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