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Out Of The Box - Episode 9




Out Of The Box - Episode 9

Written By Amah's Heart

The house no longer feel like a home to Didi as Desmond started again that morning to shout at her and as usual threaten to unleash terrór if Didi doesn't provide his money.

He shouted for complete 3 hours. From the early hour of the morning that he walked into the room after sleeping out until he left the house.

Didi had trøuble sleeping all through the night after she went searching for him. 

She had decided not to go to work because she had too much prøblem troubling her and may not be able to carry out her duty perfectly in school like she usually do.

Desmond no longer eat Didi's food or sleep in their matrimonial bedroom.

Didi woke up in the middle of the night and went to plead with him to come into the room but he wasn't in the sitting room or in their daughters room which was next to there's.

His phone wasn't ringing out when she try calling him

She checked the kitchen and even the visitor's toílet but he wasn't there.

She had no choice than to knock on Cynthia's room

She didn't open at first but after several calling and knocking she opened door

Cynthia stood by the door, while holding onto the door knob and using the door and her body to block her from going in

"I'm looking for your brother, have you seen him?

"Desmond? Isn't he supposed to be in the bedroom with you?

"No, he didn't come back to the room last night after shower. I thought he was going to sleep in the parlour as usual but only for me to come out and he is not there. I have checked in the kitchen and even the visitor's toílet but he's not there.."

"Well, I don't know. He's your husband, you supposed to know exactly where he is. Maybe you should go outside and look for him..?

"Outside! Do you know what time is it? I can't go outside because Desmond is definitely not there. What will he even be doing outside by this time of the night..?

"Anyway, is only a suggestion. There's absolutely nothing wrøng with outside. Is not like I'm asking you to go outside the gate. I mean within the compound, probably in his car because right now he can be even in the unexpected places.."

"Doing what exactly in an unexpected place? She sigh 

"...Maybe you're right Cynthia. let me go and check him in his car.."

"Good for you.." Cynthia finally said before going inside and shutting the door.

Didi was scâréd but she had no choice than to open the door and went out.

She walked straight to Desmond's car but he wasn't there

She rushed back inside without wasting time outside.

Immediately she walked in, she heard Jasmine crying in the room.

She must've woken up and started crying when she didn't see anyone.

Didi rushed to the room and was shocked to see Desmond carrying her.

She was surprised and began to wonder where he crept out from.

"Where did you go...? He barked

"I was outside looking for you..?

He scoffed loudly

"Looking for me how? Am i Lost... why will you be looking for me when I'm in the same house with you. You can not even hear Jasmine crying since.."

"If you are in the same house, Where exactly where you because I searched almost everywhere I can think off in this house, yet you're no where found. I was even calling out your name, trying to call you on the phone yet no answer.."

"It must be because you're dâft and stûpíd that's why you can't tell where your husband was at this time of the night. And you are sure you really want to remain married to me or you want to join the single hood like your friends..?

"Where were you Desmond. I said I searched all around the house but you are nowhere to be found.."

"Did you check the store? The cabinets, the garage, under the kitchen sink, behind the television, under the dining, on top of the roof or even inside the pot..?

Didi stared at him in disbelief

"...Yes, I can be in an unexpected places. Why are you surprised?

Unexpected places" that's the same line of words Cynthia had used earlier to describe places that Desmond maybe in.

Didi thought to herself

"Although is impossible for you to be in any of this places you mentioned, but I still want to know what in God's name will you be doing in all this places?

"Searching for my money offcourse.  Have you found my money yet? You think I'm going to fold my arms and let my money go like that. You're probably the thiéf and might have hidden the money somewhere. I decided to use this night and search for it and was doing that until I heard Jasmine crying.."

It doesn't make any sense to Didi yet she decided not to probe further.

Since Desmond has found a way to bring the money into their conversation again, he won't stop talking about it until he leaves the house.

And it was exactly as Didi thought.

Desmond saw an opportunity to bash her with words and didn't think twice before using it.

She had woken up around 2:30am, that was the the same time she stood and started searching for Desmond.

She haven't slept again since that time.

Desmond kept talking until morning came, he had his bath early, got dressed for work.

Didi offered to make breakfast but he turned it down and requested Cynthia's cooking instead.

Cynthia made something for him, he waited patiently until she was done before eating.

He left immediately and Cynthia left the table uncleared.

"Try and tidy up the table and kitchen Didi. Atleast I helped you out by making breakfast for your husband since you can't do it.."

"Who said I can't do it.." Didi retorted, detesting the tone of Cynthia's voice.

"Oh! So you can do it? Why didn't you prepare any breakfast for him? Wait, let me guess, he detest your cooking and prefer mine.." she began to laugh

"... listen Didi, I'm helping you here to remain relevant in his house and also to save your marriage. You should really be thankful for to me.." 

"You're not actually doing me any favor if you decided to cook for Desmond, after all he's your brother and my husband. I don't see it as you saving me from anything but if you feel that way then here is your thanks..." Didi began to clap. 

She sat sarcastically said to Cynthia who wasn't amused

"...thank you Cynthia..."

"... thank you Cynthia, thank you Cynthia. Is the thanks enough or should I continue.."

Didi finally said between her teeth.

"You see, is this your sharp tongue that keeps getting you into trøuble with Desmond. Recently you no longer talk back at him because you know you can néver win or probably you're learning your lessons or trying to make him see reasons to love you again.."

"Desmond has never stopped loving me.." Didi interrupted

"... we're having the normal misunderstanding that couples have but that's all to it. Soon all of our prøblem will disappear and we will be happily together again like it should be.."

Didi's words seems to have angered Cynthia and she fired back

"If Desmond still loves you and this whole daily quarrel is a normal misunderstanding? can you tell me where he was last night? Did you know where your significant other slept last night.."

Didi became quiet

She heaved a sigh "well, I don't know where exactly he was. But it's no longer matters because he was obviously around the house and immediately he heard his daughter's cry he went to her. So is still family first for him and there's no need to quarrel over it with you since we're not dragging anything or fighting over a man. He's your brother and he's my love and husband. That's two different things and that's how it will remain.."

"...I will clear up the table Cynthia and tidy up the kitchen as you requested. This is still my house and I have to put things in order despite anything.."

Didi turned to leave, Cynthia hushed her back with her words

"Just like Desmond usually say, if you don't want to end up like your single friends soon, you have to dance according to my records. I want to help you save your marriage quicker..."

"My marriage doesn't need saving. We're just having little misunderstanding like I stated earlier.." Didi replied as she tried to put on a cartoon station for her daughter who woke up and was just coming out of the room.

"That's not exactly what it seems like to me. Ever since I came here, is been from one issue or another. Two of you wanting to shút down my ear drum with your so called misunderstanding. My brother actually told me that.. oh, never mind. Since you know it all, figure it out.."

"Desmond told you what? You can aswell tell me if you really care to save my marriage..I will appreciate that.."

"Hmm! So you finally agreed that your marriage needs saving right..?"

Didi heaved before nodding quietly.

"You know that you really need to calm down and learn. I told you about your friend Amy, I told you that she was the one that took the money out of the box, you doubted me until you confronted her and she tried to cover up by saying she saw Desmond and I at Centric garden and even added that it wasn't the first time she has been seeing us. She tried to distract your mind from the major thing at hand but I'm glad you didn't fall for it. Now, you have to listen to me and avoid Amy or whatever her name is..."

She paused but Didi didn't say anything.

"...I can borrow you some money so that you can give to Desmond. How much do you have in your account?

".... don't get me wrong, if I bring half of the money that Desmond said was in the box, can you afford the remaining half?

"Not really, but it will be almost..."

"Don't worry about it. Bring whatever you have to me, I will add up and give to Desmond so that peace can reign in this house and offcourse in your life too. Is obvious you are not happy and the house feels like a war zone..is no longer a home for you right..?

Didi sighed again before nodding.

"I'm going to help you but you must listen to whatever I ask you to do. I'm a woman and understand how you feel.."

"Why do you want to help me? Is not like we've been getting along so well. Why exactly do you suddenly want to help me.." Didi asked wondering.

"This is more like woman helping woman. I support those who need my support. Stop asking irrelevant question and go get the money you said you have, bring it to me if you really want peace in your home..."

"What if the money isn't still complete at the end, what will happen and I also want to know if I can transfer or is It cash? Didi asked moving close to Cynthia.

"Just do what I asked you to do. Bring the one you said you have, but let it be substantial amount of money. You can transfer or bring cash.. anyone is fine. Leave the rest to me, Desmond is my brother..I know how to handle him.."

Didi heaved a sigh, nodded and walked into the room to get her phone.

Cynthia smiled as she watch Didi walk away defeated.

(Do NOT take credit plagiarize AMAH'S HEART)

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