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Out Of The Box - Episode 8




Out Of The Box - Episode 8

Written By Amah's Heart

"Are you done talking? You're ranting like a mâd døg. I was tempted to speak while you were still talking but I decided to wait for you to be done with your noise and it felt like eternity but finally you're done. Now, go back to the same Cynthia that pointed her stúpïd fingers at me and ask her what she was doing at the Centric garden park with Desmond. She's more than just a sister to him. You're very føôlish Didi and confused not to have noticed or seen some suspicious act between them. Go and ask her what she was doing today and this is not the first time that I have seen her there but today confirmed my suspicious..."

"... when you're done asking her then come back and tell what she said.

"I should go and ask my sister in-law what she's doing at the Centric garden with her brother? Isn't that insäne, can you even listen to yourself? Amy, don't even try to pull yourself out of what's on ground, I said I need my money and I'm not leaving without it. I'm still in shøck that you of all people will steal from me.."

"I don't know what you're talking about Didi. I didn't see or touch your money and I will never do that to you. I'm a legit hustler and that's how I earn my living. I don't steal and don't have reason to do that. I maybe many things but definitely not a thief..."

"Exactly, I know you're many things. Hátér, liâr, prétender, jeálous and wîcked human, what I didn't know is that you've added steáling to it. I used to overlook your ill behavior and big running mouth because of our friendship but you have crossed the line this time and I won't spare you until you vómit all the money you took out of the box. God has exposed you this time, there's everyday for the thiéf but one day the thief will be caught and you've landed right in the trap.."

"I'm not going to go exchanging words with you Didi because is a wäste of my time. I know Cynthia has probably filled your head with all kinds of negative things about me and there's nothing I say now that will make you think otherwise. I know you Didi and I can tell what you're capable and trust me when I say that you're only working under the influence of Cynthia and she's probably the thiéf.."

Didi laughed out sarcastically and just then Diva who was on her way home after work, decided to stop by.

She walked into Didi and Amy in a serious quarrel

She was stunned to see Didi and Amy arguing. They didn't even pay her any attention

"What's goin on ladies..? Diva asked

"Didi walked in here accúsing me of taking Desmond's money.." Amy said defensive.

"She didn't take" it because "taking" means you have permission or right over something. Amy stole the money... she's the thiéf. She plotted it all out, dragged us into the room, her target all the while was the box. She even stylishly sent Desmond out to go buy me bread as gift. She mentioned that she wasn't going to eat anything on the table because it seems Desmond want to pøísøn her yenyenyen... This thief here decided not to use the visitor's toílet but insisted on using the one in the room of which I didn't even think it through before agreeing. Diva, did you remembered after you came out and we stayed for about 20 minutes and this thief here wasn't out of the room which prompted me to go check what was going on because I don't want Desmond to returns back and meet her in there. Just as I was approaching the room I saw her rushing out.."

She took a breath, shakes her head sadly and continued

"... Diva, is a good thing that you came just in time for this. From what I have said, help me analyze it because in every way you decide to look at it, the truth is glaring. Amy's plans work out perfectly for her and she underestimated my ability to find out that she is the real culprit.."

Amy pointed at her añgrily "don't you dare call me unprinted names. I'm only keeping quiet because of the friendship we once had but I will loose my guard if you open that your stüpid mouth to mention my name.."

"Amy you're a big thiéf, you're a liâr and prétender. You're ill hearted, malicious and wîckedness runs in your vain..do your wørst..".

Amy charged towards her and Diva held her back.

"What are you trying to do Amy, you want to fight Didi? She's a mother and a married woman...do you know what that means? Diva asked

"You are begining to annoy me Diva. Sometimes you sound so dâft and stûpíd. What does it mean... maybe you tell me? She's a Mom and wife and so what? Maybe I should give her a sash or crown. What's special about her status? I will béât her up and kick her dry áss back to her lying and cheating husband.."

"Wait, what did you say? Desmond is cheating..? Diva asked dumb founded

"...are you making this up because of your rift with Didi. I know you can go to any extent to tarnish somebody's good image if the said person doesn't appeal to you..."

"... come to think of it, Desmond hosted you with many goodies. He didn't even celebrate his wife like he did for you yet you've the mouth to condemñ him because you're having little misunderstanding with Didi.."

"Don't mind her, she's bitter and jeâlóus. You maybe a man hátér but I know you must be wishing to have a man like my husband in your life..". Didi said as she carried her daughter up who was playing at one corner of the boutique with one of Amy's staff.

"You're mistaking me for Diva. Sorry my dear, there's nothing you have that appeals to me. Your weirdo of a husband or whatever you claim to have is absolutely not in my list of interest. I'm not interested but I'm sure Diva will do anything for the things you mentioned because her desperation stinks bâdly.." 

Diva fired back at Amy as they exchanged words.

Amy asked them to leave her business place before they will chase out customer with their ill luck

Didi left with a promise to return back for her money.

Diva followed her

After walking Didi to the gate she went back to Amy

"Wait Amy, did you say Desmond is having an affair? Hehehe! there's fire on the mountain! But how is that possible, Didi said Desmond doesn't cheat. I guess you were just blabbing right? Please gist me babe..."

Amy asked Diva to carry her gøssiping mouth and get out of her shop. 

Diva got annoyed with the way Amy was acting towards her even without making attempt to answer her questions, which was the main reason she returned back.

 Diva threw harsh words at her before walking out.

When Didi got home that day, neither Desmond or Cynthia were home.

They're have hit

She went into the kitchen to prepare Desmond favorite food hoping whenever he returns, he will loosen up his grip over the missing money.

Cynthia returned first, it was late.

She was quick to ask Didi how it went with Amy.

Didi opened up telling her everything that Amy said.

She also told Cynthia that Amy mentioned seeing her and Desmond at centric garden park.

Cynthia's facial expressions change

"And what was your reply when she said that? She asked, while looking straight at Didi directly.

Didi explained to her that she knew it was all a lie and even if it happens to be true, there's absolutely nothing to worry about over two siblings hanging out.

Cynthia smiled, tap Didi gently and called her "good girl"

She told Didi to stay away from her friends, especially Amy who she claims was into prøstitútion.

Cynthia said she was going to bed and won't be eating anything and she's not sure Desmond will eat too

Didi assured her that Desmond will definitely eat since she prepared his favorite food

Cynthia came back first, after about 10 minutes Desmond drove in.

Immediately he walked in, Cynthia smile cheerfully and greeted 

"My darling broda, Welcome back.. your wife was already missing you.."

Didi nodded with a smile as she approached Desmond.

"...oh! did I say wife, I actually meant your "loving sister" miss you.." Cynthia said with a smirk.

Didi pause confused because she initially thought Cynthia was referring to her, she thought Cynthia wanted to speak in her defense.

Didi told Desmond that she prepared his favorite food but Desmond turned it down and said he wasn't hungry.

He asked for his money instead but as Didi tried to explain, he shunned her.

Thréátened to deal with her if she doesn't provide his money.

He walked into the room, leaving Didi disørganized.

Cynthia also cat walked into her own room after reminding Didi that she told her that Desmond won't eat her food but she was doubting.

Cynthia added that she knows her brother more than Didi does.

(Do NOT take credit or plagiarize AMAH'S HEART STORIES)

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