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Out Of The Box - Episode 7




Out Of The Box - Episode 7

Written By Amah's Heart

Desmond left early to work that morning after thréátening Didi

  He said that he was going to unleash terrór on his wife if he doesn't see his money when he returns.

He mentioned the huge amount that was stolen.

Didi knew that it may not be up-to that amount but she didn't try to argue

She didn't even reply back as he was thréâteñing her repeatedly.

Didi also noticed that Desmond didn't even sleep in the room that night.

She left him in the sitting room and he never bother to go back to the room all through the night.

He slept in the living room and only came to the room to dress for work the following morning.

 Didi wanted to make something for him to eat but Desmond rejected her food

Cynthia was unexpectedly up early to make breakfast for him and he ate and left.

Cynthia was also dressed to go out that early morning

Before leaving she decided to go see Didi

"You would have allow me make breakfast for my husband, like I used to do every morning.." Didi who wasn't happy said to Cynthia who walked into the room unannounced.

"I overheard him saying he doesn't want anything from you. You should be happy and thankful that I helped you out this morning.."

Didi didn't reply back even though she so much wanted to do that

Cynthia seems to mock her with her tone but she had alot on her mind and refused to be worried over Cynthia

"...I told you that I was going to tell you who stole Desmond's money right?

"Yeah.. that's not precisely how you put it" she replied looking up at her expectantly

Didi didn't know what to expect but she was willing to get a closure on what exactly happened

"Your friend...took the money.."

She wasn't expecting anything different from what Cynthia said

But the question is which of her friend has such gut to stéal from her.

She asked Cynthia to mention the friend.

"The talkative one, the one that feels she's all and all.."

"...the one that Desmond showered all the care and filled up the house with a lot of food and drink for, she even had the gut to tell Desmond that you're not being appreciative enough. She try to talk down on you and when I came to the table to take that remaining champagne, she wanted to challenge me. I only respected Desmond if not, I could have teach her some respect.."

"You mean Amy..??

"Is that her name. Amy, Whatever her name is, I don't care but she's not a good friend.."

Didi heaved silently.

"What made you think is Amy..?

"Because I saw her.."

"You saw when she took the money..?

"Yes! Is crystal clear that she's the thief.."

Didi was silent

"... you don't believe me..? Cynthia asked, hand akimbo.

"I don't know what to believe Cynthia. I'm just trying to digest it. How exactly did you see her taking the money...?

"Is either you believe me or choose whatever you want to believe. I have told you what you needed to know and if you don't want the wrath of Desmond when he returns, run ahead and go and meet your friend to give you back the money.."

"Thanks for the info... Cynthia. Is really absurd if Amy is behind this.."

Cynthia gave a sarcastic laughter

"Between your Amy and your other friend.. Diva, who's friendship do you value most and who among them wants the best for you.."

Didi didn't even need to think about it, is very obvious that Diva watch her back all the time and never talked down on her marriage or husband, unlike Amy whose heart is stone cold and has no respect for anyone.

"..let me guess, you prefer Amy that's why you allow her talk trãsh. Desmond hosted her to a fancy dinner and she most have told him to get that bread as a gift for you.."

"... I heard when you were shouting at Desmond for presenting bread as a gift to you. Did you know if Amy put him up to that? After showering money on her for doing nothing, he decided to do such a ridiculous thing to you and you didn't see anything wrøng with that..?

Didi never thought of it the way Cynthia was making it sound.

Different ideas crowded her mind but she refused to dwell on them

Maybe truly Amy took the money but all through her years of friendship with Diva and Amy, she never experienced such from any of them.

From all the ideas she gathered from Cynthia, Didi began to value Diva's friendship more as Cynthia continued  filling her head with different ideas.

Before Cynthia walked out of the room, Didi told her that she was going to confront Amy.

Cynthia left while Didi got dressed and also left for work.

While at work all she kept thinking about was what Cynthia said.

Immediately the school was over, she rushed to Amy's boutique and found her there.

"I was just about calling you, thanks goodness you're here.." Amy exclaimed.

She had this suspicious face that shows something was wrong.

"I'm also here to see you for an urgent matter.."

"Okay, good then. Maybe you should go first.  What's the matter..? Amy asked

"No, tell me yours first.." Didi insisted

"Oh, if you say so. I saw Desmond and Cynth..."

Didi interrupted " I thought is really something serious like you made it sound. You want to tell me that you saw Desmond and Cynthia..? Is that even a news. Are they forbidden to be seen together? Seeing my husband and his sister is the important thing you want to tell me..? Didi said angrily

"I wasn't even done talking and you interrupted me. There's more to what I'm trying to say Didi.."

"Save it. I'm not interested to hear  whatever it is Amy. You stole the money in the box.."

"What? I don't understand... Are you asking me or accúsing me..? Amy said taken aback

"You have the gut to go into my matrimonial bedroom with the pretence that you wanted to talk to me privately, from there you said you wanted to use the toilet.."

"...You had plans all the while and I never thought of it until this morning.  You had your chance after everyone left the room and took the money.."

"...How dâre you Amy? I remember mentioning where Desmond used to keep his money in one of our meeting and you registered that in your mind and carried out your stealing plan when you had the chance.."

"...I trusted you Amy. How dare you betray our friendship. As if that wasn't enough, you asked Desmond to buy bread and wrap it as a gift for me. You're the same person that asked Desmond to go buy me gift before he left that day..."

"...so it was all your plan? If not that I trusted Desmond and know he will never cheat on me, I could have accused him of having affâir with you because what am I supposed to make out of all this..?

"...how could you? Cynthia opened my eyes this morning to all the mischief going on under my nose and when I weigh on it, the weight was way beyond what I imagined. You're térrible Amy and I don't care how you are going to do it, all I want is my money..."

"... Desmond thréátens to unleash héll if I don't provide his money before the end of today, so go and bring the money from wherever you kept it. Give me all the money you stole and don't leave out anything Amy.."

Amy remained shocked as she listened to Didi añgrily saying alot of unexpected things to her.

(Do NOT take credit or plagiarize AMAH'S HEART STORIES)

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