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Out Of The Box - Episode 6




Out Of The Box - Episode 6

Written By Amah's Heart

"I'm serious, it was bread! I was also shocked and didn't believe it, thinking he was pranking me. I pieces the bread searching for something special he had probably hidden inside the bread but it turned out that it was just an ordinary bread..."

"Is really annøying but you could have surprised him by saying thanking you for the gift. After all is a gift and who knows if he was trying to test you and then surprise you with something bigger.." Diva said

Amy hushed her to keep quiet.

"I don't know what exactly is wrong with you Diva but you need to try to stop acting all the time and face reality. Desmond manipulated her mind by making her believe he got an actual gift for her, she went thanking him, did everything he asked of her only to finally open her gift and saw bread. That's wíckedness and I don't know exactly how she reacted to the disappointment but héll will break loose if I was the one. Desmond wouldn't have known peace, I will torment him even in his sleep until he buys me a proper gift..."

"The good thing is that you're not the one, so no héll will break loose,"

"..so Didi.." Diva continued

...did you later found out who brought down the box?

"No, that reminds me... I'm still wondering who did such.." Didi said thinking hard

"Maybe the box fell down from wherever it was kept. It probably fell from up although I never heard any sound while in the restroom. Have you checked inside yet to know if everything is intact? Amy asked

"No, Desmond has been around. I was waiting for him to leave the house this morning so that I can check but he kept delaying. I was running láte and had to leave.."

"Cynthia, Desmond sister.. did you see her going into the room or coming out before you noticed the box down? She's another suspect and I don't like her at all.." Amy asked

"I didn't see her getting into the room. Cynthia is not really bād although she can be annoying sometimes but she is sometimes nice and also cares for Jasmine like her own child.."

"She's your husband sister and you have to respect her and don't try to fight her so that when other Desmond family members are against you, Cynthia will speak good of you. She will supports and defend you..." Diva said to Didi

"You're always giving the wrong advise with so much confidence. Didi should turn to foot mat so that they can match and trample her. They should do as they please with her because she wants her inlaw's validation right? Nonsénse talk. Didi listen to me, if Cynthia do anything that pissed you off, call her attention to it and let her know that she has to live by your rules. It maybe her brother's house but is your matrimonial home. What belongs to Desmond belongs to you, period! Beside, I don't like her in anyway. She act too suspiciøus for my liking. There's something strange about her..."

"You almost sounded like your old self, oh! I forgot you're still the same person. One minute you're hâting somebody, the other minutes you're drinking and chic chatting with the same person while making a toast. That's exactly what you did with Desmond. After bashing him and saying all manners of ill thing about him in his absence, I was surprised to see you showering praises on him and acting like a spoilt brat. All Cynthia need to do is to invite you over and set up a table of goodies before you, just like Desmond did, trust me on this when I say you will sell Didi off to her. You can be hørrible but I'm stuck in this friendship with you because of Didi. Someone trustful enough need to watch Didi's back and guide her in the genuine part of her marriage so that she does not end up making mistake.." Diva fired at Amy

Amy began to laugh.

"Good luck Didi's guardian angel or should I call you Didi's map that shows her way to go so she doesn't miss road. I told Desmond what I needed to tell him and while doing that I had to also apply wisdom so it doesn't come backfiring on Didi. As for Cynthia, you're the gullible one that will fall for her trap if she decides to set up one, definitely not me, I'm straight forward and when I say I don't like her, I don't but I have to tolerate her because she's Didi's sister's in-law. Tolerance is different from acceptance Diva. Just in case you don't know, I apply wisdom whenever is necessary.."

Didi watch them arguing back and forth untill she told them that she was leaving.

Diva is a part time teacher just as Didi.

Diva is also studying to become a full time nurse so that she can quit her teaching job that wasn't paying much and focus fully on medical work.

She also works as a care giver for the elderly homes during her free time.

 While Amy has about three jobs that she's manages.

She's a marketer at a leather producing company and also runs her personal businesses.

One is a janitorial services for people who needed their homes, offices or stations to be cleaned.

She has three staff working for her

She also owns a clothing line

Amy's boutique shop which she newly opened was close to Didi's house.

The three friends have a hangout joint where they usually meet which was close to Didi's house and Amy's shop.

Amy's has staff that manages things in her absence.

They gather up most evening to talk about their day

Didi decided to go home,

She wanted to fix up dinner before her husband returns

Jasmine, her daughter is schooling in the same school that she teaches

It makes it easy for her to pick her up everyday from school.

By the time Didi enters the gate and saw Desmond's car, she began to wonder why he was home early which was unlike him.

She began to panic as she remembers the box

Didi also began to notice that Desmond has been coming home way before her recently

Immediately she entered the house, he was obviously ready for another trøuble which she wasn't prepared for.

"Who took the money from my box.."

Desmond asked her even before she drops her bag.

"I...I.." Didi was stuttering

Desmond interrupted while Didi was trying to say something

", You stole my money? What did you use such a huge amount of money to do Didi?

"... you've the gut to go into my box, knowing that's where I keep money, you decided to empty the box. This is how you would have also emptied my bank account if I have given you my password.."

"I didn't take your money.."

", Then who did?

"I don't know Desmond..."

She narrated what happened but that only make's Desmond more angrier.

He asked her why she will allow her friends to go into his room and even use his toílet.

Didi began to regret telling him the truth because the situation seems to have worsen.

Cynthia came out and try to calm her angry brother down but nothing helped.

Desmond insisted that Didi must provide the money before he comes back from work tomorrow or there will be lots of trøuble loading for her

Didi unknowingly what to do start thinking of who to borrow from among her two friends.

She can't think of anyone that will do such to her.

She trusted her friends and can't point at anyone who is capable of such.

"I can help you figure out who stole the money.." Cynthia said to her while she was in the kitchen that night.

"You can? How... please help me..! Didi said turning over to Cynthia pleadingly.

"I will. Is only going to cost you something small but you will get your result, trust me.."

"What is it going to cost..? Didi asked

",I will let you know by tomorrow, when Desmond leaves.."

Didi nodded quietly

As she was leaving Cynthia said "..is one of your friends and I'm going to tell you who exactly. I may end up not charging you money for it if you continue being nice to me.." Cynthia said with a strange smile 

Didi looked at her suspiciously, nodded again before walking out.


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