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Out Of The Box - Episode 5




Out Of The Box - Episode 5

Written By Amah's Heart

It was all wrapped up in a wrapping paper, big and round and with a rose petal attached to it.

Didi wondered what it could be, she was all smiles as Desmond showed her the gift.

Amy tapped her excitedly before winking at her.

"See you smiling now, Desmond has proving to be a loving husband by showering you with expensive gifts, you are speechless right..? Amy teased her

With the sarcastic tone that Amy used,  Didi began to laugh.

She stretched out her hand to collect the gift but Desmond said that the gift is very special, after the eating and drinking then she can open her gift.

Didi was full of smile as she went to sit at the table with her friends.

If not for Amy, Desmond wouldn't have thought of getting her anything.

They made a toast as Desmond opened a Champaign and began appreciating Amy who was still in doubt.

They drank and it was until Didi started eating Amy decided to taste anything on the table.

Diva quietly sip her champagne without engaging in any of the gist.

Cynthia came out of the room, she went straight to the table even without being invited, took the remaining bottle of champagne and began to drink straight from the bottle without asking for cup or taking permission from Desmond or Didi.

"What's the meaning of this" Desmond asked Cynthia

"What does it look like? Cynthia replied before walking away with the remaining drink and some food to her room.."

Amy who couldn't keep calm after seeing what happened said.

"I'm not trying to tell you how to run your home Desmond but is obvious that your sister doesn't respect you or your wife. Well, since you approve of me more than all Didi's friends, also permit me to say this, you have to man up. I mean no disrespect, although I would have tell you exactly how I feel but for the sake of Didi, who has been a good friend since back in the days, I will swallow everything I intend saying to you. Your wife here, is your number one priority and you supposed to love, cherish, protect and defend her at all time. When you don't do this, you're equally giving room for others to do as they please with her. If you truly value my personality in the life of your wife, you have to try and change. I'm tired of hearing Desmond do this and that, rather I want Didi to start showering you with praises all the time..."

She gulped down her drink In the wine cup before asking for more.

Desmond had to open another new wine and pour for her

"Is there no more champagne, I don't like the taste of this one..."

"Why not just pretend to like the wine and appreciate the host, that's what courtesy demand. You mustn't show off every time or run your mouth at everything and everyone." Diva who could no longer keep quiet voiced out.

"I don't give a dámn about courtesy or it's demand. I don't know how to pretend like you  do Diva. Pardon my bluntness and if you can't stand my wide mouth then leave. Beside I'm a special guest here not you.."

"Hey Amy, you really don't have to talk to Diva like that. You're Desmond special guest and Diva is my own guest. Please let's show some decorum here.."

"Ladies... please no argument. The person I set all this table for is Amy and I wouldn't want anyone to make her uncomfortable. She can say anything and do as she please, let's all allow her to be.."

Diva was very annoyed with what Amy said but she smiled anyway.

"Desmond, like I was saying, you have to start respecting and appreciating your wife. I'm tired of her constant whining and complain.."

"Oh! she always complain..? Desmond asked

"Even if I do, isn't it because you're always pissing me off. There's a limit a woman can take, you know. Since you won't listen to me, atleast my friends listen..." Didi retorted

"I wasn't asking you, the question is for Amy.." Desmond said as he returned his attention to Amy.

Didi left to attend to her daughter.

"Well, she do complain which I'm sure if you were doing well in loving her like it should, then all the complain wouldn't be necessary. Didi will shower you with praises at all time. You told her that she needs to value her marriage or she will end up like her single friends..."

"She said that too.? Desmond asked raising an eyebrow

"Yes. Is not once or twice you have used that line of words to humiliate her. But I håte to put it to you that marriage is not an achievement.. for me. Somebody here feels otherwise, but this is entirely my opinion and the way i feel. Diva values marriage with all her life and can even end up as a man's third or fifth wife. But that's nonsénse, reducing her value because of marriage, that's absurd.."

"Please Amy, say everything you want to say but leave my name out of it.  I don't like it, so respect that boundary and don't mention my name or use me as a stûpíd example to your useless analysis.." Diva barked

Amy laughed sarcastically, took another sip from her drink before setting it down

"Diva, Diva, Diva! You're getting so worked up over nothing. Why are you acting like I'm your enémy here. You should channel your anger on Desmond for not appreciating you enough despite all your whole support for him.." 

"Diva supports me.." Desmond asked unbothered

"Oh Yes, she actually do. I'm the náughty one that doesn't care about you or other men. I get angry each time I hear Didi complaining about you. I'm even surprised that you choose to give me a treat. I'm still not sure what is the real motives behind this whole thing but I no longer care because I'm enjoying my celebrity moment right now and may even start supporting you if you continue giving me this kind of special treatment. I will be your biggest fan.."

Desmond began to laugh "I like your personality and bluntness anyway. I'm sure you never gave my wife a bad advice, you always tell her the truth right..?.

"Oh yeah. I say the truth just as it is. I don't know your real definition of a bad advice but I tell her whatever I will advise my own sister. So do you promise to be a good husband, father and our friend...?"

"I do Offcourse..I will.." Desmond quickly said while laughing.

Diva was getting irritated with the whole chic chat between Desmond and Amy

She stood and smiled at Didi who was just coming to join them on the table again

Diva said that she will be leaving, she just got a chat from somebody that she needed to see, the person is already waiting for her.

Didi remembered the box but it wasn't a good time to ask her two friends since Desmond was there.

Diva thanked Desmond for the drink and food even though she had appeared like a ghøst among them.

Didi has been the one trying to make her fit in but is obvious that she was the third unwanted  wheel

", You're leaving already? You won't wait for me so that we can go together? Are you sure you're not trying to escape because you can no longer bear the fact that I'm reigning on this table.."

"You can reign in their toílets, is  none of my business. We didn't come here together so why should we leave together.."

Diva walked out while Didi followed her.

When they were outside, Didi asked her if she was angry with all Amy was saying and doing or with Desmond.

"Angry?...no! never with your husband. Amy gets on my nérve but that's who she is. Super annoying friend, I don't know if I will ever get used to her kind of person. I'm surprised anyway that Desmond should sit there smiling and listening while she say all of those things. Your husband is a nice man...is a good thing that he acknowledged one of us in your life. Let me run along and thanks again for inviting me.."

Didi quickly asked Diva about the box but she assured Didi that she know nothing about it.

She never saw or touched anything while she was in her room.

She only admired all the wall painting and wall papers before rushing out.

Diva told her to ask Amy who is capable of anything.

Diva left and in no time Amy also decided to leave.

While Didi was walking Amy to the gate, she asked her about the box but Amy who seems surprised said she only used the restroom and left

Amy mentioned that why she was coming out of the room, she noticed the box was on the ground but she walked past without much thought.

",The box was right there on the ground as I was leaving the room. I noticed it but I didn't give it a second look since it wasn't my business. But I remember that I didn't really looked around when we entered the room. Probably it was right there even before we entered because Diva won't touch your personal stuff. She's too discipline for such act..."

Didi nodded

"...I hope nothing inside was tampered with? Amy asked

"I can't tell because I haven't checked yet.." Didi replied

"I'm sure is nothing to worry about. Anyway, thank you for today. Desmond will turn a leaf because I have talked to him extensively but if he refuses then tell me. I'm his special guest of honor now, he will have to listen to me whenever I talk or I will wash and squeeze him with my mouth.."

Didi chuckled.

",.. you're laughing now but you refused to unwrap your gift so that we can see what Desmond got for you. I'm guessing is a designer handbag.."

"Same guess. I will let you know whatever designer it might be. Thank you for convincing him to get me gift. I can't even remember when last Desmond got me some thing so important like today's gift..."

", Don't worry, moving forward you will get tired of receiving gifts from him.." Amy said as she walked out of the gate.

Didi returned back to the house.

Her mind was on the present.

She saw Desmond sitting on the couch and watching television

He asked her to clear the table and she agreed immediately but wanted to open her gift first

She went over and hugged him, thinking him for the gift again.

Desmond insisted she clear off the table before opening her gift.

Didi agreed and it took her over an hour clearing the table and washing off all the used items.

After putting them all away, she rushed to open her present, by then Desmond was sleeping in the sitting room

Didi quickly tore open the gift, her smile turned into a big frown.

She took the item and went over to where Desmond was sleeping

"What is the meaning of this?

"Meaning of what..? Don't you like the gift..? Desmond asked sitting up and  didn't care seeing his wife bóiling angrily.

", You made me clear the entire table, wash and put things away while you sit in front of this television. If I knew that this is what you got, I wouldn't have touched anything on that table.."

"That's why I asked you to attend to the dining table first before unwrapping the present. Beside, who do you expect to tidy up your home for you? Your gift is actually fresh, direct from the baker's oven. Is not everyday you see a fresh loaf of round bread like this one I bought for you.."

"Desmond bread! You bought bread, wrap it up and brought it to me as a gift. Desmond bread..,?

"Please let me be. If you don't like the bread, leave it in the fridge, I'm sure Cynthia and I will use it for tea in the morning. I was enjoying my sleep before you came with your tróubles. I don't know why you woke me up over nothing. You're so ungrateful.."

Didi was still in doubt.

She wondered If Desmond was hiding something important inside the bread, just like she used to watch on TV.

she tore the bread open and began to pieces it while searching for whatever prank Desmond was playing.

", Why are you scattering the bread.."

Desmond barked as he stood up and dragged the scattered bread from her before dumping the remaining one in the fridge.

Didi was really heart broken, she stood up and left.

", Who's going to sweep all this bread you scattered everywhere? Desmond asked

Didi ignored him and walked away.

(Do not take credit or plagiarize AMAH'S HEART STORIES)

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