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Out Of The Box - Episode 42




Out Of The Box - Episode 42

Written By Amah's Heart

", I'm sorry Didi but I really have to go now. Desmond doesn't deserve you, if you have agreed to give me just a chance as this back then, maybe all this wouldn't have.."

Just then something hard and päinful hit him from behind

"Luke watchout.." Didi screamed

As he turned, another hít stríked him

He winced in pâin.

Didi hurried and turned off the loud music.

As Desmond launched another attãçk Luke was fast enough to send him crashing on the ground with a hard púnch.

Luke rushed towards Desmond while he was struggling to get up and landed a double blow on his face

Didi held Luke's hand

"Please Luke, that's enough.. don't hurt him again.."

"You know about this? Luke said turning to face Didi, his temper rising.

"Knew about what exactly.."

"All of this Didi? How did your husband get in here..? Did you plan all of this..Answer me..? Luke barked angrily.

Didi who haven't seen him this angry, stammered as she tries to defend her innocence.

" I forgot to lock the door and didn't know when he got in.."

"You high the music, left the door open so that I won't know when he gets in then try to kiss me just to get back at him..? Luke said while trying to understand what just happened.

"That's not totally true, I can't lie to you. You were already standing to leave when I saw him, I try kíssing you then and I'm sorry Luke..."

Luke turned and started heading to towards the door.

Desmond tasted bløød, he spat out and stood.

Didi followed, trying to plead while stoping him from leaving.

"You wouldn't have been sorry or come back to apologise if there wasn't any misunderstanding with you and Desmond. I'm begining to think that the whole mall sudden meeting was a set up. You're trying to use me to get back at him right..? I shouldn't have come here.." Luke said as Didi ran to his front, preventing him from leaving

"Luke please, not again. I don't want to lose you, not this time. I don't want to have anything to do with Desmond again. I came back to you because I was hoping to apologise, I'm not even asking to be in your life, I only want to get my life moving again but first I wanted to make peace with you.."

"You came down here to smooch and have sëx with my wife? Getting her pregnant during our first separation wasn't enough for you? I went to your house to warn you to stay away from my wife but guess who I met there..?

He chuckled loudly, Luke stared at him añgrily

"...I met your wife..."

Luke swallowed hard while Didi startled at the mention of Luke's wife

"..so you're a married man but refused to leave my wife alone? Your wife said that you visited Didi at Amy's place after I introduced myself to her. she even mention Didi and Amy's name meaning that she knows this women but what she does not know is that her dear husband came to have séx with my own wife.."

Luke made attempt to move towards him but Didi held him back pleadingly

There's was a knock

"... that must be your wife, I informed her that you're sleeping with my wife, I also told her that Didi even had a son for you and I'm sure you've gone to Amy's place just to pregnant her again like you did before. She was looking shøck while standing by the door when I walked out but not without trying to give her the address to this place Incase she wants to catch you in the act...".

"You did what..? Luke exclaimed more ångry

" I did exactly what you heard me say, you want to destróy my home right, I will destróy everything you hold dear since you've refused to leave my wife alone. You don't know what I'm capable off.."

Desmond rushed to open the door and a beautiful lady walked in.

Didi quickly moved away from Luke side.

"Hey honey, what's going on here.." the lady said as she looked from face to face.

"..is that Didi? The one you spoke about..? Hi.." the lady gently walked towards Didi stretching her hand out to her.

"I'm Isabella, Luke's wife. Our marriage is just about three months, my husband must've told you. Luke told me so much about you and I'm please to meet you.."

Didi shift uncomfortably as she took her hands and exchange pleasantries

Desmond began to laugh.

"Mrs Isabella, that's my wife and like I told you, your husband is having an affâir with my wife. I wasn't mincing words when I said so. I caught them kissing, smooching and was about having séx in this sitting room, shamelessly. Your marriage is too early for this kind of unfortunate drama. Your husband is a liâr and cheat, he does not deserve a beautiful woman like you.."

Luke looked over at his wife, she raised an eyebrow in question.

", I'm sorry Bella, that's not true. I will never do that to you... you trust me right?

Isabella replied with a nod

"... I shouldn't have come here Bella. This looks like a set up, a trap, I fell into it..."

"You slept with her? Bella asked moving close to her husband.

"No Bella, never..I faulted by allowing a kiss but that's all to It. I just wanted to console her, she appears devastated and I thought I could be there for her. I'm sorry Bella, please forgive me... please.."

"Don't listen to him, if you have walked in on them, you wouldn't have believed your eyes. Your husband is a liâr and you deserve a better man.."

"I actually trust my husband, I believe him.." Bella said to a surprise Desmond.

"You can't be serious Mrs Isabella. This man has a son with my wife, he got my wife pregnant and was about doing it again. My wife has hurt me way too far, I saw her kissing another man today, I can never forgive her for doing this to me.."

"I'm no longer your wife Desmond, you can cry bløød for all I care. Go to héll with your forgiveness, I don't need it. Once I'm out of here, I'm filing for divorce. I'm done with you, my children doesn't need you, we're better off without you.." Didi fired at Desmond

"I néver slept with your wife, Desmond. I could've done so if she had let me close last year. She never gave me the chance, she loves you and said it to my face that she can never love another man except you. She returned back to you hoping to start a happy home, especially since she discovered that she was carrying your child. I was angry for the things she said to me and how she hürt my feeling, I stayed clear until few days ago I saw her at the mall and her worrisome mood brought me back here because truly I still cares about her and I told my wife everything about Didi and Amy..."

He looked at his wife and curved a simple smile.

"...I met Bella through a male colleague nine months ago, she was introduced to me and truth be told, Bella was one of the reasons I moved on so fast. She is a barrister and she studied in Germany before returning back home. She remains God sent to me and even though we decided to give the relationship a try, her love for me surpassed my imagination, I was able to forget all my past pain and focused on her. We dated for few months before deciding to settle down. I cherished my woman and although having encounter with Didi brought back lots of memory, the highest I was gone was a kiss, I owe a serious apologies to my wife and I promise here and now that such will never repeat itself..."

"...No woman is worthy enough to come before you and none can ever take your place in my life. I love you Bella.."

Luke said looking at his wife who quietly replied back with a smile

He drew her into an embrace and kissed her as Didi and Desmond looked on.

Didi føught the tears in her eyes as she began to wish for many things.

Luke is very caring and when he loves, no other woman matters to him

Bella is very lucky and she really envy her, she tries to look away but caught Desmond stare.

She hissed before rolling her eyes at him.

Desmond started walking away

"There's still a matter about your son whom you claim is mine. I wish he was truly mine, how lucky I will be..." Luke said as he held his wife in one hand while talking to Desmond.

"...I will pay for the DNA test. I have to do this if is what it takes to prove that Didi has always been faithful to you despite how bād you treated her and how many times you cheated on her. I don't owe you anything neither am I doing it for you but for Didi. I'm also not doing it to prove I never laid with her or even caught smooching like you're assuming. I don't care whatever you think of me Desmond but I owe it to my wife, I have to really be more transparent to her..." Luke looked over at his wife as he kíssed her on the lips

", Is fine honey, I trust you and forgive you of all fault. I know such won't happen again like you said, atleast I'm a bit relieved that it was just a kiss. she's right here to see and hear you declare that you're a happily married man..."

Bella looked towards Didi, but Didi quickly looked away.

"... No woman can take you away from me, you're mine and mine alone. I understand loving me wasn't very easy due to many hürt from different women but I never stopped loving you and gradually, you saw I was different and not here to play with your heart like others did. I'm happy that we're happily married and no matter the obstacles I will always be by your side.. always.." Isabella said to Luke 

", Thank you my queen, this means everything and I promise that you won't regret loving or trusting me. I love you my Bella.."

Desmond gave a long and loud hiss as he walks to the door.

Luke asked him to pick a particular hospital the DNA test will be done, also the day and time.

He blocked Desmond from leaving until a dâte and the hospital of his choice was given.

Desmond asked Didi to follow him home but she ignored 

Luke drove behind his wife as they went home.

 (Do NOT take credit or plagiarize AMAH'S HEART STORIES)

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