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Out Of The Box - Episode 41




Out Of The Box - Episode 41

Written By Amah's Heart

"Okay... okay, I agree..I know whatever you say is absolutely right. I'm not here to argue with you, never.. I haven't come to question your ways of doing things or to condemñ..." She swallowed hard, took a deep breath and continued

 "...i just want us to iron this out because I'm tired, I'm totally exhausted. I'm sick and tired of this whole thing.." she screamed loudly, took another deep breath. She began to talk more quietly like a whisper

"... maybe you tell me what I did wrong. What did I ever do to you, why are you punishing me, why are you doing this to me. I'm a good wife and mother. I have never.. cheated on my husband, no other man has seen the color of my pants. I can do that and justify my actions but no, I wasn't raised by my mother to be that kind of woman. I'm a good woman, can you hear me? I know you are all knowing and can obviously see and hear me..." She became silent before releasing a loud scream.

"..I don't deserve this, why do you watch it all happen and you do nothing. God ooo" she screamed again not minding the tears running down her face.

She sat hopeless on the ground still in her transparent night gown.

"...I'm talking you, don't be silent please, why are you doing this to me? Is a wrong thing to love and have a family values. Everytime I think you've finally answered my prayers, another bigger strike will hít me unknowingly. I'm tired of it all and right now, I'm done believing that you actually love me because you you don't. Maybe, you indeed has favorites and my name isn't on the list.."

She let out a very loud scream as she fell face down crying and punching the ground.

"..just strike me now let me die, is better than this frustrated, depressed life that I'm living. I won't be happy leaving my kids behind but I can't even care for them because my mind isn't totally insane to even take care of myself.."

She turned and lay face up with her eyes closed.

After few minutes she opened her eyes.

"... I'm still alive, why is it taking so long to end all this...?"

".. I don't know how to move past this Lord.  Desmond called me a cheating wife and rejected his own son. That man cheated on me severally, even had his Cynthia his ex living with us, they almost kílled me if not for the prompt response of Amy and Luke, I regret letting Luke go..."

"... Desmond was so certain that Jason belongs to Luke. I begged him for DNA but he said he doesn't have that kind of money to wäste on something that's obviously true. Well, I shouldn't be saying all this because you know it all and see what I go through in secret.."

"... I know I'm not without sin, I'm not in anyway claiming to be righteous but this whole burden is too much for me to bear. The load is very heavy and I can no longer walk with it. Maybe if you can reduce it, just a little I can forge ahead and not be stuck at this spot..."

".. Look at imperfect Amy, the one that cúrse and bash anyone at anytime, you've blessed her with the love of her life. She doesn't believe in love now she's having a different perspective because you favored her. What of Diva with a husband like that, I'm not laughing at her rather I'm happy that you favored her too with a somebody she finds peace and love. She's now happily married with a kid and no drama at all..."

"...I used to be the enviable one, my friends used to envy me, they wish they were married to my kind of loving man and have a home as peaceful as mine. there's once upon a time like that, Diva's prayer points was for you to bless her like you've blessed me. Now, the table unexpectedly turned, I'm the one envying them and wishing for the kind of peace they're currently experiencing in their lives. I don't understand why all of this tragedy will befall me. I'm tired already because of its weight, it's weighing me down heavily, oh God... please have mercy on me.."

There was a knock on the door startling her.

She remained on the ground, wondering who could be interrupting her in such a hopeless moment that she was in.

Amy was out of town and won't be coming back till tomorrow.

She was planning on traveling by next week for her wedding which will hold in USA.

She didn't want anything elaborate, only few family and maybe two or three friends.

She didn't plan to wed in the country because she wants to relocate fully to the US after wedding.

She wanted Didi to be there and was ready to book all the necessary documents for her to come over for the wedding but Didi who was confused with all that's going on in her life wasn't sure if she was ready to leave the country in her state of mind.

Amy try to convince her that maybe leaving the country for a month on all expensive paid trip is the exact thing she needed.

Didi was yet to conclude, Amy told her to hurry in her decision because there's no time to start brooding for long.

The knocking became harder

Didi stood up, grabbed a pink chiffon long night jacket and wore over her transparent nighty before moving to the door

She checked through first to know who it was and was surprised to see Luke.

She took a long breath, releasing slowly. She wiped out her eyes and cleared her voice quietly before opening the door.

"Hi..I wasn't expecting to see you here.." she said immediately she opened the door and stood by the way.

"I was almost thinking that nobody was around..

"...Didi, how're you doing? 

"I'm just fine Luke. What do you want, Amy is not around..." She sounded like she wasn't please seeing him.

"I'm not here to see Amy, I came to see you. can I come in..? 

She stood contemplating if she should let him in or not.

She heaved before asking him in.

She didn't bother locking the door as they walked inside

They sat in the living room. Didi wrapped her nighty gown around her body, hand akimbo as she sat almost opposite Luke.

"I...I have been thinking Didi, the kiss and your returning to Amy's apartment again..it means all isn't well with you.."

"I'm sorry about that stunts I pulled in your car, I shouldn't have, I really don't know what I was even thinking at that moment.."

"So, what are you doing back here, did Desmond hurt you? What of your kids..".

"I thought you never cared, why are you acting like you do now.." Didi asked looking straight at him and wiping off her running nose with the back of her hand.

Luke moved to the chair next to her, closing the distance between them.

"I care Didi, I have always care but I had to respect your wishes by staying away from you and moving on with my life..."

There was silent, Luke moved again and sat very close to her

"... listen, I'm here because I truly cares and wish you can tell me whatever it is. Nobody hurts you under my watch, if you can allow me, let me know whatever it is again this time.."

Didi blinked back tëars severally, she wasn't ready to start exposing her weakness to Luke not after her desperate move on him the other day.

Luke noticed the tears, he touched her face gently, cleaning off a tear drop from her eyes.

", Have you been crying? He said it more like a whisper.

",I was having a personal conversation with my God, I feel I can always relate everything i'm going through to him..because he's the only one that cares about me. He won't judge, throw me off or condemñ me because of my sins. I was telling him how exhausted I was from all this numerous troubles..."

"... Luke, I'm truly tired. I can no longer carry on with my life. I feel so frustrated right now. My kids are left in my mother's care. I can't take care of my personal problems, how will I be able to care for my children. I'm here trying to see if there's any reason at all to keep living and to understand why God has refused to lighten my burdens and give me true peace..."

Didi couldn't hold back the tears this time, she allowed it to flow.

Luke took out a white handkerchief from his pocket and gently wiped off the tears from Didi.

He stood up

", Will you like me to fix you something, have you been able to eat anything? Can I get you something. Do you have beverage in this house..".

Didi replied with a nod, she pointed towards the kitchen and described the cabinet that has the things he was asking for.

Luke went in, quickly hit up hot water and fix a hot cup of tea for Didi which he brought back to her.

He checked the fridge, saw eggs, bread and veggies.

He quickly did a scramble egg, veggies sauce for Didi.

After serving her, he sat close while watching her eat.

Didi ate hungrily, she never knew that she was actually hungry until the smell of delicious meal hit her nose.

Luke was a good chef but he hardly admit to it, although Desmond can also cook but always boast of it

Always prideful and..

Didi paused from her thoughts, she didn't want to think of Desmond, she was focusing more on her food and the man that's always there for her.

"Will you like some music, it will lighten up the atmosphere and help with your mood..."

Didi nod again and Luke went over to Amy's music box and began to select song from the list.

In no time the whole place was filled with cool music.

He try to clear the table but Didi asked him not to.

She cleared up the food plates thanked him again.

She increased the music volume

"Isn't that too loud.." Luke said to her but she smiled without a reply

Didi felt better than before

 she sat beside Luke with a light smile

"Music is indeed a soul healer.."

"I agree but this a bit loud.." Luke said smiling

"That's the way I like it.."

"Are you ready to talk about it now, I'm here to listen. Can you tell me.? Luke asked her gently.

Didi began to narrate everything to Luke, how Desmond rejected his own son and accused her of having affâir.

Luke chuckled sadly after the story.

"That's crazy, how could he? What..I.. I'm so mad right now.." 

He drew Didi closer to him and held her close.

"I have really miss you Didi, I wish you néver left. You devastated me, I was ångry for a long time and it was because of that I signed up to travel out of the country, I felt better, relived when I returned until I saw you again at the mall.."

"I was afráid you will remain angry with me for what I said to you back then,  I'm really sorry Luke, you're a good man and deserve better.."

He kissed Didi's forehead and said some sorting words to her.

he checked his time and told Didi he will be leaving but will be back again another day to check up on her

 As he tries to get up she held onto him and kissing him.

She paused as she waited for his reaction but he only stared at her.

Luke suddenly covered her mouth with a kiss, Didi didn't struggle she wrapped her hands around him

He made another attempt to get up, his emotions was raging.

He didn't want to do anything that he will have to regret later. 

He was able to get hold of himself

He quickly apologized and stood up from the chair

 Didi wasn't ready to let him out

Didi was surprised to see Desmond standing few feet away from the door and watching them.

That was when she remembered that she forgot to lock the door.

Luke who was backing the door didn't see Desmond

The music was too loud for his Likening

He tried to turn to check what Didi was looking at but she quickly held him, stopping him.

Didi seeing Desmond, went over kissing Luke again to spite Desmond.

Luke pushed her away gently even though she was holding tight onto him.

Desmond fold his fist as he approached behind with anger written all over him.

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