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Out Of The Box - Episode 4




Out Of The Box - Episode 4

Written By Amah's Heart

"Hi...Good evening Desmond.." Diva greeted cheerfully.

Desmond response was cold, he didn't hide the fact that he was not please to see her.

Didi was at the door in no time, as she leads her friend inside

Desmond  was not pleased as Didi picked one of the drinks he put in the fridge for his special guest and served Diva.

",I don't think Desmond is please with my presence, maybe I shouldn't have listened to you and come.." 

"Don't bother yourself over his demeanor, he will be fine. He invited Amy and I invited you because you are my friend too. Relax, eat whatever you want and drink anything you like, you're my own guest and stop worrying yourself over Desmond...."

Diva heaved a sigh as she nodded quietly.

Didi stepped into the kitchen to get something for her friend

Cynthia came into the kitchen

"Is that your friend, the one Desmond is making all this crâzy arrangement for..? 

Diva didn't answer immediately, she waited for Cynthia to continue

"... there's nothing special about her, she seems manipulative and secretive. You know that you shouldn't let Desmond treat you like a third wheel. I know he has never given this kind of special treatment to you before but look at the energy he put into setting a table for your dear friend. Is suspiciøus and you shouldn't let it slide. Something is fishy Didi and you have to find out what exactly is going on. Is not like I'm trying to put bad thoughts in your head, I'm just concerned.."

"Thanks Cynthia for your concern but there's absolutely nothing going on. I can assure you that I know my friends and I know my husband too.."

"Alright Didi. There's no hard feelings, I'm just looking out for you because I have come to understand you're a good wife and mother. I'm sorry for the times I behaved badly towards you, I was only looking out for my only brother.  We were very close while growing up and he has always been there for me, that's the reason I wanted to atleast try to show my gratitude in anyway possible but I have come to understand that I was over doing it. I apologise for that..."

"Apologies accepted..."

Didi started walking away but as she gets to the door, she said

"... that's Diva, she's not the one Desmond is expecting. Amy is on her way and I trust her, she will never betray me.."

"That's good to know Didi.." Cynthia replied

Just as she was going to the table that Desmond set up for Amy so that she can pick few eatables to add to the plate, Desmond called her to meet him in the room.

She went to the room and saw Desmond pacing around

"What is she doing here, who invited her..? She needs to leave, go and send her away because is obvious she came uninvited.." Desmond said angrily.

"What do you mean by what is she doing here? Diva is my friend and I invited her, I thought we're having a party? since you decided to host my friend to a special bouquet, Diva shouldn't be left out. If anyone even deserve a special treatment is Diva not Amy..."

" Diva is a friend with benefits. She just want to jump at Amy's opportunity and that's not going to happen. For your information you don't have the right to tell me who to applaud. I make that choice and you have no say over that..."

"I'm your wife, Incase you suddenly forgot. I have a say over everything in this house and over choices that you make. I don't have issue with you appreciating Amy, she's my friend and a good one at that, my prøblem is you going out of your way to do something you have never done for me before and wanting me to drive away my  other friend because you don't like her. That's not happening Desmond..."

"Then have it your way but don't touch anything on that dining table. Until Amy have the best part, nobody should get close.."

There was a knock, Desmond left to answer the door.

Desmond's voice can be heard echoing in the entire house excitedly

"Welcome, you're very welcome my dear..." He sang repeatedly as he led Amy into the house.

Amy thanked him as she entered the house.

"Where's Didi, your wife... hope she's home.." she asked first as she walked past Desmond into the well furnished apartment

"She's home but today you're my own special guest not hers..." Desmond replied while expressing a big smile on his face

Amy smile back as she walked into the sitting room and saw Diva

"Diva, you're here before me. I needed to tidy up things before coming.."

Amy turned to Desmond

"... this house is finer than the last time I visited which is ever since Jasmine celebrated her two years birthday. I guess she will be three soon. Is been months I came around. Desmond, so you're this rich and you're suffering my friend.."

"Is that what she's been saying about me? Don't listen to her, she pretends alot.." Desmond replied 

"She didn't say anything to me or Diva, rather I noticed that she has not been very happy and you know a happy woman makes a happy home..."

"Happiness is a choice, if Didi chose to be sad I don't see why that's my prøblem is rather her choice and I shouldn't be blamed for it..."

Just then Didi came out of the room smiling

"...Babe,  our honorable guest you're finally here..." Didi exclaimed sarcastically.

Cynthia came out of her room to check Amy out before going back into her room.

"Stop teasing me, I don't think I have done anything special to deserve a honorable treatment.." Amy replied as she sat beside Diva.

"No, no... don't sit there, your place is on the high table. Others can sit here except you..."Desmond said as he tries to lead Amy away from Diva.

"I don't understand. first, can you explain why you're giving only me this special treatment and not your wife or Diva?

"To thank you for all you do. Your guidance and great advice, also I'm not leaving out the fact that you're rooting for me..." 

"Who told you that I have been rooting for you? Is actually Diva that takes your matter pretty seriøus, not me. Maybe you're mistaking us two.."

"There's no mistake my dear Amy. I know you're saying all this to support your friends, that's how nice you're and that's why I like the fact that you're a friend of Didi. Atleast you will guide her whenever she's misbehaving, caution her because from your physical appearance I know you're good and wise. I suppose to have done this since but is néver late. Among all my wife's friends you're the best and from deep within my heart I appreciate you and nothing my wife will say about you in a negative way will I believe because I can tell who is who just by a mare look. Please, take your sit Queen.."

Desmond said as she pulled out chair like a gentleman

Amy sat and was surprised with the whole goodies on the table.

"All this for for us, Diva and I will take some home. Why are they not joining us..? Amy said looking over at Diva and Didi sitting in the parlour

"Because the table is meant for you alone..."

"Oh, all this for only me? I won't be able to sit and eat without my friends. We do everything together and they all deserve to sit here. If they're not coming over to the table then I don't want to be here.."

Amy stood and Desmond asked her to hold on

He went over and asked his wife and Diva to join Amy so that she won't leave the table but the condition is that they won't eat anything on the table until he gives the order 

they were reluctant

Diva made attempt to stand but Didi asked her not to go.

"You know what Desmond, can you go and get a special gift for your wife,  that's the only way she will agree to come over and I can accept all this too. Beside, I still haven't understand fully why you set a table before me in the presence of my friends.."

Desmond said he will drive out quickly and return fast with something for Didi if that will make Amy to appreciate the things he went out of his way to set up specially for her.

He took his car key and left.

"I want to ask you something.." Amy said to Didi immediately Desmond left

Didi asked her to go ahead but Amy insisted privately where Desmond sister won't eavesdrop.

Amy asked Diva to come along as Didi took them to their private room and closed the door.

Amy began to laugh

"Your husband has gone nút. He's crâzy babe. What's the meaning of all this. I'm trying to hold myself so that I don't end up insúlting him. He's up to something and I don't know what it is. Is he trying to po!son me because that's the only logic explanation why he insisted that the table was prepared for me and not for Diva, the defender of men or you his dear wife. I don't want to díe, if you and Diva are not eating out of anything on that table then count me out. Whatever Desmond is planning, it won't work. I'm too smart for his tricky fingers..."

"How can you say, Desmond want to po!son you.." Diva asked

"You don't know what is going on, so stay out of it and let his wife talk. I can't even believe that you will defend him after he treated you like trãsh, as if you're invísible.." Amy fired back at Diva

"I don't think he wants to hûrt you Amy, Desmond may have other things in mind but definitely not of any harm to you. Eat whatever he present to you and take home if you can't finish all. Since Desmond doesn't know what to do with money, then let's not watch any of those things he spent a lot money buying go into the waste bin.."

" I'm not buying any of this things you're saying. If you're not joining me on that table then get ready to trash them.."

Amy began to look around the room

"...Where's your toílet in this room, I'm so press.."

Didi pointed at a closed door without much thought of asking her to use the visitor's side.

Amy rushed in

Diva saw some fine wall papers all around the room and framed pictures decorated on the wall 

She asked Didi to give her few minutes.

She stood looking all around the room in admiration.

Didi left them and went to the parlour.

After few minutes she was going back to check them and saw Diva coming out.

"Where's Amy, she needs to come out before Desmond returns.."

Just in no time, Desmond drove in and Amy was already rushing back to the sitting room.

Didi went inside to make sure everything was ok in the room before Desmond will come into the room and start complaining that she took her friends into their private space which she wasn't supposed to.

She was surprised to see Desmond box which was on top of the wardrobe on the floor.

That's where Desmond use to keep a large sum of cash for any emergency.

She needed to hurry and get back to the sitting before Desmond comes in.

She carried the box back up to it's usual position without bothering to unlock it and check if the money is still there.

She wondered who had the gut among her friends to do that and even left it down.

What if Desmond had seen it first.

Her only féâr is that nothing should be missing in the box

She hopes the person that tries to tamper with the box didn't take Desmond money.

Amy and Diva were both in the room

While Amy was in the toílet, Diva was admiring the wall paper and picture frames.

Diva later came out, leaving Amy behind.

One of them must've brought down the box

For what exactly? How did the person know that money is even there.

She will find out who did such a thing later. 

She silently hope Desmond money is intact

Amy was calling Didi to come over and check what Desmond got for her when Didi joined them in the sitting room


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