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Out Of The Box - Episode 38




Out Of The Box - Episode 38

Written By Amah's Heart

Didi was bathing when she heard the baby crying

She began to hurry while calling out to Desmond.

She called Desmond but no respond, she began calling Mimi but she remembered that she was watching the television in the living room.

The nanny resigned after she returned because there was no need for the nanny's service again.

Didi quickly hurriedly walked out of the bathroom and was shock to see Desmond sitting in room office table, browsing on his laptop with head phone, covering his two ears.

Didi quickly carried her son, who's a year and two months up from the ground, cleaned his eyes before taking him to the sitting room where Mimi was watching.

Mimi quickly carried him and started playing with him while Didi returned back to the room to face Desmond.

She tapped Desmond hard on the shoulder, he turned and quickly removed the ear piece

"Do you want to tell me that you didn't hear Jason crying? He was close to you crying and you blocked your ears with headphone.."

",I didn't, I was busy with work and didn't notice. Since you've attended to him can I return back to my work now.."

"No Desmond,  is time to iron this whole thing out. You can carry out your grievance on me not on Jason, our innocent little boy. He does not deserve to be treated with disdain. what is even your prøblem..?"

",Didi, I don't know what you're getting out. I have already told you that I didn't know that he was crying. I'm too busy and don't have time for this unnecessary tantrums.."

"Really, so your job is far more important than our boy. You're just unbelievable, I really don't understand you.."

She añgrily walked away, leaving Desmond who returned back to his work.

During the night, she tried touching him but he removed her hand.

"What's your prøblem Desmond. Is been about two months you last touched me.."

"I'm not in the mood for it Didi. Please I want to sleep.."

"What exactly is your prøblém again? you've started misbehaving as usual, I don't like this at all.."

Desmond ignored her as he turned his back to her.

Didi wasn't having it and tapped him hard

"Woman what's is it? I said I'm not in the mood, can't I rest in this house again..."

"Oh, so I'm now woman? Right...hmm, Desmond. You're just ungrateful and a wicked man.."

"I have heard, can I sleep now? Or I should go over to the sitting again tonight.."

She lay awake and couldn't sleep.

"Desmond, don't you love me again, am I not attractive enough to you? Don't you want me again, just tell me..?

She got no response and had to tap him again.

Desmond tiredly turned to stare at her añgrily

"...am talking to you Desmond. What exactly did I or Jason did to you? Why are you acting like we're not part of this family, don't you love me or want me again. You haven't touched me for about seven weeks now, don't you think is very unfair. Don't shút me off, let me know what I did wrong?

Desmond sighed, ignored her and try to get up from the bed but Didi stopped him.

"...you're not going anywhere Desmond. You've started with this dírty behavior of yours. This attitude can make a woman look at other men for pleasure. Did I do wrong by accepting your plea to return back? I forgive everything you did to me because I value family over everything and didn't want to have my baby with another man.."

",I don't know about the last part? Desmond quickly chirped in while turning to face her.

"How do you mean, I don't get it?

"You know exactly what I mean Didi. You don't want to have your kids with other men yet I smell your officer boyfriend all over Jason...,"

"Jesus Christ! Desmond? How dare you raise this topic again. Again? You want us to start going over this resolved issue we had in the past that almost bridge our marriage.."

"I just can't pretend over it. If I decided to let it slide for peace sake, it does not mean I deeply accept it. I'm sorry but I feel very bad just knowing another man touched my wife.."

"Desmond, are you insane.." Didi interrupted.

"...I have told you severally that Luke never touched me, we néver slept together or have any intimate moment like you kept assuming. I have told you time and time again that I had no such intimacy with Luke.."

"And you expect me to believe that? Your officer boyfriend was in love with you and accommodated you for months. You were practically living together with him as husband and wife, he got you pregnant and you came back saying is mine. I accepted the pregnancy initially because I miss you and wanted you back, I just wanted to leave the past in the past..."

"...Not until Jason was born, he looked so much like your officer boyfriend.."

", You're truly crazy for bringing this up again and rejecting your own son. I have told you Desmond, let's go for DNA test to ascertain who's the real father of the baby but you said you're not going to wäste your money over something that's obviously true. You're hurting me by saying all this.."

." The Truth hürt Didi, and I don't care if it hurt you. I'm still trying to accept Jason as mine but sincerely, this past few months has been a serious struggle. Immediately he clocked a year, his face started matching so much like that your officer boyfriend..."

"...if the baby was mine, it probably would've been a girl because my gen is filled with girls. The baby Cynthia aborted several years ago was a girl. Mimi, Jasmine are both girls. There's a slim chance of me giving birth to a boy, I so much wish but I appreciate my daughters. You allowed your Officer boyfriend to be the first to transfer a boy into your womb. This whole thing hürt.."

"Stop calling him "my officer boyfriend" please, his name is Luke. Call him Luke. We had serious misunderstanding over this same issue in the past and you apologized and said it won't repeat itself.."

"I know Didi, I'm trying to just with live such hürt. I can't just erase the picture of Luke in bed with you.. off my head. Another man sleeping with my wife, that's not just something to sweep under the carpet..."

"But you were sleeping with Cynthia right under my nose. You go to her at night and you too sleep together in this same house making fun of me.."

"Well, the difference is that I never got Cynthia prégnant. We slept together but I didn't pregnant her like Luke did. You can have anything with Luke, I don't have to know about it and I can easily move on but seeing evidence of your infidelity, evidence that another man was smooching my wife under duvet, making love to her and she shouting his name and asking for more just like you used to shout and ask for more whenever we're making out, I can't wave such picture off. Whenever I see Jason all I see is Luke, and the picture of your cheating will come to play in my head. I can't help it, is just what it is.."

"Desmond, I can sweär with anything that I never had anything intimate with Luke. He didn't touch me, I admitted he try kíssing me but It never went down well. The closest we ever get was his kiss which I.."

Desmond hushed her to stop

"Stop already, don't sell out the little respect I have for you. You're shameless Didi. Allowing another man to kiss and make out with you..? Forgetting that you're a married woman. It was just a temporary misunderstanding and you're already going nâked  with your officer boyfriend. The first day I told you this, it was during your seven months prégnancy, you pushed me hard and raised a hand to slap me. You know if I do anything to you, you will run to call your boyfriend to come over with his boys and beat me up..."

"... You acted like a cheap hârlot Didi and I can no longer continue getting intimate with you because the picture I kept seeing is you and Luke and is very disgùsting..."

"...I know you will mention that we're séparated and you're free to do as you please. I was also not with you, yet I didn't go sleeping around or getting another woman pregnant. I loved you and waited everyday, hoping you will return to me but instead of coming back to me, you came with prégnancy and want me to start jubilating.."

Didi heaved sadly, she was already regreting why she came back.

She never bargained for this kind of attitude or accusations.

She thought the storm was all over but it seems Desmond never changed after all.

She have never allowed Luke to touch her, she was carrying Desmond's child after their last intimate meeting before the separation but Desmond refused to believe her no matter how many times or how she tries to explain

"... please, go and bring my Jasmine back. I know we usually visit her at your mother's place and your mother refused to released her immediately until she confirmed that everything is well. I want my daughter, you can take your son to your mother in exchange for my daughter, Jasmine please..."

"You're an ingrate Desmond. Maybe I should have harken to my inner voice and to Amy and not return back to you because you're not really Sorry, I so much håte you right now for your resentment and håte towards my innocent son. It was a big mistake and I'm regretting it right now..."

Didi cried out, she was deeply broken by all the hurtful words from Desmond.

",...oh Desmond, you will live to regret this. I will never forgive you for hürting me this way and even my innocent boy. Jasmine will never return back to thiis house, she will remain with my Mom. You will definitely regret everything you said to me. I should have remained with Luke, I shouldn't have left him to come back here.  just watch and see, Desmond you will live to regret all of this..."

Didi cried herself to sleep and Desmond didn't pay her any heed

He ignored her as she sob almost all through the nights.

She thought of Luke, he is the man that truly loved her but she insülted him thinking Desmond has changed.

She cried herself to sleep that night.

(Do NOT take credit or plagiarize AMAH'S HEART STORIES)

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