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Out Of The Box - Episode 37




Out Of The Box - Episode 37

Written By Amah's Heart

He ran his hand on the scars on her back, she jerked, startling him

He thought she has awaken but instead she went on sleeping while still turning her back to him.

He sat beside her, her back to him and her face to the wall.

He checked the time she will be deeply asleep

He began again, using just a finger to trace the scârs.

He bent over and kíssed each of the three deep scâr.

She suddenly jerked awake and turned to see him.

He stood up from the bed.

"What are you doing.." she asked with a sleepy eyes as she turned to face him while still lying down.

"I.. wasn't doing anything. I only came to check up on you Amy..."

"Thanks Tally, I'm alright.."

"Okay, I will just.. go..i guess." He heaved heavily as he calculated his step towards the door slowly.

Amy said something and he quickly rushed back to her

"Are you talking to me..? I heard you say something.."

"Not to you, I was talking to myself.."

"Oh! Okay then. Can I know what you're saying to yourself.." 

Amy looked up at him, he appears to have something bothering him which he was finding difficult to say.

"What do you want Tally? Sneaking around me and watching me like a hawk while i sleep is too creepy. I have observed this past weeks that you have been acting abnormal around me, what is it..spill, right away.."

"Nothing Amy, I'm sorry for my creepiness, I didn't mean to..."

Amy stared with expressionless

"... Okay, finee... youu caught me. I saw the scars on your back, you néver talked about it. Is it from an accident or part of the things my people did to you.."

Amy chuckled lightly.

"You see Why I said you're being creepy. You're no longer examining my bréasts and heart, is now my back.."

"I'm sorry, I couldn't help it.."Tally confessed.

"You don't need to be. The scars no longer bothers me. Your dad sent thugs after me one night, the day I came to your family house to see you after I haven't been able to admit to the fact that you are not in my league and we can never be together. I was chased off that day and warned never to come because I'm going to spoil a whole lot of things for you if your Dad's political running mate and his daughter hears of me.

"..... after I was chased out, I stood outside the gate, still within the estate hoping to see you or when your driver will carry you out. I just wanted to understand why you will just end things with me when I did absolutely nothing wrøng. I should have let things be and move on but I was too much in love with you and was willing to díe. I was even ready to kíll myself that period.

"...I guess when your father heard that I was still within the estate he sent thugs after me that night, they beat me, flogging my back until my skin fell off, they carried me back to my hostel and dumped me close to the gútter. It was one guy that helped me to the hospital.."

"...I had different stitches and was there for about two months. the guy, Jude is his name, somehow we started dating. I thought I could just move on and forget about you but after six months I just couldn't. I was only hurting jude.i was trying to use him to heal and move on, I never loved him and was not ready to. When I realized that I wasn't still happy, I had to break up with Jude.

"...he also saw that I was never going to love him, he moved on. Ever since then I swore never to love any man like I loved you, néver to be at the mercy of anyone, especially men. I made a promise to myself to work really hard and make a mark for myself. Never to be in any relationship or get married because I wasn't ready to love any man or be under them in the name of marriage. Is about ten years now and I kept to my promise..."

Tally try taking her hand but Amy didn't consent. 

Everywhere fell silent.

"Saying how sorry I am, does it actually do any good. I know I have been saying sorry all this while but I still felt this heaviness knowing how much pain I caused you.."

"...I told you how my Dad was paralyzed on one part of his body, it started as stroke, then I tried all I could as a doctor because he almost diëd. He's on a wheel chair like I said, his political partner, father to my ex wife is láte, diëd in a motor accídent. My Mom left my Dad due to unresolved difference and she later remarries, luckily for her to a young man who she's older than with 9 years. They live in Bahamas island together. I travelled over two years ago to visit and we do talk on phone ever since.."

"...my Dad knew how much I loved you Amy, he thréátened to hûrt you and disown me if I ever go against his orders. I didn't have a say, I was naive and scared. I didn't want to disobey my father, I should have føught for our love. I shouldn't allow them treat you like garbage or hürt you this much...".

"...my Dad can't speak clearly now, he can't do anything on his own. I use to háte him for trying to make life miserable for me but I only feel pity for him and try to put him in the best facility care abroad for him to be well cared for. It will only take a miracle for him to bounce back. Before his speech was affected, he told me he was sorry, he asked me to go find you and plead on his behalf. But the deed was done and I was afráid to come close to you.."

"...I signed up to return to Africa to take up that project because of you. It took me months to get your address and everything about you. I started sending secret gifts, wears and different anonymous present. You were accepting them initially and that made me very happy untill you stopped taking them and started sending the gifts back. I lost hope, I was stalking you and couldn't summon courage to walk up to you, until I saw you driving into this hospital one day, I became inquisitive. I was afráid and different things ran through my mind until I did my findings and was told you had cancerous tumor on your breâst side.."

"... this was like God answering my prayer of finally getting close to you. I don't know how it will be but I was ready to do everything I can for you and back it up with prayer for God to soften your heart towards me.."

Amy chuckled loudly, she jokingly slapped his arm childishly

"Your prayer actually worked, because there was nothing in this world that could have made me forgive you. Maybe this whole sickness was God's idea to heal me from self hate and hurt.."

She laughed out again and Tally joined her.

"I'm missing you already, you know that this past months, we have found a way to get connected and I.. Amy, I can't stop loving you..."

"... you will finally be discharged tomorrow and go home, what next? You will go back hating me or not wanting to have me around. I don't know if I will ever live with that again..."

"...I don't want to offend you or do anything that will make you håte me again but I'm scâréd of been too careful this days and haven't been able to express myself like I'm doing now.."

"I will not håte you again Tally, if that's what you're afraid off. We're moving on fine and connecting so well all this while, what made you think I will go back to feeling the same way that I use to feel when I have already embraced this new me..."

"I don't know Amy but I'm still scâréd. I don't want to step on your bad side. I'm ready to respect any boundary you set for me. I'm trading carefully yet, I'm still scâréd. My emotions war within me any time I'm close to you..."

", You literally saved my life Tally, you're still in this country because of me, even if you don't say it, I know. I know you're trying to make up for the past, or make me forget the hùrts, that's impossible Tally. I can never forget but I can forgive and move on and that's exactly what I did. I have forgiven you and that's why I'm cool and happier now. Stop trying to impress me, you've explained severally and I understand. It wasn't totally your fault and sincerely, I no longer blame you and I no longer want to live in the past. I'm enjoying this present and hoping for a better future for myself..."

Tally heaved, he seems uneasy where he sat

 he moved very close to her

"You're so beautiful Amy, everyday it seems to me that your beauty kept renewing. Sometimes I'm scared to ask if you're a mermâid that never gets old, you're a nice person and I admire that about you..."

"Not everyone thinks this way, some thinks I'm a mean, heartless, ugly búlly and no man can love me. Some say I maybe physically beautifully but I'm wícked wítch. So many things said but the funniest part is that I like it, I liked how I was being refered to and did not care or give a second thought to however anyone decide to see me. I don't care what they think of me. None of those shíts pays my bills or solve any of my prøblem. I don't regard any one and don't need their help to be big because I'm already big and independent.."

"... well Tally, this was my mentality until I became síck and found myself in the hospital where I spent several months recovering. I did not only get my physical healing but my mind was also healed and reformed. Although I won't pay heed to people's personal opinion about me, but i will care and love more. Life is meaningless, money and beauty is vanity. I want to cherish every moment I got here on Earth..."

He bent over and try to kiss her but Amy turned away.

He strengthened and swallowed hard.

"I guess you don't ever want to have anything to do with me, you will never love me or allow me closer than a friend.."

"I'm trying to guard my heart Tally, don't blame me. I appreciate you dearly for everything you did for me this period, you don't really owe me anythin. I haven't love or try to love anyone for a decade. I may probably give love a try but not right away. Kíssing and smooching is out of it Tally, my mind is not thinking towards that direction right now. You have tried to kíss me severally and I told you to quit trying because I'm not yet ready for such.."

 "...i want to get out of here and get my new life back again on my feet. Give me time to heal properly.. emotionally. Don't rush me please. I can't hate and despise you for ten years and all of a sudden, within few months i start kíssing and having intimate moment with you, well it doesn't work that way with me but we can still be cool friends..."

"...if you're free, you can take me to go see my friend Didi who put to birth yesterday, a bouncing baby boy. I could have gone with Luke, but alot has happened while I was in this hospital, I'm not sure he want to see Desmond or Didi. If you don't mind we can go visiting together and I'm only going because of the new baby, that my friend is stubbornly in love and I hope she does get hürt again..."


Tally nodded quietly.

"...please Tally, remember boundaries are very important to me, so you have to try and respect that.."

Tally silently nodded in agreement.

Although Amy is still harden at heart, he hopes she melt down soon and accept him back again.

His love for her doubled up this period and it took a whole lot of self control not to loose it and misbehave.

Attending to her sensitive part of the body and watching her healing process was a whole lot for him.

Even though he try to put professionalism to play but there are days that his emotions will rage and all he wanted was to hold and kiss her, drink of her soft, cuddly body and enjoy the warmness that comes from her.

He miss her so much but like she said, he had to respect her wish and the boundaries she sets.

Hopefully, she will loosen up her tight grip and allow herself to be truly loved, just like she deserves.

He had just three more months to spend in the country before traveling back to his work station abroad.

There's no time to waste again.

His time down here is almost over and his attention is needed abroad.

He needs to travel back and he's hoping Amy will give him a chance before then.

(Do NOT take credit or plagiarize AMAH'S HEART STORIES)

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