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Out Of The Box - Episode 36




Out Of The Box - Episode 36

Written By Amah's Heart

She was panting hard, like one that ran a marathon race when she joined him

"I'm so sorry, I couldn't get a cab on time..." Didi said while trying to catch her breath.

"You were not also picking your calls, you got me worried Didi.." Luke said as he started the car and drove off.

"I didn't notice my phone ringing, it was right inside my purse. I'm really sorry.."

"Is okay, I'm glad that you're OK. Seeing you now is a relief, my worries and fear are all forgotten.."

He drove out to the express, it was already getting late.

He turned and looked at Didi with a light smile.

"By the way, Who is this friend you went to visit that I don't know off. At least I know your two closest friends are Amy and Diva. What's this your friend's name, maybe I will include the name on the list of my woman's besties..."

He looked straight ahead while driving as Didi fumbled with words while trying to come up with a name.

"Est...ther, Esther is her name..." Didi finally said. 

she couldn't come up with any other reasonable name. She remembers Mimi's nanny is Esther and quickly jumped on the idea as it pops into her head.

"Oh! Esther..hmm. alright!.." That's all Luke said.

Didi noticed he doesn't seem very convinced but still decided to go with the flow.

They arrived at the hospital and Luke took the fruits and went in with Didi to see Amy.

Amy was very happy to see them

" I could have sue Luke if he comes alone again without my pregnant girlfriend..."

The atmosphere was warm as they gathered around Amy.

Tally was with them, he thanked Luke and Didi for coming to lighten up the choked mood.

"Luke, thank you for everything..." Amy said looking up at Luke who was standing beside her bed side.

"...you're God sent to us, always on time to the rescue. You came through for Didi when she was in a serious danger, a danger that her self centered ex husband put her through. Thank God it didn't end in "rest in peace" for her.."

Luke swallowed hard as he looked over at Didi who sat beside Amy on the hospital bed.

"...you came through for me when I stubbornly refused to harken to the doctor's advice because of how much I despised him, holding his past fault on his head in detriment to my health. I suffered a moment of seizure but is all over now, I know after this chemotherapy I will be alright and the whole pain will be over.."

"....guys, I just want my life back. This sickness came at me unexpected. I never imagine myself to be at the mercy of anyone, especially Tally, the one man behind my many emotional pains and hâtes for men..."

Tally bit his lips as Amy flashed him a regretful look.

"...Luke, you're a nice guy you know that right..? Didi is lucky to have you, we all are. If she can appreciate the blessing in her life and stop fantasizing over her sorrowful past, with a name tag "Desmond" the future will be blissful... "

"Why are you talking like you're about to dye? Didi asked and Amy began to laugh

"... Seriously when did you become a motivational speaker? You're not the super action girlfriend I use to know. What did Tally inject into you.." Didi continued and Tally raised his hands in defense.

"I'm innocent as charged, I gat no hand in this ma'am.." With the way he threw his hands up and spoke, everyone began to Laugh.

"Maybe, I'm beginning to understand that life is short and I don't want to spend it hating and unforgivingness. I want to enjoy my moment here before the aging clock tick. I thought I got it all but I actually don't. I'm trying to have a whole new perspectives about life. Forgiveness does good to the forgiver than to the offender.."Amy added

" that's a new one, I will definitely keep that in mind. I'm learning from the best.."

Didi said chuckling

Luke looked at her and their eyes met and locked for a moment

Before Didi quickly looked away.

"A big thanks to Doctor Andrew Talico, aka Tally the God sent, for taking good care of you.." Luke said with a smile

"Thanks man, at least somebody appreciate the little I do here.." Tally who was filled with beaming smile said as he gave Luke a hand shake.

"We will always come by for a visit, I'm enjoying the new Amy. Whatever happened to the "no nonsense, action, harden, difficult to please Amy, I don't care to know. We all prefer this new Amy with the real life motivational vibes.." Luke said and that brought about more laughter.

"You can always visit with more fruits if you want to get life lesson from Amy the motivational speaker.." Amy said to Luke chuckling.

They talked and had few more laughing moments before Luke and Didi left.

Luke drove in silent, he went straight to drop Didi at Amy's place.

Didi whom seem very lively and cheerful ever since she joined him in the car, kept talking to keep the atmosphere lively but Luke only nods and manage to smile while driving.

He gave her the things he bought for her as he got to Amy's place and park.

"Thank you Luke, you're the best thing that ever happened to me.."

Luke heaved

"Are you sure of that? The other day you confessed that you love me, what exactly do you mean by that?

"That i love you? Yes, I do love you Luke.."

"What type of love are you are you talking about? 

"... You know I'm trying to move on and let you be with whoever makes you happy until you came back opening up on how you feel about me, of which I believed untill few hours ago, I waited in my car for more than two hours before you showed up.."

"I have already said that I was sorry Luke, It was my friend Salome that delayed me.."

"Wait, Salome? I thought you said it was Esther before? Luke said with his eyebrows raised.

" oh! Yea..yeah. Pardon me, I mean to say Esther not Salome. I don't know how the name got into my mouth. Although I have a dear Friend, Salome is her name... I probably mixed it up.. "

"Quit the lies Didi, lying is useless especially in this case.  you're better than this and I respect you greatly, you know that right.."

"I know but I'm not lying. I was with my friend, Esther..."

"You went to see Desmond, isn't it..? Luke interrupted her.

" I..no..uh.." Didi stammered

Luke sigh sadly before shaking his head.

"You know I will never stop you if you tell me you're going to see him, but I hate when the one I care so much for lies to me. I feel betrayed and hurt.."

"I didn't want to hurt your feeling Luke. I

 was trying to avoid that that's why... Is not all lies because I actually made a new friend, Cynthia's daughter's nanny but.."

"Didi, can you just stop trying to cover up your obvious lies. It doesn't sit well with me and I want you to please stop.."

"How did you know that I was at Desmond's.." Didi asked, angry that she was caught.

"I have told you before that i have an officially approved location tracker on my phone. Is mainly for security purposes..."

"...so, what happened when you went over, I mean to see Desmond. Please no more lies..."

"I thought you're Mr tracker, why not track it out. Can you please stop monitoring my movement, Desmond is still my husband and I can decide to do anything I so please. I can go visiting, get intimate or have a cool private moment with my husband. Desmond is still my husband and we're not officially divorced..."

"Maybe you should've say all of this without trying to lie to me and adding more lies to cover up.."

"I will appreciate if you stop monitoring my life Luke. I'm not a criminal or under house arrest. I have right to go anywhere and see whoever I want to..."

"You're acting childish, I never said you can't move as you please but own it with full chest, quit lying or trying to lead me on when you obviously want to be with Desmond. You're hurting me, bruising my emotions and you feel that is cool..."

"This your entitled attitude maybe the reason your ex left you. You always want to monitor her life and dictate what she can or can't do. No woman want to be with a man like that.."

Luke stared in disbelief

"What! What did you just say Didi? Mmh, I guess your pregnancy hormone is making you talk out of line.." Luke said annoyed that Didi will say such to him.

"Is true, there's no lie in this. That must be the reason she kicked your âss and remained abroad to focus on her modeling career.."

 "...You're becoming annoying Luke and I'm not finding it funny. I appreciate the fact that you helped me in the past, now can we all move on or you need a paycheck for that? Tell me, I'm sure Desmond will pay double so that we can all rest..."

"...my husband loves me and yes, we had an intimate moment and so what? 

" you kept me waiting for hours while you were busy having sëx with Desmond.. "

"With my husband, say with your husband not just Desmond. And I never told you that I had séx with him, intimate moment can mean a whole lot of thing and even if i did and so what.." 

"...you're getting on my nerves Luke. Please stay in your lane and keep off from mine. You're literally making me hot tempered right now. Please, let me breath.

"... I'm not your girlfriend or wife, I belong to Desmond and will be going back to him because I miss my husband. I need to find a perfect time and tell him about this pregnancy so that we can start planning towards the arrival of our second baby. I don't love you Luke, I still love my husband, stop trying too hard..."

"...since you like the truth, I hope all that I said is truth enough and you will learn to concentrate on your officer job and leave me alone.."

And with this Didi threw back the fruits and things Luke bought for her at him and walked out of his car.

 Luke watched her in silent as she safely entered Amy's gate and into the house before he finally drove off.


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