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Out Of The Box - Episode 35




Out Of The Box - Episode 35

Written By Amah's Heart

Didi walked up to the door and knocked twice

As she was about to knock the third time, the door opened and an older lady in her late forties or early fifty opened the door.

"Good afternoon, who are you looking for? The older woman said with brightness on her face

"I'm...i.." Didi pause unknowing how to introduce herself first

"...is Desmond in..? She managed to ask

"You mean my boss, no.. he's not back from work. Any prøblem madam.."  the elderly lady looked at Didi strangely as if she has seen her face before.

Didi sighed quietly. 

The lady must be the nanny for Mimi that Desmond spoke off.

"No prøblem. I will be on my way now.. thanks.."Didi turned and was halted by the lady's next question

"Please, what should I tell my boss when he returns? Please your name.."

"That's not necessary, I will come back by weekend. Have a good day.."

"Wait.. wait please. Your face looks so familiar.."

Didi raised an eyebrow, wondering where the woman must have seen her because she obviously doesn't know who she was.

"Are you Mrs Desmond? 

Didi pretend like she doesn't know what the woman was talking about

"...I know I have seen your face somewhere before.."

"Where please..? Didi asked turning fully to look at the woman properly.

 probably the inquisitive older Lady knows her somewhere but she doesn't.

"Your portrait is the living room and also in my boss master bedroom because I'm not only a nanny here, I'm also a house keeper. I go home only during weekends when my boss is around.."

"...i see pictures of you and even that of the boss and a little girl who's definitely not Mimi in frames and the pictures are used to decorate the sitting room wall.."

"Oh, that's good but I'm... Didi was saying when the woman interrupted

"I don't know the full story or the reason you left him, but the little I know, my boss has never forgiven himself for whatever he did to you. He must have hürt you that deep for you to have made up your mind on never to forgive him.."

Didi who wasn't ready to start talking about her life with a stranger smiled and said.

" Where's Mimi, how's she..?

"She's fine ma. She's doing her homework inside. She returned from school not quiet long, had lunch and working on her school assignment. if you care to come in, please do.."

Didi was quiet as she went contemplating if she should go in or not.

Maybe coming over wasn't such a bad ideas although it brings back lots of bad memories but she somehow missed her home, which isn't hers anymore because she doesn't want to be Desmond's wife ever again.

She hates him and will never allow him to touch her ever again.

The lady moved out of the way for her to come in

"Are you sure you won't get into trøuble for this.." Didi asked carefully

"No ma'am. I'm very certain that you're Mrs Desmond. Mr Desmond still loves you dearly and never stop staring at you and your daughter's pictures with regrets in his eyes. I'm always afraid to ask questions because he can be a bit temperamental sometime. He's not always happy or in a better mood so I focus on my Job and don't interfer in his personal life..."

Didi walked past her into the sitting room

She saw a girl a girl in the sitting room whom she assumed was Mimi

she's a bit bigger than her supposed age.

She was watching animation in the parlour.

The little girl turned and looked up at her

"Good evening.." she greeted Didi with a lovely voice.

"Mimi, you're supposed to be doing your homework, are you through? The nanny asked

"Yes Aunty Esther. I'm done with my work, you said I can watch the TV when I'm done writing.."

"... did you changed your mind or you have some other things you want me to do...?

"Is fine, since you're through go ahead with your cartoon but remember your Daddy will be back by 7pm, that's when dinner will be set.."

She nodded as the nanny walked out into the kitchen

Mimi turned to Didi

"You're my daddy's wife right..? 

Didi chuckled but didn't say a word

"...Your picture is everywhere in the house and when I asked my Daddy who you are, he told me that you're his wife, you travelled and that's why you're not here.."

"... I'm happy that you're back, my Dad will be happy too. What of my little sister.. Jasmine? 

"Jasmine? How did.." Didi was about saying when Mimi continued

"That's what my Dad calls the little girl in the pictures, he said you will be back with her and she's my sister. I have always wanted a sister and have looked forward to meeting Jasmine. I guess you didn't come with her.."

"... when will she be coming, I'm too eager to meet her..."

Didi smile and tickled her cheeks

"You're indeed smart brain. You will meet Jasmine soon alright? I only visited today, i will get you some lollipop and sweets when next I come around, hope you will like that.."

 She nodded with a cute smile.

She has dimples on both cheeks when she smiles.

She has her father's look and her mother's eyes

Esther, the nanny came back to join them.

She told Mimi not to bother Didi again with her too much talk.

Esther left them alone again and went to do some other things.

Didi sat beside Mimi

She looked up at Didi and said

"What should I call you? 

Didi looked at her confused

"....My Mom is not coming back soon according to my Dad, that's why he is taking care of me. I'm used to not seeing my Mom, so is fine if she decides not to return soon. But since you're here, can I refer to you as Mom too or should I call you just Jasmine Mom? I don't want to offend you.."

Didi not knowing what to reply, she remained quiet after saying "Okay.."

"I'm eight already, I'm not a little kid anymore. I miss my Mom and I know with the way my Dad said it, she maybe gone for a long time. I used to miss having a Dad, I so much wanted to meet my father and when I finally did some months ago, I was so happy and thought is going to be a one big happy family and my Mom will give birth to more babies and I will have sisters and brothers, that's what my Mom use to say to me but I guess she was only imagining things like I use to imagine having a little sister. Since my Mom is not here and you're back, can I atleast call you Mom? I'm sure, my Mom wouldn't mind when she returns from her long journey.."

Didi heaved before saying

"Whatever you feel okay with, call me..is totally fine by me dear and Jasmine will definitely make a pretty little sister to you. I never thought you're this big and smart too. I'm so please to finally meet you Mimi.."

"Same here Mom.." 

Didi immediately felt connected in a way with Mimi.

Mimi went on telling her about alot of other things, her former school and the present one

What she loves about having a daddy in her life and the things she will teach  Jasmine, her little sister.

"Hope she's not bothering you.."? Esther asked Didi as she returned to join them in the parlour.

"Not at all. I'm loving our little gist and I will get to listen more when next I return

"Are you sure Mom? please don't go, I'm happy to have you around and will do everything you ask of me.."

"I will be back dear, I only visited today because I have been hearing so much about you. I'm happy that I finally meet you. I will back okay..?

"Do you promise.."? Mimi asked Didi who didn't want to promise what she can't keep.

"  No, I'm not promising but I will definitely think towards that.."

"I love how you didn't quickly promise just to dismiss me. I'm sure you will make a pretty good Mom.." Mimi said with a smile as she hugged Didi.

Didi smile before turning to leave.

"Why not stay a little more,, my boss will soon return. Isn't he the reason for your coming again..?

"Seeing him isn't as important as seeing Mimi. I can't wait further.. maybe next time.."

"Okay ma... if you say so. We hope to see you again. Mimi has taken likeness to you and my boss will be very delighted to see you.."

Didi stepped out and just then her phone began to ring, it was Luke calling

He probably wants to know how she's fairing.

Didi picked up

"Hey my Lady, how're you doing and hope the baby is kicking well..."

"I'm alright Luke and the baby is kicking little by little. How're you and hope today's work wasn't stressful.."

"Not at all, I bought you some fruits. I got some for Amy too..."

"Wow, that's very thoughtful of you. Thank you.."

"I'm at Amy's place to give you the fruits and also to know if you will like to join me let's go to the hospital and check on Amy so that I can also give the fruits to her.."

"Oh... I'm not at home right now, I'm...I went out.."

"Yeah, I noticed. Where exactly are you so that I can come pick you. Did you go for your normal check up..?"

Didi did not want to spoil the liveliness that's in Luke's voice.

He seems a bit cheerful and telling him that she came to Desmond's house will spoil a whole lot of things.."

",No, I'm somewhere. I came to visit a friend, I'm already on my way. Please wait for me at Amy's house. I'm taking a cab right away and will come and meet you.."

"Okay then. I will be waiting Didi.." Luke wondered which friend she visited and didn't want him to come over and pick her up. 

He looked back to the day Didi confessed her feelings, he wasn't convinced but been the first time she was doing such makes it believable.

He went back thinking about the whole thing and couldn't stop loving Didi.

He has gone alone to the hospital to visit Amy on his way from work the other day and the fine doctor said she was recuperating and even allowed him in to see her.

He used the opportunity to clear the air that he was only a friend to Amy.

Luke noticed that the doctor was so much interested in Amy, he only hope he will be able to melt her heart because from what he has learn and seen, Amy is one hardest nut to crack for any guy.

She's too confidence in herself and always say she doesn't need any man, not now and not ever.

Well, not until the sickness landed her in the hospital and her doctor happens to be a man who's obviously in love with her.

Maybe, is through the cancer and healing that Amy's harden heart will be melted.

Luke hopes so as he concluded.

He checked his time and is already thirty five minutes gone.

 He thought of Didi and wondered why she is yet to arrive.

He can't seem to stop thinking of her, especially ever since they had heart to heart talk and she mentioned that she truly loves him and wanted their relationship to work out.

She maybe prégnant with another man's child, he still loves her and he was determined to protect her.

she will never have reason to cry under his care

Luke checked his time again

Since she said she will be around soon, he will sit in his car and wait for her.


Didi, was húrrying out of the house when Desmond drove in and saw her.

He quickly packed and calculativly walked up to Didi who was about crossing the gate

He noticed she looks a bit different, she added some weight, fluffy cheek and puffy eyes.

They stood staring at each other

"Didi, I'm surprised... you actually came around. How're you, are you alright? What of Jasmine...?

", I'm good and Jasmine is doing alright. I got to go now.."

", Please wait.. just for few minutes.. please"

"Hurry with whatever you have to say, I need to rush, somebody is waiting for me.."

",I miss you dearly. I feel really happy that you came around. I know you don't want me Didi but can you please come inside let's talk privately maybe in our room..."

", Why the bedroom, why can't we talk here.."

"I have something very important to discuss with you. I miss you Didi and just want to innocently talk in private with you. The last time we talked openly I was seriously beáten up and disgraced by your officer friends which landed me in the hospital and I had to go through different stitches. I don't feel comfortable talking with you outside here..."

".... please, come with me let's go in.." Desmond asked pleadingly while holding unto her arms.

Didi pulled away from him

He touched Didi's arms and gently run his hand on her smooth face and lips.

Didi looked up at him and forgot about Luke waiting for her.

She noticed that he slimed down, had two fresh scâr. 

One on his right eyebrow and the other on his chin.

She heaved sadly

Desmond seeing that Didi did not slap off his hand like he had expected, went ahead to kiss her forehead and her cheek then her lips.

Didi melted and reciprocated in no time before she realized herself and pulled away from him.

"We're still outside, can we go to the bedroom now.." he asked as Didi loosened up from him.

Since is just few minutes talk, it will be over in no time and she be on her way. 

Didi thought to herself.



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