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Out Of The Box - Episode 34




Out Of The Box - Episode 34

Written By Amah's Heart

Didi walked around the mall with Amy as they went to buy groceries.

She decided to stay with Amy for sometime after the talk with Luke.

She misses him, the special way he treats her, she miss that part about him

He hardly calls this day but Still checks up on her once in a while.

She was free to return back to her apartment but she needed someone to talk with and Amy was the perfect person.

On getting to Amy's place, she saw so many drugs on her small cabinet which she takes every night and morning.

Didi was filled with questions.

Amy later opened up on what she was going through and the worst part was her personal doctor happens to be her ex.

Didi was afraid for her 

She wondered how Amy acted normal all this Long while like everything was alright with her, when it wasn't.

She was really sad and for the first time, held her hand and prayed for her.

Didi assured her that she will be alright and Amy nodded affirmatively.

Amy complained of headache and dizziness that morning.

She was supposed to report back to the hospital two days ago for check up but she was caught up with work and closes very late.

Since she was taking her drugs and following the prescription, there was absolutely no reason for her to return back to the hospital and she definitely do not like the idea of Tally attending to her.

She wish to avoid him by all means.

Tally called severally and even texted, to know how she was as to remind her about her appointment but Amy didn't respond.

She wake up with serious migraine on that faithful day and almost fell down in the bathroom.

Didi adviced her to go back to the hospital immediately but she said she will be alright if she takes her drugs.

And she felt a bit better and decided to go grocery shopping with Didi, that was when the migraine returned.

Her feet and arm felt numb.

She knows that she haven't been resting well like she was advised and plans to take a long rest after the grocery shopping that day but it was already late.

 It appears like the ground was moving as she stood in the mall

She fell into the arm of her prégnant friend, Didi.

Didi with the help of the mall security guard carried Amy back to her car

She was unable to speak.

Didi called Luke and explain the current situation and he said he was on his way.

He arrived in time and speed off with Amy to the hospital.

They arrived the hospital and Amy was wheeled in, Tally was informed

He rushed down and she was admitted.

While Didi remained at the reception,  

 Luke who seems so worried stood to go check up on Amy.

since he was an officer, they won't hesitate to tell him everything concerning Amy.

He admires Amy's personality and silently prays nothing happen to her.

He has this worried stricken face as he left Didi to check on Amy.

He waited close to see the doctor in charge of Amy.

He wanted to make sure she was well stablized.

He had a worried look when he approached doctor Tally who just walked out after admitting Amy.

"Hey doc, my name is sergeant Luke. how is she.. hope she's going to be alright..?

"Uhmm! Tally paused as he looked up at Luke.

He was a young, well built officer and a handsome one at that.

Maybe is the officer's good looks or body built that made Amy fall for him or he's just somebody that showed up in time to bring Amy to the hospital. Tally silently thought.

"Doc..? I said how's the patient? the young lady I brought in. I need update on her health.." 

Luke said carefully as he wondered why the doctor was staring at him strangely.

"She's stablized and will get the proper treatment that she deserves. Thanks for bringing her in on time..."

"... are you an acquaintance, fiance, brother, friend.. maybe boyfriend or you don't know her but still decided to help her..? Tally asked, hoping the officer won't say boyfriend or fiance.

"Why didn't you include husband? Do you know if I'm her husband..? Luke asked sarcastically, Tally's heart skipped immediately.

Amy married? How, she never mentioned it and she filled in single in the hospital form that she was given to fill.." Tally thought to himself without saying a word.

He sighed as he stared at Luke in disbelief.

"Uhmm, I beg your pardon officer, that was a honest mistake, I never thought she was married and..

Just then Luke phone rang, he excused himself to answer

His attention was needed back in the office immediately.

He was in a hurry and didn't have time to continue talking with the fine doctor who seems interested to know who exactly he was to Amy.

He asked the doctor to take care of Amy and promised to come back.

Luke left with Didi after assuring her that Amy will be okay.

Didi threw up repeatedly immediately she got close to Luke's car

"Are you alright Didi, I can call the station and take permission to report late. Luke said as he led her into the car and she sat and relaxed back.

"No, is fine. Is just the hospital smell that messed up my system. Is normal with the prégnancy humunes.."

"... thanks Luke, I was afráid that you no longer care.."

"I always do and won't stop caring even if you decide to go back to Desmond.. anytime you need my help and call, I won't hesitate to come running to your aid. your husband or your stubbornness won't stop me from helping you.."

"I'm not stubborn and I'm no longer married to Desmond. You're aware of everything Luke.."

"Yes, I am and thought there's a ray hope of having you but everything changed the moment you told me that you're pregnant for Desmond..."

"Does it really change everything? I mean does it mean your love is conditional. If you truly love someone then nothing should change that.."

"No..no Didi. Certain situations can change that. It took me time to stop loving Avie, sometimes I still think of her and wonder how I can even love the wrong woman that much even after she made it clear she doesn't want me. I started loving you Didi after meeting you and thought I have finally gotten the right woman for me but again, I was wrong. You're carrying Desmond's baby, there's possiblity that you may return back to him and I will be left broken again. I have been hürt enough Didi, is better I guard my heart and stop loving the wrong Women.."

", You think so.. that I'm the wrong woman? Please don't think like that, I never intentionally planned to hûrt you Luke. I never knew I was even pregnant, everything happened unexpected. I'm not going back to Desmond, I do want to be with you Luke, every woman wants to be with a man like you, who loves truly and cares deeply. That's what I have always prayed for until I met Desmond and thought he was an answered prayer, I never knew things will ever get this bād.."

"... I'm really sorry Luke, I didn't means to intentional hürt your feeling and my condition shouldn't stop your love for me because I'm not going back to Desmond.."

",I  still love you Didi, your current condition does not affect my love but it makes me trade cautiously. I'm trying to guard my heart diligently. You never really released your heart out, you're still loving Desmond.."

"Néver, I don't. I Love you Luke. You're a good man and I understand if you want to trade carefully. Maybe with time you will understand how much you mean to me and how I have come to admire and cherish you.."

Luke silently nodded. 

",It feels really good to have you say those words, I have always wanted to hear those words from you before now. Please, let's take our time, especially with your condition. Alright..?

Didi nodded.

"I'm more concerned about Amy, I will go check on her again tomorrow. What kind of fruit does she eat, maybe I will get her something.."

Didi felt a pinch of jeâlóus

She told him Amy's favorite fruit and snacks.

He started the car and zoomed off

He dropped Didi at Amy's house before driving off.

He promised to go bring back Amy's car from the mall once he's done with work.

Didi knows that Luke has changed, he used to be crâzy over her but he seems unmoved even with her love confession for him.

She don't intend going back to Desmond and wish to have her baby away from drama.

She told her Mom and she asked her to come over which she planned to do

Maybe she will go visiting immediately Amy gets better

Maybe Luke is seeing another woman already.

The thought of that scares her but she doubts it.

Desmond is not even aware of her pregnancy yet.

Didi heaved and wish her life can get back to normal again.

Maybe she need to pay Desmond a surprise visit.

To meet Cynthia's daughter and know what she looks like

She's not really going there to see Desmond but to check on Mimi, Cynthia's daughter

Didi assured herself but deep down she knows it was not just Mimi she had in mind to see

There's more to her visit.

(Do NOT take credit or plagiarize AMAH'S HEART STORIES)

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