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Out Of The Box - Episode 33




Out Of The Box - Episode 33

Written By Amah's Heart

"You need to remain still so that I can do my job ma'am.."

He tried touching her but she angrily slapped his hand out.

She left the hospital añgrily and didn't return until after three days when she couldn't bear the pain anymore

"I need another doctor, i don't need you to examine me, there's other doctors in this hospital that are speacialized in this, they will know how to attend to my case. I don't want you guy, disappear from here Mr Man.." Amy barked when Tally showed up again to attend to her.

"I'm assigned to you Amy, I only want to know the extent of this lump, it's not looking too good. from the look of things, you will need to start chemotherapy immediately. Please cooperate so that I can disappear from your presence, just as you wish.."

"If you dare touch me again Tally, you will regret it.."

He ignored her warning and proceeded but she pushed him away with force and just then she brushed her arm on her affected bréâst, where the lump formed.

She scréämed in pain and tightened her fist until the pain subside.

She needs help, she can't live with this pâin.

She have been enduring but she can't take it anymore.

Even if the doctor is the doctor Såtan himself, from héll, she just want the pain to be over

She want her life back, she doesn't deserve this.

She doesn't know how such sickness settled in, she was careful, she stayed on her lane and take precautions to things that is not good for her 

Amy sighed sadly.

When she noticed the sign and watched it advanced, she was on drugs and refused telling anyone what she was going through

 She kept it to herself without bothering anyone with her personal prøblem.

She hates to be pitied and didn't want anyone worrying about her

She thought it was something that will easily be gone but is obviously not as she imagined

"Amy, can you... please let me do my job.. please? Tally asked as he carefully approached.

Amy ignored him.

He stood waiting for her permission.

When she didn't say anything, he carefully resumed examining her.

With his surgical hand glove, he carefully touched her.

"Please let me know anywhere you feel pain, if you don't feel like talking then just nod, so that I will know where exactly is affected.."

"... alright? I promise it won't take long and we will be through.."

He touched her chest, he carefully massaged her right bréâst but she gave no sign of pain.

"Stop molesting me. This is not how to examine a patient, this is wrong and I don't feel okay with this whole thing. You're indirectly harräsing my body."

", Can you please don't say that. That's an accusation, a serious offence and may affect my license if it gets into the wrong ear" Tally said with a serious face.

"Oh, do I look like I care. I wish your licence to practice medicine will be taken away from you. You're harräsing me and maybe that's how you do to other patients.."

",I have never and will never do such. I have treated and attended to so many, both men and women, none will come out to say something bad about me. I'm.." 

"Just shut up already.." Amy interrupted

"You expected them to talk so that you and your father will make life miserable for them. Wícked people.. like father like søn.." 

Tally ignored her and continue

He moved to her left bréâst and immediately he touched it, Amy screamed out in pain.

"You're wícked, it runs in your gene. You're not supposed to be a doctor, you know exactly the particular area I'm suffering, the painful part yet you pressed hard on it. that's why I wanted another doctor. You want to kíll me, somebody help me... this wícked doctor want to kill me. You don't know your job, you're not careful with your patient and you're very unprofessional. You joke with the pain and life of patients. You're supposed to be in the barracks, attacking criminals or working as a body guard to your father who's drunk with political power. I hate the fact you're even touching me, I'm trying to endure it because I just want to be out of here in no time but if you do anything that's inappropriate or unjust with my body again, I will tear your skin with my nails..."

"I'm sorry ma'am, I will be more careful.." Tally replied as he continued examining her and did not pay attention to her running mouth or all her insülts.

She winced hard again as Tally was examining the lump carefully.

He apologized and didn't stop apologizing as he carefully checked on 

After he was done, he pulled off his gloves, and asked Amy to dress up and follow him so that they can go to his office.

Amy reluctantly did

He offered her a seat immediately she entered but she declined and remained standing instead

"You are going to be placed on Doxorubicin immediately.."

"What's that? Amy asked with a disgusted face while looking at him.

"Is one of the strongest chemotherapy drugs for breast cancer, it can kïll cancer cells at every point in their life cycle.."

"... and it's used to treat wide variety of cancers. Doxorubicin is also known as the red dévil because it's bright red and very effective although expensive but it's actions manifest in no time.."

"So, what are you still waiting for, why not go ahead and prescribed the red dévil or whatever you called it. What kind of unprofessional doctor are you, after seeing how serious and in pâin I was you're still sitting there talking and lecturing me on some drugs that you are suppose to quickly administer.."

"I'm sorry ma'am, I will do that right away.."

"... and please there's another important thing, you will have to be on this drugs for straight three months. After that we will check the progress before topping for another three months, maximum six months chemotherapy and you will be fine.."

"...I know that you håte all of this Amy, you didn't plan or expected this sickness, I'm sorry for the pains you're going through. I understand you don't wish to see me and my touch disgust you greatly, Amy I know but please... I'm begging you for God sake and for the sake of your health, corporate and follow every given instructions and in no time you will be free and will never see me again.."

",...I promise it will be far easier for both of us if you can just pretend I'm another person, maybe some other doctor you prefer, just pretend that is not the man you håte so much that's attending to you and with that everything will be over.."

"...I don't understand why it was delayed to this extend, if you have taken the sign serious and reported to the hospital immediately you noticed the changes, it wouldn't have generated to this but you will be fine, I'm here now and I will make sure of that...I can assure you.."

"Don't assure me anything. You're the last person on Earth I can ever believe or take his words serious.."

".. for the sake of my health and to get rid of your your disturbing cold touch and presence I will be do anything. I will corporate Tally but make sure you stick to your job and not go out of line because I may stab you with any medical weapon, scissors or any other thing I lay my hands on. You will be so sorry if you don't stick to your job. I'm still wondering how you showed up out of the blues and become my speacialist. I don't give a dámn about you..."

Tally nodded quietly as he prepared everything she needed to start her chemo.

" Amy, truthful you need to be admitted so that there will be a close watch. That affected part is spreading and you don't need to stress it further, it needs to be carefully attended to. Can you please stay back? You will be given a nicer coozy bed with speacial attention.."

"Nonsénse talk, you think everyone is lazy and stûpíd like you. Don't you know I'm a business woman? Most of us have to work our áss out to make a living, we don't depends on our father's wealth or others, i make a living with my hands on the deck and don't depends on anyone. Is my br3ásts that's affected not my two hands or legs. I don't need a bed, your presence is repulsive and I can't be in the same place with you for long, I will start throwing up.."

"I understand, alright Amy. Please take your health serious and try not to stress that affected part, if you can be on bed rest, it will be better. Please be back in three days, 10am and in the subsequent days that follows. We need to monitor your progress. If you see any unrecognized change in your body or felt any pain from any part at all, please report to the hospital immediately. Don't gamble with your life..."

Amy rolled her eyes, smoothen her clothes and hair. Took the prescription and walked out like he does not exist.

He pretend to be scribbling something on a sheet of paper untill she was gone.

He released a loud gasp

He went to his office window, which was upstairs and stood, he watched as she cat walked into her car and zoom off.

He shakes his head sadly. 

Her hatred for him búrn so deeply. 

He remembered how he frantically went checking on each department to know what exactly brought her to the hospital on the first day he saw her

After he discovered, he decided to take up her case and asked to be her personal doctor since it was part of his area of expertise

It was approved in no time.

He was skeptical and didn't know how Amy will take it, but he has silently prayed that it goes down well.

He only needs to be patient with her.

She's one of the reasons that he's still in the country.

She was definitely going to stab him if he does anything she disapproves off. She meant every word when she said that

That's one of the risks he fears but he likes taking risk and wasn't afraid to do everything he can to help her bounce back again.

He knows for certain that she will corporate and she will return back in no time since she couldn't keep her in the hospital against her will.

(Do NOT take credit or plagiarize AMAH'S HEART STORIES). 

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