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Out Of The Box - Episode 32




Out Of The Box - Episode 32

Written By Amah's Heart

He grunt loudly as he stood and moved a way. 

He stood by the window, his back to her

"I know you're not going to be happy with the news but I just wanted to let it off my chest...

"... you're an amazing human Luke and don't deserve this and that's why I will be moving away from the apartment.."

He inhaled sharply and remained silent

"... Luke, I'm sorry. I know how much you wanted us together. I never planned for this pregnancy and it also took me off guard. I was determined to move on without looking back until I discovered I was with a baby.."

He chuckled sadly, he didn't bother to turn and look at her. He remained standing by the window, looking into space.

"... first thing tomorrow I will be leaving the apartment. I have already told Amy. I made arrangements to be staying at her place. I appreciate everything you did for me Luke, I can't thank you enough for all your Love and kindness even when it wasn't reciprocated.."

He startled as a hand gently touched his shoulder.

He turned and heaved before walking away to a seat, leaving Didi standing at the spot.

"Is all good.. I'm fine with whatever you decide Didi.." he finally said.

"Thanks again Luke, you are the best and you will always have a place in my heart.."

He scoffed unbelievably while looking straight ahead.

Didi picked up her handbag and started going towards the door.

"Aren't you forgetting something.." he said standing

Didi turned, and saw him pointing at the gift bag.

"Oh, you still want me to have that?..

He nodded quietly while looking away

"..oh great, because I love everything in that bag and was afraid I might get arrested if I try taking the gifts away, after my prégnancy confession.."

He chuckled calmly, making Didi to smile.

"...I know you don't have the heart to hate me. You're a sweet soul and I'm really sorry if I hürt you with this confession.." Didi said standing in front of him.

"I'm very sâd offcourse but I know I will be alright. I have been hürt before and thought my heart will pop out of me but at the end, I came out fine.."

"You never spoke of your hurt before Luke, you're always cheerful and it makes me feel like you can have any woman you want..,"

"Not exactly Didi, I can't obviously have any woman I wish, if it was so, I could have been able to make you my forever chârm.."

"...My ex was a super model, she works with this big agency abroad and she travels around the globe modelling. Before she started, I was always there, supporting her dream both financially and emotionally. I have connections and it was through me she landed the déal. We were together for four years, I saw her through school but her aspirations, her dream is to one day become a super model. She got the face, the long cat legs and the figure. She will catwalk for me and I will cheer her on. We were planning to get married and start a family together. I engaged her on her 26th birthday. Three months later, she was called by this big modelling agency and that's how our relationship took a different turn.."

He sighed, sat hard on the chair 

Didi sat down in the next cushion to his.

"...Avie, Left with the promise to return back after finalising with the job she was contacted to do. She was to walk on the runway in Houston Texas. This was her very first international run way Job. She sent me videos and pictures and as time goes on I kept asking her when she was coming back so that we can proceed to the alter, she kept postponing. she started hanging out with her model colleague, there's a guy named Jimmy, Avie said he was an ordinary friend but she flashed him often on her status. He became her personal manager and gradually she began to drift off, any time I mention marriage, she will become angry, until one day she told me that she was no longer interested in getting married, she wants to explore, live and enjoy life, make new friends and travel around the globe. I was still ready to comply because I truly love her but Avie told me that she was sorry but she met someone better and she wants to be with him..."

"...it was Jimmy, the same Jimmy she claims was her manager. They moved to Paris together, I shamelessly begged her, I pleaded but instead she blocked me on every means and try to frustrate me..."

He sighed again, looked at his palm in deep thought.

".... I don't love easily Didi, it takes me time to settle with a woman. When I love, I withhold nothing, I may look like a weakening or stupid in the eyes of others but that's who I am. My woman comes first, I prioritize her and I can go extra mile for the woman I love. It has been over two years now after Avie and despite having women around me, I never felt any connection bond with them until I met you. I don't know what it was but I found myself thinking about you and even tho I try to occupy my mind but I just couldn't help it. After meeting Desmond at Amy's place then and he insülted me which I never took serious, I was ready to move on untill Amy called me that you're in trøuble and after the rescue, I began falling again for you, I held my feeling because you're vulnerable at that time. When I finally  let you know how felt, I wasn't expecting a reply. I assumed you felt in similar way because your actions makes it seem so. I just realized that I have been wasting my time wishing for what that will never be mine..."

"... maybe love does not favor people like me. I will be fine Didi, the healing will only take time. please do me a favor, don't leave the apartment that I gave you to occupy because of me. If you still wish to continue staying, then feel free to do so except you've already decided to leave. I will still care for you like always and also for your baby..as a friend offcourse until you decide what exactly you want to do. If you want to return back to Desmond today, I'm willing to drive you down. I just want you to be happy and do whatever makes you happy. Moving forward, I will respect boundaries and keep to my lane but it will not stop me from helping you whenever possible.."

Didi was speechless as she moved closer to him

Gently slipped her hands around him and gave him a warn hug.

Luke didn't hold her, he gently tapped her back reconsidered.

Didi later loosen up, she thanked him again before picking up her gift bag and left.


Amy drove to the hospital parking lot and remained in her car without bothering to get down.

Her doctor's appointment is stated 12pm, it was already 11:55pm.

She checked her face on her review mirror and marvel how she still looks good and trøuble free while her heart is clouded.

This past months have been the toughest.

The pain, the sleepless nights, the fear made her wonder deeper into life.

The lump on her left bréâst has seem small and harmless until she noticed that it was getting bigger and becoming very painful that she has a lossen her bra hand on that side of her breâst most times.

At first the doctor that examine her said it was a harmless lump that will dry off on its own with time but after the change in size and color, and also the serious pain, she ran back to the hospital and she was told is cancerous.

This is a big trouble and her féâr increased ever since.

She was asked to report to the hospital again today for more examining, test and know the way forward before it spread to the other side.

She was told that a specialist will be attending to her.

She felt stone cold as she sat in her car, in deep thought.

The pain was getting worst that she was careful not to move her left hand too freely.

She was given prescription during the last visit but is not helping.

She just wants the proper treatment  to get started already so that she can be free from the pain.

She closed her eyes and rested her head back

A knock on her car door brought her back to reality.

A man asked her to park well so that he can drive into the empty space close to her.

Amy nodded as she parked properly

She checked the time and realized it was already 12:05pm.

She got down with her designer hand bag, her kres biltong hand bag, which was one of the most expensive handbags for high class chics.

She wore a split short flower skirt, a Jones jacket that fits her properly.

She wore a black shed and appear worried free, as she matched towards the hospital with an air of a classic babe.

Many admired as she walked past without knowing the turmoil she was passing through.

After seeing the doctor, she was directed to a room to lay still waiting, facing up and wait for the speacialist to come in and check her.

She pulled her jacket off, unhooked her bra and felt a bit relieved but the lump was heating up and she needs an urgent attention before her situation becomes wørst.. she was ready to do anything just to feel fine again.

Just then, the door open and closes again.

Amy assumed is the speacialist, her eyes were closed

She was afraid of whatever news that will come from today's examining.

The doctor didn't say a word to her and she loves the silent in the room except for the quiet noise coming from the air conditioning and hospital equipments for her condition.

She felt a cold touch on her arm and a gentle pressure on her chest asking her if she feels any pain in the chest region.

The voice sounds so familiar that she opened her eyes and saw him staring down at her

"Tally!..??? She scréämed surprised.

(Do NOT take credit or plagiarize AMAH'S HEART STORIES)

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