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Out Of The Box - Episode 31




Out Of The Box - Episode 31

Written By Amah's Heart

She was leaving the hospital building, walking majestically and in deep thought towards her car when she heard somebody calling her name.

She paused to look around her and that's when she saw him rushing towards her

"Heeey! I have been screaming your name the moment I saw you leaving the hospital.."

"...I was almost concluding that you must have some musical piece stuck in your ears but you obviously had none.."

"... Wow...is this really you.." he gasped and exclaimed.

"Tally, is good to see you! What a pleasant surprise. What are you doing here.." she asked with a plastic smile on her face, calling him the only name she remembers him with.

"I'm a doctor now, offcourse you know that. What are you doing here? Did you come to see a patient..?

"No, I came to see a doctor. I thought you're supposed to be in Europe? That was what I heard though.." she said trying to change the conversation from personal question.

"I am! Recently, I have been shuffling the workload. The hospital I worked for in Germany, has two recently established hospitals in Africa and they usually have this yearly Africa Medical outreach meeting in collaboration with other big hospitals with international strong branch. This is the third year that this meeting will be holding. Free medical equipment and some hospital needs are being dispatched to the small or upcoming hospitals around Africa so that they can use in caring for patients in their hospitals...."

"...our motto is "every Life matters.." my boss who have been attending the meeting, sent me to represent him this year. He had other much important issue to attend to. I have been here for about five months. But in this months I have reported back to my hospital in Germany four times. I returned back last week and was called in for an emergency surgery in this hospital two days ago with doctor Ken, who's a surgeon here..."

"Oh wow, that's interesting to know. I know doctor Ken, he's one of the honest, caring popular doctor in this hospital. By the way you look good.." she said smiling for real this time.

"Thanks Amy. You came to see a doctor, hope all is well with you.."

"Yes, is all good Tally.." she said trying to walk towards her car.

Tally followed her slowly, hoping she will open up on her hospital visit.

"You've not changed one bit, you're as pretty as ever.." he looked from her face to her fingers, hoping to see a wedding ring or even engagement but he saw none.

She only smile at the compliment.

"...I don't know if you will like to hang out sometimes. I mean sit out and gist..at any location of your choice and I know pretty good site around we can chillax..." Tally said as they stopped besides her car.

",No, thanks but I have more important issues to waste my time on and just so you know, I don't go on a cruise date just to gist. My time is far important to me than anything..."

Tally nodded while looking straight at her. He wasn't surprised that she's still very strong willed.

"Is not a cruise date Amy, I promise you're going to love it. Please.." he said pleadingly.

"Stop acting sílly Tally, I said I wasn't interesting in the offer and who are you to tell me what I will love and not love? I hate it when men try to push their lucks so hard.."

She unlocked her car and was about stepping in when Tally grabbed her hand.

"Amy, you still called me Tally, a name only you calls me. Do you know how speacial that makes me feel? All this years, I have carried you in my heart and no day pass by without thinking of you. You changed and cut off every means of communication after my departure and you have remained unapproachable, unreachable untill this moment.."

", I'm still unapproachable even till Next decade. Stop feeling speacial over the name because it absolutely means nothing to me my dear. That's the name I'm used to, instead of calling you doctor Andrew Talico, I choose not to stress myself out, instead stick to Tally. If you're reading another meaning to it, you're  just being childish..."

"... good luck with whatever project you're working on, I wasn't even paying attention to what brought you down here because I have better things to think about. But all the best.."

Amy pulled out her hand from his loose grip.

She sat in her car and was about to close the door but Tally held it.

"Amy, you used to be calm, sweet, loving and very friendly, back then and I used to feel like the luckiest man

"...you've changed, totally reformed to somebody I no longer expect. I know before Angela came into the picture, I can beat my chest that we were the most admired couples on campus, the.."

"Hey...shushu your mouth. You're making noise Tally. I suggest you run along, I'm sure some patient will need your help. Greetings to your wife, how unlucky she is to have a man who is trying to shoot his shots at another woman. The worst part is that you're so shameless to bring the forgotten and buried past to the present. Dámn you Tally.."

"...and listen to me, You're my ex, my forgotten mistakes and I no longer want to be aligned with my past. I thought it was good seeing you but obviously is going to be a nightmare. Atleast greet your wife and children and tell them your ex, sent a wave.."

"I'm not married Amy. Angela and I later separated. I know my Dad wanted me to marry for his ieny selfish purpose, he hooked me up with his political running mate daughter, so that there will be a strong bond and you know how devastated I was and even when you heard the news, I pleaded on my knees for you to understand. I'm my father's only son and didn't have a say over some of the choices he made for me..."

"... I know I suddenly stopped seeing you and avoided your call because I don't know how to look at your face and tell you all the things going on. We were together for four years and the plan was to get married after university. I was studying medicine and had extra two years, you were done after four years but was ready to wait..."

"...i'm sorry Amy, I know you were broken after I ended things. It was all my dad's idea, he warned and thréátened me, he also thréátened to hûrt you if i continue seeing you. I was only trying to keep you safe and away from my dad's political ambition, he was drunk with power and was ready to unleash terrór on whoever or whatever opposes him, I wanted to keep the political drama far from you..."

  "...He later flew me abroad and arranged a wedding for Angela and I with few family and friend as witness. But after marriage, we struggled to live as couple but it wasn't working out. I wasn't happy and she wasn't either. I néver loved her, I try to but it wasn't just working out. We divorced and went our separate ways after two years. No child involved. She later remarried and already has two children for her husband. They live in Georgia USA and we're not enémies, she still wish I end up with the woman I truly loves. I was afráid you're already married. 

"...Listen Amy, I'm not asking you to marry me, I just want to be just a friend..."

"I don't know what I'm supposed to do with this soul tale. Is touché but do you expect me to cry or start hugging you? I don't want to be a friend Tally. I have moved past whatever happened over eleven years ago. I have had other unfortunate relationships too and I'm happy at the level I am now.." 

"...Don't stop me from closing my car door or I will close your hand together with it. Don't try me.."

"... I'm trying to still act like a Lady with good upbringing, if not, I could have said you and the all the bunch of people who said I was a bád idea for you, who said I wasn't worthy of you because my father has no name to reckon with in the society, you and your family members that called me poor, low life desperate lady, who's trying to fit into where she didn't belong. Tally, you and the host of others who sent gang to beat and threaten me to stay away from you. Your father, mother siblings, friends and those your high class girlfriends that called me a dreamer, all of you can kiss my blåck åss and go to hëll.."

And with that she shút her car door and drove out of the the hospital parking lot.

Tally stood watching her drive off, he shut his eyes for a while, opened it with a sad heaved before walking back to the hospital.


Luke ushered her in with a full smile on his face.

"You're looking baby girlish.." he commented with a fat grin. He straightened and kissed her cheek.

"... how're you doing today? You really looking renewed in my eyes, your cheeks are flushed and softy, your eye brow well trimmed and suit well with your sunny eye ball. Your lips not dry today, more kíssable than ever, I can kïss it none stop. You're glowing Didi. What's the secret? I was only gone for a week and three days and you're looking so breathtaking.."

"Stop fleeting with me sergeant Luke.." she replied with a little childish gigle.

"I love it when you call my name like that my beautiful queen..."

She walked to the softest cushion and sat down.

Didi yawned tiredly, before relaxing back.

"Are you alright my queen. You're mostly tired this days, hope nobody and nothing is stressing my queen?. Anytime I called  to check up, you're either sleeping or resting. You said the doctor said is ordinary fever right? Have you completed your drugs or you want me to take you to a doctor friend for a proper check-up?

 "... I hope is not malaria, that's trying to migrate to typhoid. That's what I'm assuming, will you like us to go and see another doctor.." he asked with concerned tune.

"No... no. Is alright Luke. Is not something to worry about..."

"But I can't help but worry. I want you to be fully alright and cheerful again..."

"...i bought some lovely things for you.."

He left and returned back with two filled fashion bags and hand it over to Didi.

"Oh mine, that's so thoughtful of you. This are so beautiful.."

Didi Checked the first bag and saw lovely and expensive outfits. There's jewelries, two clutch bags and shoes.."

"..oh Luke, you keep surprising me with gifts. I love them so much.. they're beautiful. Thank you.."

"Anything for my queen. Is a great honor to go shopping for a queen and she loves it all. I feel like a blessed man right now..."

"... During the peace Corp meeting, I was praying it doesn't exceed a week so that I can journey back to my queen. I felt so happy when it was finally over and the first person I called was you but then you were asleep. I decided to send a message to inform you that I was home and thinking of going to see you later this evening until you called back that you wanted to see me and was on your way, here we are my queen. Was bothering you? 

"...What will you like to eat..?

"Thanks Luke. I have been having this strange craving of sea food with long grains well cooked rice.." she began to laugh and suddenly pause as Luke stood up to make her wish come true.

"... don't stress it Luke. I have something I want to tell you.."

Luke seeing the seriousness in her face, his heart skipped as he moved close, sat beside her and took her cold, sweaty Palm into his large warm hands.

"You are already scaring me Didi. Hope I didn't do anything wrøng. I'm sorry if I did or acted in a way you don't like. Let me apologies before you say anything because I'm so much in love with you and don't want to lose you Didi.."

Didi swallowed hard.

"I'm pregnant.." she finally said as she bent her head avoiding Luke's serious stare.

He chuckled aloud

"You're pregnant for me? When I have not even touched you yet? That's a miracle Didi. Probably the over filled love in my heart for you transformed into prégnancy. The day I will finally make love to you for the first time, Didi my lovely queen, the babies will become quadruplet. You will deliver more than two babies on the delivery day.." he chuckled again before kissing her forehead gently but Didi pulled back from him

"Luke, I'm serious, I'm not joking at all. I'm pregnant.." she repeated with a serious face as she pulled back her hand away from Luke's gentle grip but Luke took her hands again and ignored how uncomfortable she suddenly seem

"How? I don't get it. You're pregnant..?

"Yes, is for Desmond. I'm carrying Desmond's child.."

Luke dropped her hands in shock, he stared at her unbelievably with his mouth agape.

(Do NOT take credit or plagiarize AMAH'S HEART STORIES)

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