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Out Of The Box - Episode 3




Out Of The Box - Episode 3

Written By Amah's Heart

She was grinning from ear to ear

"Is this supposed to be a good news for me or bād because I'm cónfused.."

"Supposedly good.. I presume" Didi replied.

"Wait a sec, you mean your own husband, Desmond want me to come over to the house because he approves of my friendship with you than that of "a good girl"  Diva? 

"I'm sure that's not the reason why he asked Didi to invite you over. You can't jump into conclusion yet..." Diva said

"What other reason will that be huh? Don't you see "good girl" doesn't pay. I'm surprised though, but I'm going to honor this unexpected invitation anyway.."

"Didi, are you sure you heard Desmond right? And hope you didn't do any of those things Amy was suggesting?

"I was searching for money, I know with the way Desmond was going I needed to start saving..."

"But you're working Didi and Desmond gives you money for upkeep, what do you mean you needed to start saving.. Diva queried while interrupting her.

"Allow her to finish talking first before you interrupt. Even if I'm working, I will still be taking my husband's money far more than my salary. The good thing is that I don't need a husband, I'm the husband of myself. A stingy man like Desmond is a no no for me. Is Didi that's giving him the hand to do as he pleases. I have said it before, if I was to be his wife, I would have giving him the seat he deserves for long.."

"Like I was saying.." Didi continued ignoring both Diva's question or Amy's rant.

"...I didn't want to just take the few change I saw in his wallet and trouser pocket. I wanted something tangible and I know he usually put big sum in the box on top of the wardrobe.

...why? I said it, that man is very stingy. I'm already having double mind of accepting the request to see him.."

Amy said throwing off her face.

"Well, like you know, I'm a teacher and this teaching job doesn't pay well enough for extra saving. I still use it to support the home because I never consider it as anything until Amy opened my eyes to It. The issue is that when Desmond caught me trying to get his box which was on top of the wardrobe, he assumed that I was searching for condøm and evidence that he was having an affair.."

Amy and Diva seem  shocked.

Amy began to laugh while Diva sat quietly listening

"That man is an actor. So, apart from being stingy, búlly and annøying he was also cheating..?Amy asked

"Not exactly, he said he wasn't seeing another woman, that one woman's trøuble is enough. It was while arguing over it that he mentioned that Amy needed to come over because with Amy innocent looking face, he feels she's the one that gives a better advise.."

"indeed, look can be decisive. Amy gives a better advice my foot.."Diva snapped

"Diva, jéaløusy doesn't pay. I'm finer and better, there's no debate about that in anyway. I gives the best advise and I don't béat around the bush..."

Didi continued, ignoring Amy and Diva.

 "Desmond sister, Cynthia that came to spend a week with us want to prove she's better woman than me and can make a better wife too but Desmond once told me that Cynthia left her baby Daddy who wanted to marry her because he didn't measure up to her standard. She wanted somebody that's well to do and turned down the wedding proposal. Her daughter is with the ex and she's at my place trying to frustrate me. After she made one jellof rice for Desmond and he didn't like it because it was filled with pepper, Desmond asked me to go to the kitchen and fix him something else to eat. I refused... Desmond initially insülted me that I can't cook and his sister was a better cook and after she cooked rúbbish, he wanted me to go and cook but I refused to go back to that Kitchen, he began to call me names that not submissive while the sister was busy laughing..."

"You should have made something else for him. Your sister in-law maybe trying hard to impress her brother but you're his wife and needs to take your place at all time as Desmond wife.." Diva scolded

"I silently hope that this your over niceness will not rot your teeth one day..."Amy said to Diva before turning to Didi

"Girl, you did well by not entering that kitchen to cook after the whole insúlt. Cynthia or whatever her name is should return back to wherever she came from, She can't be competing or forming boss in your own house..."

"Is Cynthia his elder sister or younger? Diva asked.

"Desmond is older than her. Cynthia is his cousin. Desmond said they used be very close while growing up. Cynthia was closer to him than his direct sisters. Desmond has one elder sister who is married and another younger sister who is also married. Cynthia would have been married too but she choose to be single because her man isn't good enough. Ever since she came, which was few days ago, she has been trying to annoy me by all means.."

"I agree with Cynthia on that. She choose not to suffer with any man and decided to wait untill she settle with a man who is worth the stress, that's not a crimé. she will rather remain single than being a wife to a brøke Man. She's my kind of woman in a way but I won't go to my married brother's house and start making trøuble. She should learn to respect boundaries and if Desmond refused to caution her, then you need to make her do that. She will have to live under your with your terms.." Amy said

"Well, are you coming over next weekend, which is mostly the time Desmond stays home..? 

"I don't know Didi..let me think first.."

"You're having double mind already? You thought Desmond is going to congratulate you for all your negãtivity on his wife? Even if he's blind, atleast his sense of smell will help him figure you out. You're a man hater and Desmond is not exceptional, probably he heard your conversation on the phone with Didi or saw your chats, and he decided to warn you off.." Diva concluded

"He dares not do that because I will so much embârrâss him. I was keeping my distance and respecting him all this while because of Didi but if he push me too hard, I will released fire and brimstone on him. I'm not one to méss with. He can say and do anything to Didi, his wife but he can't try that with me. Infact, Didi tell your husband that I will be there, if he has the liver then he should try saying anything bād to me or even to you, his wife, while I'm there. I won't leave that house without asking him to give some credit to Didi..."

".…Didi, you made a huge mistake while trying to take the money, that's why Desmond caught you. You should've started with little then gradually you will progress to a larger sum. Anyway, let's leave it all aside until after meeting Desmond. Is Diva coming too..?

",Yes, I want her to come. Even though my husband doesn't appreciate Diva enough for always supporting him and his rigørous ways, Diva also deserve to be appreciated. You're my friend too, so Diva,  I want you around since Amy will be there..." 

",If that won't bring any prøblem between you and your husband then is fine by me.."

As Didi was leaving, Diva decided to walk with her to the gate.

"I just wanted to tell you that I don't like the way you watch Amy talk down on your husband and you let it slide without correcting her..."

"Diva, she's an adult. I can't béat her for expressing herself and beside, Desmond is indeed annoying and I have just been accomodating a whole lot which you won't understand..."

"But Desmond is still your husband and if anyone belittles him they're equally belittling you. Are you not aware that an insúlt to your husband is insúlt to you? There are things you don't need to ignore, even if you're not happy with him, still try to defend him because you will be defending yourself in return. Even if Amy has no respect for men, you need to make her bridle her tongue over yours because I won't take it lightly if she insúlts my man..."

"Relax Diva, is not that deep. You take things too serious especially when it comes to men. I appreciate the fact you're always defending Desmond but maybe if you're married to him, you will get to loosen up your tight grip. The hyping sometimes doesn't worth it. I pray you get married to a man who will appreciate you the way you honor and defend men.."

"Amen.." Diva said before turning back as Didi walks away.

The following weekend was the meeting day

Desmond personally went shopping for food.

He stock up everywhere happily.

Didi was surprised as she silently watch Desmond displaying.

She was tempted to ask him if he was expecting another guest apart from Amy but she kept quiet instead.

Cynthia also wasn't looking happy after learning that it was because one of Didi's friend was coming around that's why her brother, Desmond was so cheerful.

She looked forward to seeing this special human that made Desmond to go buying all kinds of exotic food.

He had asked them not to cook anything because he was going to make all types of food available.

When the door bell rang, Desmond said he was going to answer it.

He rushed to the door excitedly but his smiling face changed into a frown immediately he saw the first person at the door.


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