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Out Of The Box - Episode 27




Out Of The Box - Episode 27 

Written By Amah's Heart

Didi moved away from the door as Cynthia approached her carefully

"Listen Cynthia, I don't want any prøblem. I was just about leaving but found out that Desmond locked me inside and the locks have also been changed..."

"...I only wish to get out of here and never return. I'm not fighting over Desmond, he's all yours. I don't want any trøuble please.."

"But he choose you over me. He said you and your daughter are his only family while my daughter and I means nothing to him and for that he will have no other choice than to recognize my importance after I'm done dealing with both of you.." Cynthia said checking the time on her wrist watch.

"Please Cynthia, don't kïll me. I will disappear from here and never return. You can have Desmond as long as you want, I will never be in the way again.. please, let me go.."

Cynthia laughed out sarcastically

"K!ll you? Who said I was going to kïll you? I have another plan in store and offcourse you will definitely disappear but I'm not a murdêrër and not ready to be one. You will have to dye in the hand of another but definitely not me.."

Didi held her two hands pleadingly

"... why are you begging now, oh you finally realized what I'm capable of? Why did you return, why did you take my man, my marriage and my home. You're living my life while I'm here sneaking around just to be with my husband. He supposed to be married to me and not you, I wasted my years waiting for him, I never knew you took over him and he ended up marrying you while I was still waiting.."

"... you're the wícked one here. You came between me and Desmond. After I moved in here, you wanted to show off that you're the queen of the house and I'm only a visitor. When I thought I had claimed back my man, only for him to slip out of my fingers and return to you again. You want to prove that Desmond belongs to only you and also everything he got. Both of you rubbed my shame on my face.."

"Cynthia, you're misunderstanding this whole thing. I never knew who exactly you are until last night. If I knew that Desmond has a woman waiting for him somewhere I will never agree to marry him. Believe me Cynthia, I'm not in any competition with you. I tried for us to get along while you were here but it never ends well. I'm sorry, I'm so sorry...I really want to get out of here. Please..."

"Shút up that your stüpid mouth that you're using to say sorry because You're not truly sorry. You came to eavesdrop on my conversation last night right, I heard the sound on my door and also heard your foot sound running off..."

"It wasn't intentional..I.." Didi stammered.

"I don't care if you were intentional or not Didi. For everyone that put my heart in this mess will suffer it. After I'm done with you, I will have Desmond to do as I please. He will also suffer the consequences of all his actions. Men are scúm but Desmond is scummer, he's the highest of them all and he won't get away with everything he did to me.."

"...I dated that foøl for 3years, got pregnant, gave birth to Mimi, his family knows me well but they never cared about me or my daughter due to the way Desmond presented us to them. Before he traveled to a faraway city, he made me promise to wait no matter how long it takes. He also gave me his promises and assured me that he was definitely coming back but he never did even as the years comes and go, I kept waiting but he didn't. I was hopeful that he will one day come.."

"...he never did untill I come looking for him and found out he was married to you. Do you know how hurting, disappointing that is? I'm 38years and will soon clock 39, still single and unhappy. Desmond wasted about 11 years of my life. I only have Mimi to show for the whole wasted years..."

".... let me ask you a question Didi, How old are you..?

"I'm 33years.." Didi replied.

"That means you got married to Desmond when you were 29. Wow..lucky you, isn't it? I could've as well be married to him by then and have more kids but he decided to ditch me. He make me sweär to him that I will never marry another man. I chased off men interested in me. I didn't want another father for my daughter. I didn't want to end up with another man, I love him, I loved Desmond but he loved you and didn't fail to rub it on my face. My heart is shattered Didi. It hürt too much, I can't believe my life turned out this way.." she sobbed

"... you know I had a great plan too for myself. This is opposite of everything I ever wanted. Desmond should be blamed if the event turned bloody. He's going to reap what he sow in thousand fold. You and Desmond made Life miserable for me..."

Didi took a deep breath. She try to steady her shaking body.

"I don't know anything Cynthia. I'm not aware of everything you speak off. I'm truly sorry, I'm ready to step aside, I will not marry Desmond again. I will disappear to a place that he can't find me. I will do everything you ask of me... please, just spare me for the sake of my little daughter. She's just three years, she needs me. I'm pleading kindly... don't do this Cynthia. If you let me out, I will disappear out of this house and out of Desmond's life..."

"Yeah, that's for sure Didi. You will certainly disappear and never appear ever again.."

Just then a car was hard honking outside

Cynthia's phone began to ring

"Great, Drego and his men are here to get you. You made it all easy, I never thought is going to go perfectly this way. Desmond unknowingly paved an easy path for everything.."

Didi grabbed Cynthia's hand desperately

"Are you going to hûrt your follow woman because of incompetent man like Desmond. Does it really worth it, if I dïe now, is your happiness assured? What made you think he will still be faithful. I know we've never gotten along well because you see me as a rival, I see you as a sister who's heart has been broken, who hurt deeply, no amount of kind words can mend it. I know there's a good woman in you. I understand you now, better than I ever did. You could have hürt Jasmine and I and have Desmond but you didn't. We had clash severally in this house but Desmond only watch us quarrel over him because he sees himself as a trophy that needs to be won. Forgive me, forgive me dear sister..I will never have go ahead with such a man if I knew he kept you waiting all this years..."

"Is already too late Didi. I can't bring this men, pay them and they won't carry out their assignment.."

Cynthia spoke on the phone with the men, informing them that she was with the target

She opened the door with a spare key and pushed Didi outside.

Didi kept pleading with tears.

She promised to pay Cynthia back every dime she spent in paying the men

She said she will pay double but Cynthia said money isn't her prøblem.

She pushed Didi outside the gate, where the men were parked, waiting in their car.

The two men stepped out and came to grab Didi roughly.

Didi føught, scratched and scréämed before her mouth was covered with a tape.

As they were taking her away, Cynthia stood outside the gate watching.

She suddenly shouted ", wait. I'm having a rethink.." she walked up to the men.

", Hurry up with it because we don't have time to spend here. You know how risky this business is for us. I don't like this, we've already agreed.. what's the rethink.."

"I...I don't know. I don't think I want to hûrt her again and don't care about the money, you can still keep it but, i feel.. maybe.." Cynthia stammered as she looked from Didi's tears stricken face to Drego's harden, crimïnal face.."

"What's all this, we've concluded in carrying out this operation smoothly, what's all this cold feet for? why are you having a double mind now..."

When Cynthia couldn't come up with a reasonable word if she wanted Didi free or not. The men decided to take Didi because she has seen their faces and such is not good for their kind of business.

They carried her and threw inside the car, just as they were about to drive off two police car drove straight into them and blocked them.

They started shooting so that they can escâpe but they were overpowered by the police who caught up with them.

Luke was with them.

Amy rushed to Didi's side and began to untape her mouth.

(Do NOT take credit or plagiarize AMAH'S HEART STORIES)

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