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Out Of The Box - Episode 26




Out Of The Box - Episode 26

Written By Amah's Heart

Didi can hear Desmond calling out to her

She has locked herself in Jasmine room, so that Desmond can't get in.

She remained there as she kept replaying everything she just heard.

No matter how many times she tried to wish is not real, is all a bād dream it's still dawn on her that she was facing reality.

How did it get to this, how could Desmond hide such a dreadful secret from her.

He never mentioned having a woman waiting or even having a child somewhere.

All the while she was thinking Jasmine was his first and only daughter untill this moment.

He brought in Cynthia and they both planned to frustrate her untill she give up in the marriage and walk out by herself.

How could Desmond despise her to such extent. 

Her life and that of Jasmine was fully exposed to risk.

She and her daughter were living with hideøus humans who could have k!lled them just to freely be with each other.

Didi bite hard on her lips as she flashed back to so many things that unfolded in the past.

How could she had known that she was dining with those who wanted her gone.

"God! This is scary, thank you from saving me and my daughter from their evil plots.." Didi whispered as she crawled up on Jasmine playing mat.

She wiped off tears, blew her nose into the hem of her cloth.

"Didi, I know you're in there, please my darling open the door. I can explain it all. Please... open the door so that we can talk and settle this.." Desmond knocked hard again on the locked door but Didi remained still.

"... you're the only woman I have truly loved. I'm sorry that I allowed that Cynthia from døøm to manipulate my mind in Maltreating you. She's only jeâlóus that I choose you over her and I will always choose you my darling. I will always love you, nothing can come between us and separate us, you're a precious diamond, the woman for me, Cynthia can't be compared to that.."

"...by morning Cynthia will be gone and this time around I will make sure she's truly gone for good..."

Didi didn't want to stay down sulking like a baby

She needs to get out of the house as early as possible.

She had her phone beside her.

Amy was the only person that she could think of calling aside her Mom.

She called Amy twice before she picked up.

She told Amy if she can come as early as possible to get her, Amy asked her what the problem was but Didi said she will explain everything once she's out of the house.

Amy said she had appointment early in the morning

She asked Didi to call officer Luke but Didi didn't buy into the idea

"No...I can't. Beside he wouldn't want to help me after the way Desmond insülted him. Please, go for your appointment, I will wait until you're done.."

"I don't know when I will be through with the appointment. Call Luke to come pick you. Desmond may try to stop me but he won't stop Luke.."

"... but if you insist on waiting for me then I will hurry up and come get you.."

"Yes, I will rather wait for you Amy. I didn't save Luke's contact, I don't have his number and can't call even if I decided to do that.."

"You left his business card on my dresser. I kept it carefully for you. I hope Desmond didn't hürt you..?

Didi sighed sadly

"Did you know that Cynthia is not really gone..? As I'm speaking to you now, she's under the same roof with me. She came back but that's not the wørst of it all, Cynthia's real name is Cati.. something, I can't remember fully. She's not just an acquaintance, she's Desmond baby mama. They have a child together and Desmond was meant to marry her but he met me and we got married. Cynthia found him out and they both planned to frustrate me until I disappear..."Didi said tearfully

"Are you serious? wait... wait are you kidding me right now? Amy screamed over the phone with a shocked tone

"How can I joke with something as sensitive as this? Amy I'm serious. I don't know what to do or how to react to the whole shocking discovery. Everything they did back then is just begining to make sense to me. I see why Desmond was putting up a funny act back then. Desmond is unbelievable, i.. I'm really confused right now.."

"Desmond is évil, so he brought in his ex to live under the same roof with you. He goes into her room to make out with her at night and they both taunt you and make you look like a cräzy woman. Jesus Christ!  I can't  believe this..? Amy exclaimed.

Didi sighed sadly, she became speechless as heavy emotions choked at her throat.

"... don't cry again girl, I will see if I can reschedule my appointment and come early to take you out of that house.."

"Thank you Amy. I always know that I can count on you.."

Didi was awake most part of the night as sleep eluded her.

Her throat felt patched from crying.

She decided to go take water from the fridge.

after checking the time from her phone, it was almost 4am

Morning was fast approaching.

She really needed a drink of water.

She stood, opened the door quietly and walked out.

She saw Desmond lying down on the bed and sleeping

Didi was as quiet as possible so that she won't wake Desmond.

She wasn't in the mood for his explanation or plea.

She was hoping Amy will arrive early and take her away from the house.

Everything about the house disorganized her emotions even as she quietly walked out and went straight to the visitor's toílet, she didn't want to use the one in their room because that will awaken Desmond.

 After easing herself, she tip toed to kitchen.

Without making noise, she took bottle water, opened and drank deeply.

She almost emptied the small bottle water 

She felt refresh as she decided to quietly walk back to the room with another full bottle, just in case she's tasty again.

She had noise coming from Cynthia's room.

She thought of walking past but she curiously wanted to know what Cynthia was doing at that time and who she could be talking with.

She relaxed her ear on the door but couldn't hear clearly.

She felt Cynthia was moving around the room while on phone.

She listened keenly

"... this morning? Yes.. exactly. You should be here by 6am, latest 7.."

Didi leaned further, she thought maybe someone was also coming early to pick Cynthia, not until she heard the next line.

"...no, He's not the target. I repeat he's not the target. He must not be harm. After she's gone then I can fully have my man. He claims she's his only family, can you believe that? Anyway, that's none of your business though, your main job is to deliver, I have already transferred enough money to your account for this job.."

"...I could have chosen to déal with him but I'm sparing him because I still love him and for the sake of my daughter. Desmond doesn't deserve to live but I need him.."

"... after she's gone, he will finally be free. He will be mine. She's a big stumbling block and I can't have her blocking my way anymore..."

There was silent, a distraughted Didi thought the call has ended and was about rushing off when she heard Cynthia speaking again

This is time the voice was fainting off as she move to another far end

"Listen Drego, I'm going to describe the main target to you again so that you don't miss it. She's dar..."

Didi could no longer hear clearly

She leaned harder on the door as she can still hear Cynthia talking.

But the voice wasn't clear anymore

She gasped out shakily

The bottle water she was holding fell off her hand and hit the door

She can hear Cynthia walking down to the door

Didi picked up the water and raced off to the room.

She picked up her phone from the bed and wanted to call Amy, so that she can start coming to get her.

Amy didn't pick up

Cynthia had mentioned 7am

If she can be out of the house before then, maybe Cynthia's plans will fail

Desmond walked in, she has forgotten to lócked Jasmine room door where she was

"Didi, see..I can explain what happened last night. Is never in my intention to keep secrets from you. I really wanted to speak extensively to you after the incident last night but you locked yourself in here. I'm sorry honey, I love you so much and didn't mean to hurt you in any way, I cherish you and Jasmine, you know that right? Please, I need you to.."

"Cynthia is planning to k!ll me.." Didi said like a whisper, interrupting Desmond whom seem confused

"What? I didn't hear that.."Desmond replied and just then Didi's phone started ringing.

It was Amy.

She wanted to pick up but Desmond snatched the phone from her and turned it off.

"Give me back my phone.." she ordered

"Didi please listen to me please, Your friend calling you by this time, I don't feel good about it. I guess you must have told her what transpired between us and Cynthia. She will discourage you from staying, you know that Amy never likes me. i don't want you to leave again, I can't afford to lose you..."

"...please stay with me, don't leave me again, don't listen to Amy. She's only going to make you håte me and I really don't want that. Cynthia is leaving early this morning, she won't be tróubling us again. we will be together with Jasmine our daughter as a family. I will explain everything to you when I return from work, please... don't go. I'm sorry honey but I will hold your phone for today. I don't want Amy calling you and pøísøning your mind against me..."

Didi tried to say something but he covered her mouth with a kiss

Didi angrily pushed him off and stood

"Is this all you think you can do, you thought with the kíss I will fall back into your arms. Not again Desmond.. néver.."

 "...give me back my phone, I need to make calls. Cynthia is planning to k!ll me, I need to get out of here now.."

"Huh! Cynthia is trying to do what..? Desmond asked raising an eyebrow

"I said she's planning to kíll me. This is no joke, I heard her. She thinks I'm in the way, like a stumbling block between you two and if she takes me out then you will be all hers..."

"Didi.. calm down. Is a night mare, you probably had a bad dream. Is not real and can never be. Cynthia maybe jeâlóus and manipulative but she will never want to hûrt you. If she wanted to she had all the chance to do so but never did. Why will she wants to do it now? My love,you had a bad dream..is not real, believe me.."

Didi try to convince him but Desmond didn't take her serious.

Didi tried to take back her phone but Desmond refused giving it back to her.

Didi føught hard but Desmond who was more stronger, held onto the phone.

He locked her in Jasmine room instead and went to take his bath after which he prepared for work.

He later unlocked the door and came in to meet Didi

"I just checked Cynthia in her room, she's gone. Cynthia left without notice, there's nothing to be afraid of again, my love.."

"...Didi please I need you to listen to me. I will give you back the phone when I return from work today. I will come back early because of you, before 4pm I will be home. I could have stayed home with you but I have something to tidy up in the office, Please just for few hours, don't leave, don't speak with Amy. I beg you, I don't want you to leave me again..."

"Okay... fine. Just give me the phone and I won't leave or talk with Amy..."

"...My life is at risk here Desmond and you think I'm joking with such a sensitive thing? There's limit to jokes, this is fact..I overheard her. Please.. I'm also begging you to give me back my phone if you truly love me.."

" I love you darling, you know that I truly do love you but I can't afford to lose you again. Your home is here with me.."

"...Cynthia is gone Didi, she's not in this house. What exactly are you afraid off again. I will be back few hours from now to bring you breakfast and lunch. Please stay put my darling.."

He left with the phone, leaving Didi at home alone

After he walked out, Didi picked up her bag to rush out, without bothering to take a bath.

She realized that the whole door locks have been changed and she does not have key for the doors.

She checked the time and it was almost 7am

Amy is yet to arrive, Desmond was gone with her phone, locking her inside.

Didi began shouting and hitting the door

All of a sudden, someone tapped her from behind

She startled as she turned

She was surprised to see Cynthia.

"Hello Didi.."she said smiling mischievously.

"... Desmond thought I was gone, I was hiding in the wardrobe. I guess he left for work already. Well, the battle for Desmond is between me and you now. the end will determine who will laugh last.."

Cynthia began to laugh loudly making Didi to fringe in terrór.

She felt hopeless unknowingly what to do next.

(Do NOT take credit or plagiarize AMAH'S HEART STORIES)

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