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Out Of The Box - Episode 25




Out Of The Box - Episode 25

Written By Amah's Heart

"If she doesn't leave this minute, I'm going to go pack my bags and leave you for real this time. I won't look back Desmond and there's nothing you will do that will make me return back here.." Didi barked angrily

"Go, who even want you here. Desmond was doing alright without you but he only pitied you and decided to bring you back because he knows that you're useless being single and without him in your life you can't function properly.." Cynthia fired back

Didi made attempt towards Cynthia but Desmond rushed and held her back.

"Oh, hahaha! You don't like yourself, is very obvious. You've forgeten so soon how our last fight ended, do you still remember the outcome of it? This time around I will béât you without mercy, I will béât you to stúpor, I will mess you up Didi. I'm not an easy meat to chew, I'm well fried and very dry meat that will not only hang in your teeth but chøke life out of you. Do not dare try me.." Cynthia warned.."

Didi wanted to break free from Desmond so that she can desend on Cynthia

Her heart was racing, sweat broke out from her forehead.

She couldn't control her rage

We wanted to atleast get hold of Cynthia but Desmond held her tight.

He tried to calm her down.

"Didi, please listened to me. Calm down... I know you're pissed, ångry and you deserve to be. Just calm down please, she's going to leave right away. Don't mind her or her running mouth, You're my wife and I love you Didi. You're the only woman I loved and saying it right here so that you understand how much I cherish you..."

Desmond's words to Didi angered Cynthia as she charged towards him and slapped him hard on the cheek.

"What! You slapped me..? Desmond screamed out of shøck.

"Yes, I did. I slapped you Desmond, what will you do about it. What exactly eeh? I want you to do your wørst...!

"Leave my house now or I will bundle you out of here...! Desmond warned and as he moved towards Cynthia

"You can't do such. I will leave when I feel like it. I'm an equal member of this house, have you told your darlin wife about your daughter, our beautiful daughter..."

Didi startled "whaa... what is she talking about? What daughter?

"Don't listen to her, she's mëntally deranged. maybe you should go inside, I'm coming to join you my love.." Desmond try to lead Didi into the room with force but she stood her ground and refused going anywhere.

Cynthia laughed out sarcastically.

"Oh..I see, he haven't told you that I'm his first wife and we've been together, had a baby together before he left me and the baby to come marry you..." Cynthia said calculativly so that each word will ståb Didi hard like a knife.

Desmond turned to Didi who was trying to process everything Cynthia just said

"She's insåne, she's talking crâzy. None of what she said is true. You and Jasmine are my only family. You're.." something hard suddenly hit Desmond on his head making him to pause and turned with a scream

It was Cynthia who threw one her shoe at Desmond for claiming that Didi and Jasmine are his only family.

"How dâre you say that, how dare you Desmond. You gave me your word, you promised me a happy home, a marriage and we're going to be together as family. I stayed with our daughter for several years waiting for you to return. I chased away suitors, I remained obediently, hoping you will come back so that we can be together as a family. Is been over 7 years Desmond. Mimi our daughter marked her seven years birthday last two months..." Cynthia sobbed loudly

"...I waited, I loved you Desmond. I wanted us to be together. Years passed and no sign of you. I couldn't reach you, I heard rumors that you were married but I didn't believe it. I searched for you until I found you and the rumors were all true. You apologized, you said we can still get married, you said said Didi and her mother charmed you. You wanted to return but they held you and you ended up marrying Didi even when your heart was far from her. You said we will get married because I'm the only one you love but since you can't be married to two women, Didi has to leave, you said you will make amend and we will be together again..."

"...I believed you again. We started seeing in secret but after another year passed, I didn't see you keeping to any of your promises, I decided to do the needful by taking what belongs to me. I never planned to take over fully but I kept waiting and hoping that you will be a man of your words. I came here pretending to be a cousin sister because you made me understand that Didi knows all your siblings. Atleast she can't know your distance cousins. I wanted to be close to you, I stayed here and never disturbed anyone. You said I shouldn't have come we would've continue seeing in secret but I stood my ground, I can't be an option anymore. I want to be the main deal of which you promised to make it happen.."

Didi laughed out unbelievably. She quietly pinched herself to make sure that she wasn't in a night mare.

She looked over at Desmond, he was trying to quiet Cynthia down but she wasn't ready to stop talking

She seemed very angry and hürt as tears run down her face.

Didi can't believe the drama that was unfolding.

She stared in utmost disbelief

"... you said we will make Didi leave by herself. We agreed to frustrate Didi until she gets fed up and leave but you broke your promise as usual and got her pregnant which she later miscarried during our last fight. I was so angry that Didi was even pregnant, I have been trying to get pregnant for you and I haven't been able to due to last year abørtion I did, you're aware of it, you remember how complicated it was. I begged you that I wanted to keep the baby but you strongly refused, it was almost late when I had to remove it because I loved and trusted you. And you said you will make it up to me by properly getting married to me and we will bring in our daughter, have more babies and Leave as family..."

Cynthia coughed out, wiped tears from her face severally before she continued

"... I carried my anger out on little Jasmine because of you and this your Didi. The little girl was crying that day, disturbing the entire house while searching for her mother. I watched as she climbed that table and fell, I was too ångry with all the situation and didn't care if she was hürt..."

"... I'm not a bād person, I can be shrewd sometimes but never on a kid. Desmond, you were practically turning me into a monster. I didn't caused her injùry but I never paid attention or care when I saw her on that dining table. It was when she fell that my heart almost broke apart. I was relieved that she was still breathing.."

"You're indeed a mønster Catina or isn't that your real name again.." Desmond retorted añgrily  

"Oh, I'm glad that you still remember. The change of name  was your idea too. You know if Didi stumbled on my real name she will quickly know the truth. Well, I'm glad the cat in me is finally out of the bag. I was almost chóking holding all this in and like you know there's a limit to what a woman can take.."

Didi shakes her head unbelievably and ran to the room.

"Now that you finally let out the cat, what are you still doing here? Get out of my house Catina. We're done and I no longer want to see you anywhere around me, my wife or my daughter. After all I settled you well, I paid you off. Money that will help you get started. You're only being grëedy and wícked.."

"Money? you bâstard, you think money is everything. Can money bring back the lost years, can money bring back the suitors I missed while waiting for you? You lying føøl can money fix my broken heart or heal my hürt? answer me, When you know that you wanted Didi why did you lead me along and make me believe that we're on the same team. Why did you promised me marriage, gave me a strong assurance when you know that you're not coming back to me for real.."

Desmond sighed not moved.

"I found someone better. Work took me faraway to another city where I met Didi and fell in love with her. I no longer want to return or marry you. I cut off every means you can use to reach me. I settled down with a beautiful wife, had a pretty daughter and forgot you existed untill you dévil showed up again in my life, you disorganized me and made me feel I owe you when I don't obviously do. You made me håte my wife and treat her bâdly but I'm no longer in your claws. I'm free, atleast Didi knows the truth now, I couldn't think of a way to tell her but you've made it all easy for me. My wife will never leave me, she loves me and understand me. Offcourse she will forgive me and nothing, not even you can come in between us again..". 

Cynthia chuckled loudly. "We will see about that. Desmond, you can never be free from me. You can't mess up my life and live yours freely. Mimi deserves better, she never asked to be born or to have a usëless father like you.."

"And you're a better Mom? You left her with your relatives to come and trøuble me here. When last did you see her.."

"Last month, I visited last month to check on our daughter. I had to leave her behind because I wanted fight for a better future for her. She deserves better and is our responsibility to take care of her.."

"I take care of Mimi, I send money to you for her upkeep and education. I have a family that I'm trying to focus on. I no longer want any drama. I will try to make sure she's well provided for but I can't always be there like you want me to. My family is my priority now. You need to leave first thing tomorrow morning. Is already late, I will consider the time and let you stay for just tonight but don't abuse your privilege because I will dámn all consequences and throw you out without a second thought. Let me go and check on my wife.."

He started walking away

"We're also your family, you can't get away with this. I will be your biggest nightmare. You can't make life miserable for me and my daughter and think you can enjoy yours with your Didi. By the time I'm done with two of you, you will understand what I'm capable off.  You've made me a bítter woman, you will feel the same hürt that I'm going through..."

Cynthia walked into her room as Desmond went back to check on Didi.

Cubyhy sat on the bed, took her phone and begin to check her contact list.

She came across the contact she was searching for and dialed it..

"Hello... hello Paloma, is me Catina.."

"Hey Catina, are you alright? You're calling so late. Is everything alright with you..?

"I need your help Pal. Are you still in contact with Drego? Cynthia asked quietly.

"Yes, I am. What's the issue. You need him to do a job for you? 

"Yes, I urgently need his help. Do you think he's available for the job.."

"I don't know, it all depends on what you're offering. His charges have doubled up are you aware?

"Money is not a prøblem. Send his contact or you can inform him first and let him call me because I need the job to be done as soon as possible.."

"Alright then. I will inform him and get back to you.."Paloma said before the call ended


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