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Out Of The Box - Episode 24




Out Of The Box - Episode 24

Written By Amah's Heart

"..Is a lïé, you're joking right..? Amy asked her.

",No, is not a joke. I'm going back to Desmond.." Didi resounded

"Why? I mean why do you want to make another gråve mistake? 

"...did Desmond seems like he's remorseful? Is it because of all those his sugar coated lies that made you fall for him again? Did he explained to you who exactly is Cynthia.."? 

"He haven't done that yet but he promised to tell me everything when I return back. Cynthia is gone and I want to give him another chance. I miss my home Amy.."

"Are you sure is the home you miss or you missed Desmond's third leg..? Amy asked with a smirk on her face

"C'mon, don't be sïlly Amy. I never missed Desmond or anything he got. Néver..I only want to go home and be together again with my family, just like we use to..."

"... I'm not going back so that we can start sleeping together. c'mon, what do you think of me?  I still don't trust him, not after everything he put me through. It will take me time to trust him again or allow him to touch me. I will not get intimate with Desmond untill I understand who Cynthia is and it depends on the outcome of the explanation, that will determine if I'm staying or not.."

Amy scoffed loudly

"Continue dëcéiving yourself Didi. Desmond just came and washed your brain with those fake sweet talks, now you're misbehaving.."

"... I'm trying to understand why you want to return back to Desmond. He couldn't even tell you who the strange woman he brought into your house is. He supposed to confess it all out, from there you will weigh on returning back to him or not. If you understand who this Cynthia is, it will give you idea if you really want to still be with this same man that almost destróy your life.."

There was silent as Amy sighed heavily

"...I don't know what to say to you Didi but I'm sure of one thing , this decision of yours is a total wrøng move. Is a bād idea and I hope you reconsider. This past months, you're happy and carrying on with your life, being single isn't all that bād and even if you choose to be with Desmond then it should be on a clear ground with no secrets in-between. He's still keeping secrets and wants you to come back first before he can confess to you. Does that even make any sense.."

"Amy, I understand you are not happy with my decision. Just trust me on this...I know exactly what I'm doing. I appreciate everything you've done for me and still doing. You need to trust me, I know Desmond more than you do. I have known him for about five years now. I'm desperate to know who Cynthia is. sleeping together with Desmond is the last thing on my mind. I'm still nursing pain of the miscarriage he caused me, do you think it will be easy to forget it all and allow Desmond touch me? 

"... never, let me go and hear from him first.."

Amy heaved "Didi, things are not done that way. I don't support this idea but I see that your mind is made up. Do i even have a choice than to agree, since I can't talk you out of it, I can only advice you to be watchful. If you're not comfortable in the house, call me and I will come and get you. You can also call that your Officer fine friend.. Luke.." Amy giggled in a funny way making Didi to laugh out

"Stop it, I just met Luke few days ago and he's aware that I'm married and he had even met Desmond. Although the meeting wasn't all nice but he was indeed a good gentleman and didn't react to Desmond's ill attitudes towards him.."

Amy teased her and she began to laugh.

She resigned from her place of work the following week.

Called her Mom on phone over her decision but Mrs Agnes wasn't in support.

She said she wasn't releasing Jasmine yet until everything is well settled with her and Desmond.

Mrs Agnes said she could have waited for him to explain who exactly is Cynthia before she starts making decisions to return back.

Didi said she will get the truth from him when she goes back.

Desmond came a  day before the actual date that Didi planned to go back.

"What are you doing here? Didi asked

"Is almost two weeks Didi, you said you are coming back and I haven't seen you yet, so I was afráid that Amy talked you out of returning. I called you yesterday but you didn't pick up or return my messages.."

"... that's why I decided to drive down. Can you please get your things so that we can go and pick Jasmine at your Mom's place..."

"My Mom is not letting go of Jasmine, until I assure her that everything is fine. Jasmine isn't coming back yet, you need to tell me everything about Cynthia and after which I will know if we're cool or not.."

"I miss my daughter Didi, but is all good, atleast I will have you all to myself for few moments without interruption..."

", What do you mean by having me all to yourself? If you think I will allow you touch me then you must be day dreaming. My only reason for coming back is to know who Cynthia really is to you and what she was doing in our house, why you allowed her turned the house into her personal play den and even joined hands with her to mess with my emotions, my finance and even my life..,"

"I will tell you everything, withholding nothing from you darling. I owe it to you.. you deserve to know and I'm ready to do anything you ask of me. I don't want to lose you again.."

Didi went in and carried bag

"In this all your bags? Desmond asked

"Not everything, I'm leaving some back here just in case you fail on your word. Then I don't need to carry much load to leave you for good.."

She got into the car and they left

Desmond drove straight to the house

He carried her bag as they went in

Didi went around the whole house, she went into Cynthia's room and she's wasn't there, neither is her things.

She heaved a sigh of relief as she went to sit in the living room.

"Why don't you take a shower while I fix you something nice to eat.."

"Desmond, I'm not interested. Why don't you start talking.."

"I will, Is a promise. You need to relax, refresh and I will definitely tell you everything. Just take a shower please, while I tidy up the kitchen and make you something to eat.." Desmond said in a most loving way.

Didi sluggishly got up, walked into the room to take a shower

By the time she was out, Desmond was just setting up the table for her.

He pulled out a chair for her to sit.

The food smells good, she couldn't resist.

She remembered early year of their marriage, Desmond use to cook so well

Even when she was pregnant with Jasmine.

Desmond offered to feed her like a baby but Didi declined.

Desmond said he was also going to take a quick bath and will be right back.

He came out and Didi was still eating.

He was just in his undies without a top when he gently massaged Didi's shoulder.

She startled

He kíssed her neck before cupping her face to kïss her

Didi stopped him

"What are you doing?  What's the meaning of this now Desmond.." Didi said trying hard to resist the temptation.

"I have missed you, my body yawned so much for you honey. Don't you miss me? Can't we just do the talking later, I don't know how I will be able to concentrate explaining to you when my body is speaking different language.."

"Desmond, I told you that you won't touch me until you've explained yourself.."

He kissed her lips fully not letting go even as Didi struggle a little

She relaxed in no time as Desmond swift her up into his arms and carried her to the room.

The following day they were all lovey dovey as Desmond kept postponing the explanation.

He takes Didi on a date, they hang out in an expensive restaurant.

He buys her expensive things

It all seems as if they were new lovers.

Amy called one day to know what Desmond's explanation was

She was shocked when Didi told her that Desmond haven't really said anything concerning Cynthia and she was gradually waiting for the right time for him to do so because most times he was either away or they're  hanging out.

Amy couldn't believe her ears as she wished her good luck.

One night, Didi was in the room with Desmond, as they were having one of their intimate moment when there was a heavy knock on the door

Didi wondered who can be knocking like that at such time of the night.

Desmond quickly got dressed and went to the door.

Didi can hear voices

She also dressed up and came out

She was surprised to see the dévil herself

"What is she doing here.." Didi angrily barked

"Oh! I can see she's back as I assumed. Anyway, I forgot something in my room. Desmond, I called you yesterday night to bring it to my new apartment but you didn't pick call and you haven't been taking my calls. So, I'm here to get it by myself and since is late, I will just pass the night here instead. Is still our house right.."? Cynthia said laughing so hard at the shock on Didi's face

"Cynthia you no longer have a place here. Get out of this house now. We had an agreement and you are suppose to stay away. I finally brought my wife home and here you are trying to destróy my happiness again..." Desmond said angrily to Cynthia

"I'm your happiness too or am I your sadness after all this years. You use to say that I mean the world to you Desmond so what happens now..? Cynthia retorted

Didi was speechless as she stared at them in disbelief.

She can't believe that Cynthia was back and she haven't even been able to know exactly who she was to Desmond.

Desmond didn't keep to his promises again.

She was almost forgetting everything about Cynthia while having good time with Desmond.

What was she thinking.

How could she forgets the vital part of the déal

"Get her out of this house now Desmond. I don't want to set my eyes on her. I thought you said she was gone for good, what exactly Is all this Desmond? What is she doing here.."Didi angrily shouted at Desmond

Cynthia reappearance was almost driving her insåne.

"Quit shouting like a mâd woman. I said I'm here to pick up something and since is already late, I will be sleeping in this house tonight. Is still our house after all.."she said with a fat grin on her face.

If Desmond doesn't get Cynthia out of the house right away, there will be war because that house will not contain both of them.

She will never tolerate Cynthia's presence or let her stay under the same roof with her.

Desmond needs to start explaining to her who Cynthia is or there will be a serious war tonight.

Didi thought within herself as she looked from Desmond to Cynthia.

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