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Out Of The Box - Episode 23




Out Of The Box - Episode 23

Written By Amah's Heart

She remained quiet as he went about talking.

"... I'm begging, please come home. Haven't you púnished me enough? Haven't I suffered enough ever since you disappeared? I don't know how exactly I'm going to plead or ask. I just want you and Jasmine back..."

"Was that why you were stalking me? So you're the strange guy that attácked me at the apian way? 

"Darling...I..I didn't attack you, I only wanted to speak you. You actually didn't leave me with any choice than to start stalking you. You refused seeing me, talking to me or letting me know what you're up to? I needed to keep an eye on you and know that you're safe.."

"Really? To know that I'm safe? Desmond do you know how childish this behavior of yours seems? I doubted Amy when she mentioned that you maybe the stalker. I held you in high esteem and was not expecting such behavior.."

"I don't care about anything Didi. All I'm after is you retuning home with Jasmine.."

", I'm not coming back Desmond. Go get busy and stop following me around. I'm single again and as you already know, I also have a serious job too. I don't have time for all this your nonsénse.."

", The job that you're doing that makes you close so late is not healthy or safe for you. If you return back and still want to work, I'm ready to get a better job for you and a job that won't stress you at all..."

"... will you rather be with that officer, is that what you want? 

"Desmond, I'm not coming back, even if you offer me heaven and Earth, I will still not return back.  go back to your Cynthia and leave me alone.."

"Cynthia left since a month ago. She's no more in the house. Let's Live as one family again. I miss you so much.."

"...no one can ever satisfy me like you do, no one can cook so well like you do. No woman can love me like you do, no woman can.."

"Hold it there Desmond.." Amy who just arrived from work said from behind.

Desmond turned and sighed as he saw her.

"...no woman can do this and that..yet you wanted her gone and now that she's no more an obstruction you won't let her be. Are you just waking up from your slumber and realizing that Didi is the best thing that will ever happen to you? Have you explained to her who Cynthia really is or you want to continue playing your secret dírty game..."

"Amy, I'm talking to my wife. Give us some privacy and stick to the business that pays you.." Desmond said to Amy

"You forgot that you're in my space. This is my house and there's no privacy. Didi will never return back to her vømit. Stick to Cynthia, your other woman or isn't she the one you prefers.."

"Cynthia is not my woman, she's.. nothing to me.."

"I thought you wanted to say she's family, she's your sister or your cousin. You know you can no longer dëcéive Didi. She deserves to know who exactly is Cynthia and what she was doing in your home all this Long while. You need to explain what you do whenever you sneak into her room, Didi deserves to know why you will prefer the company of Cynthia rather than her. She deserves all the explanation and you need to start talking rather than monitoring her every move. You were stalking her all this while, very sénseless and childish thing to do. I could have gotten you arrested if I was Didi but I can't be her because I won't be able to tolerate half of what she took from you and Cynthia.."

"I'm glad you're not Didi, now can you excuse me. I'm having a personal discussion with my wife.." Desmond said.

"Didi, I hope you're not falling for this his sweet talk. Desmond does not worth it at all. I was expecting him to open up fully and explain who exactly is Cynthia but he kept trying to be smart..." Amy said to Didi.

Didi asked  Amy to excuse them so that she can have a personal talk with Desmond.

Amy walked away but not after giving Desmond a cold stare.

"You shouldn't be here, your friend will continue to discourage you from coming home. You know she does not like me and will never want us together.."

"... she's single and want you to be on her team. No man can love her and that's why she's bitter.."

"Hey Desmond, I will kick you out of here if you talk down on my friends again, especially, using that same line of "singleness"  that pisses me off. Have you forgotten that I'm single and I can choose to be with any man that will value me.."

"... Amy maybe single but she's one hard-working lady that I know. She choose not to flet around with men but instead channel her time and energy into work. She is Happy and fulfilled with herself and do not need a man to be happy..."

"... you made my life miserable Desmond, what use is being with you. You insülted me and thréátened me that I was going to end up like my friends and now that I finally ended up here you still won't let me be.."

"I'm sorry for every ill words I ever said to you honey, I'm sorry for everything.."

"Desmond, so who's Cynthia. How exactly is she related to you. Who is she and why do you choose her over me. You use her to taunt me, spend nights in her room, watched her insúlt me boldly. She dominated the house and I noticed if she does not approve of you doing something then you won't do that thing.  You let her bring rift, trøuble, misunderstanding, I know when you traveled, she was with you. You hanged out severally with her and will hardly touch my food because she didn't approve. She caused my mïscårriage and hürt Jasmine, all this happened right under your nose. You couldn't even be man enough to bring her to order or caution her, she was ruling our home, it was as if we're her subjects...her servants that she can kick around. I know you're aware that she was the one that took the money out of the box..."

"She did? Oh mine.. I never knew that she was the one. Cynthia is a terrïble human, she made me think that you're the thiéf..."

"Even if you know that it was Cynthia all along, what would you have done? Nothing. You púnished me because of that money and said I must replace it, I will have to cook for a whole month with my money and I won't have peace until the money is returned back. I was already thinking is a collaboration between you and Cynthia because how can you say you don't know..."

"Darling, i don't. I never knew it was Cynthia all along and wasn't aware that she took your money. I will pay you back everything you lost. See honey, I wish I can go back in time and right so many wrøngs. Forgive me and come home..."

"Desmond, you can't tell me that you're not aware. She took all the money that I have been saving through pretence. You and Cynthia made Life miserable for me and you're still not telling me what I want to hear. Desmond, who exactly is Cynthia.."

"I'm ready to tell you everything if only you will return back with me. I promise to tell you about Cynthia. I owe it to you and do not want any secret between us. I will confess it all honey, I just want you to come home first. Please..the house isn't the same without you.."

Didi was quiet for sometime

"I will think about it but in the meantime, stop acting like a wëirdo, quit stalking me.."

"Alright my darling. Please when should I come back and get you.."

"Don't come back Desmond, I know my way home. Anytime I decide I want to come back then I will but if at the end I decide not to then you might have to come and explain everything to me here, well, That's still your choice to make"

Didi turned and walked back inside

Days later she continue to think about the whole thing.

Returning back to Desmond or to continue with her life out here, she missed her matrimonial home but she no longer want drama or chaos in her life.

Desmond said Cynthia was gone but she still wondered who exactly is really Cynthia.

She's obviously not related to Desmond. 

Desmond can't possibly bring in a girlfriend to their home and give her full right to dominate and disrespect her.

That's not possible.

Although she has try to wave off so many possibility of that but her thought is still centred on it.

She can't think of any other thing aside the obvious fact

Will she be able to forgive Desmond, if it turns out to be true?

Can she trust him again or love him like she use to?

She still needs to hear from Desmond who Cynthia is instead of just assuming on her own

She wants to know the truth

She deserves to know who the strange woman is to Desmond.

The truth will determine a whole lot of things for her.

Didi had lots of thinking and at the end she decided that she was going back to Desmond.

(Do NOT take credit or plagiarize AMAH'S HEART STORIES)

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