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Out Of The Box - Episode 22




Out Of The Box - Episode 22

Written By Amah's Heart

She closed late and was going home when she noticed somebody following her

She turned and didn't see anyone, she kept walking but there was a foot sound again.

She became scâréd after looking around and seeing nobody.

Only darkness filled up the part way

She didn't plan to close late but today was the stock keeping day.

As a supervisor in the company she had to stay behind to make sure every stock calculated was correct.

She cross-checked untill she was satisfied with all the products.

She didn't notice that it was late. 

The manager signed out earlier, leaving all the work for her to do

She had agreed to finish everything so that by tomorrow, there won't be much work on her table.

The security had bid her goodnight immediately she walked out of the gate.

She had decided to follow a lone short way that will connect her fast to the main road

She walked the pathway that leads to a nearby bustop where she will take a cab home

The apian way was dreaded but she didn't really see anything to be scâréd off until she noticed that there was a steady foot sound coming behind her.

"Who're you and why are you following me.." she shouted to nobody in particular.

She was certain that there was someone after her.

She waited but nobody showed up, she became more scared

She made a gráve mistake, she shouldn't have passed through this road at this time of night.

Her colleague mentioned that it was shorter than the other busy road.

She agreed because she had used the road twice with two of her junior colleagues

She has never walked the road alone before except Today

She turned and started running, her heart was speeding.

She was almost close to the bustop when whoever was after her caught up with her.

Just then, a hand caught her arm and she screamed

"Please.. please, leave me alone. Don't hurt me, I beg you.. please." She cried out.

She began to scream loudly.

She couldn't see the face of the person.

He wore all black and had facemask

"I don't want to hurt you..I.." the familiar voice said and then pause

He was about 6.7ft tall, round and wore a hood.

He had thick gloves and even though he try to sound different, he still seem somehow familiar.

Just then a torchlight flashed through the part making the strange man to release her hand and run off with speed.

A man was coming with a torch

"Who's there, I heard a scream..is there anyone in there?

"Yes, please help me. Someone want to attãçk me.."

She rushed and meet up with the torchlight man.

"... there's a man, he was running after me and when he caught up with me, he wanted to attãçk me..?

Just then she remembered that the strange man never made any attempt to hûrt her. 

He only held her hand after telling her that he wasn't out to hûrt her.

"He had wéâpons? What type of weâpon? 

After a deep thought she replied calmly

"He had nothing, on a second thought, I don't know what he wanted to do with me but he didn't really attâck me. He only held my hands and run off immediately he saw you coming.."

"Hmm..I see.."

"...I'm sergeant Luke Yugo, what's your name..?

"Didi.." she replied as she followed the sergeant Luke out of the apian way.

"Which side are you headed, I can give you a ride.." the sergeant Said when he got to a car parked by the road side.

Didi was skeptical, she still haven't been able to trust him fully.

Sergeant sensed her withdraw, he brought out his Id card and showed Didi.

Didi nodded and they got into the car and drove off.

"How did you quickly come to my rescue.." Didi asked as she turned from her passenger seat to look over at sergeant Luke who was driving.

"I was just returning from work, I decided to stop and urinâte when I heard your scréam. I wasn't sure at first where it was coming from, I listened closely and realized that it was from the apian way.." 

"... I'm glad you're alright and not hürt. Maybe next time you use the busy road rather than the lone path. 

"...also I sensed that whoever was after you didn't want your money or anything from you. It seems the person was stalking you for a reason and wasn't out to hûrt you.."

Didi heaved "you think so?

"Yeah, that's what I can gather from everything but you can never be too sure. All that matters is that you're safe.."

Didi nodded quietly.

"Thank you Sergeant Luke Yugo. I'm deeply grateful to you for coming just in time. I really can't predict the strange man's intentions but it was a relieve to have you show up in time.."

"Is alright Didi. Please call me Luke.."

Didi nodded.

He asked where he can drop her Didi told him.

He drove her straight to the house and made sure Didi was inside before driving off.

That night, Didi narrated everything that happened to Amy who seems very surprised.

Amy mentioned that it could be Desmond trying to stalk her

"Desmond maybe many things but he's not weird. I don't think he's the one with such a strange behavior.."

Didi remembered that her mother told her that Desmond came back again asking and begging to speak to her but her Mom told him that she was away.

Desmond have been using different strange number to call her.

Didi kept bløcking him each time.

She made sure she stop every means that Desmond could have used to get her.

She started this job as a supervisor in a a big pharmaceutical shop through the help of Amy and despite the Job can be hectic she still try to diligently do her Job without complaining.

The salary was far better compared to her teaching job.

Is been about three months now ever since she left Desmond's house, she has tried to move past everything she went through and start a better life for herself.

She sent home money and also went to see her Mom and Jasmine, her daughter after her first salary which was three weeks ago.

She's moving on and focusing on becoming better than she was during the period she was in Desmond's house.

Amy is a good friend who kept standing by her.

She's indeed very busy with her many businesses but she is a dear friend to have and her hâte for men never gets better.

Diva came around twice to visit

They sit out and talk during those free weekend that she wasn't at work.

Diva who's still in a nursing school said she's learning a whole lot of things in becoming a professional nurse.

The following morning, sergeant Luke came to wait for Didi who was shocked to see him.

She never had a good look at him last night but seeing him now, she will never had recognized him during the day.

He smiled and it was contagious.

He was a fine man with eyes that seems so unreal. 

His eyes had a beautiful shape and he had this natural eye lashes that makes you wonder if it was artificial.

He was quiet hairy and young.

He has a clean shave and was in his uniform.

"Hi Didi, Good morning. We're having an early meeting inspection in the office, so I decided to check up and maybe ask if you're fit this morning... better off than yesterday offcourse.."

"I am. Good morning Luke. Thank you again for yesterday.."

He smiled and Didi almost smiled along.

"I will assign my men to that route today. More investigation has to be done to avoid anyone fallen victim of any sort.."

Didi nodded without a word.

"...do you mind joining me so that I can quickly drop you off before driving to the office.."

Didi thanked him again and before entering the car.

Amy who was by the gate was watching and smiling sheepishly.

She waved at Didi before going back inside to get ready for her own day.

She couldn't help but admire the fine sergeant.

But no matter how fine or nice a man maybe she can't be caught unaware in his claws.

Néver again" Amy muttered to herself.

Didi on the other hand was taken to work and before she gets down, Luke said

"Permit me to say that you're a beautiful lady.."

"...are you single, married or engaged.."

"I'm married.." Didi said and look down at her ring finger, she wondered why Luke didn't notice it

"Oh, I actually saw the ring but thought is for fashion. Pardon me. Your husband is a lucky man to have a queen in his castle.."

Didi heaved heavily

She wasn't ready to go into details about her life.

She thanked Luke instead.

"Is it okay to come around later in the evening to take you home? I just want ensure that you're safe at all time.."

Didi thanked him again before walking away.

He gave Didi his official card which has his mobile numbers.

He stood watching her until she turned back and waved before going into the company's gate.

Later that evening, Didi decided to close earlier than the previous day.

She came out but didn't see Luke. She thought of calling but didn't know how it will seem to him.

She decided to ignore and go Take a taxi home

While passing through the busy road she heard a car honking behind her.

She turned and it was Luke who waved at her,

She laughed in relief and went to join him in the car.

"How was your day, hope no stress.."

"Just a little bit but is fine.."

"I was hoping for your call and even thought you already left. I just decided to drive down anyway, hoping to see you.."

Didi thanked him again as he drove her home.

He got to her place by 8pm and Didi thanked him again.

She was about getting down from the car when she heard a hard bang from the car bumber.

Someone just hit Luke's car.

Luke asked her to remain in the car so that he can check who was that.

He brought out a small silver licensed gúñ and tucked into his belt before stepping down.

Didi can hear voices, she was wondering what was going on.

And decided to step down.

She was surprised to see Desmond arguing with Luke.

How did Desmond found her, how did he know where she was staying.

Has he been stalking her.

".. she's my wife, what are you doing with another man's wife? There's women everywhere why not go and get yours and leave mine alone.."

"...I don't care if you're an Officer or whatever, you've rubbed yourself in the mud by coming after my beloved wife.."

Luke was quietly listening to him as Desmond went on displaying

"...is there no part of the law that tells you to leave people's wife alone? 

"..she probably told you that she's not married or she's a single Mom, that's a big fat líé. She's my legally married wife and we only had little misunderstanding but that will be over soon.."

".. please stay away from my wife. You're an officer, you supposed to be bringing peace and resolving problems not trying to scatter homes and take people's wife.."

Luke turned to Didi, ignoring Desmond

"Hey Didi, is this your husband.."

Didi didn't reply as she stood watching Desmond displaying.

"..I assumed your silence means yes. Alright, please be good and call me if need be.."

"Thanks Luke. I will definitely do.."

Luke turned snd entered his car without another word.

"Yes go, I don't want to see you close to my wife again. Wife snátcher.." Desmond said to Luke as he turned to face Didi who never stopped staring at him in disgust.

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