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Out Of The Box - Episode 2




Out Of The Box - Episode 2

Written By Amah's Heart

She makes sure he was in the bathroom, before rushing to the wardrobe

She checked his first trouser and few shirts but found nothing.

She searched few more clothes but didn't see anything reasonable.

She checked the bedcabinet for his wallet and as usual it was there

She searched to see if there was enough money inside but nothing much.

She knew where he usually keep money, but the box was up on top of the wardrobe.

She can hear her two years old daughter calling 

She needed to hurry before Desmond comes out of the bathroom

She carried a chair to get the cloth box down but it will take lots of time.

She was so determined in her quest that she didn't notice when the shower stopped running. Which means Desmond was done with the bathroom.

"What are you doing..? He startled her from behind

She almost fell off the chair that she climbed on.

Her heart skipped and began to race on seeing Desmond standing behind her.

"Oh...I..I was ..wa looking for my small purse.."

"Is that why you can't hear Jasmine crying?

"Uhmm! I thought it was a normal giggling and nothing serious. She's watching cartoon and Cynthia is in the kitchen and can easily check up if something is wrong with her..."

"Cynthia is in the kitchen cooking the food you supposed to cook. Instead of you to be out there helping and learning you're in here ransacking my bag..."

", Your sister said she didn't need help and you said I should allow her to make you jellof rice because mine is not good enough..."

She came down from the chair and returned it back where she carried it from.

"What kind of purse is that and what will it be doing on top of the wardrobe..?

"I have searched everywhere and since I didn't see it, I decided to check in an unexpected places. You can never tell if I or someone mistakenly put it there.."

She started leaving

"Is it the same purse that you were Checking in my trouser?

Desmond pointed at one of his trouser that suddenly fell from his wardrobe.

Didi didn't hang it properly neither did she put back the pocket after search.

It was obvious she checked the pocket.

"Uhmm! That must be a mistake, because I was checking everywhere and can't remember even touching your trouser..."

"Are you sure you were actually searching for your purse or something else?

"What kind of question is that? Are you trying to accuse me.."

",Accuse you? No... I'm just wondering if one of your friend put you up to this..!

"Up to what? If this is another way of starting your usual trøuble today, I don't have appetite for it..."

"Apart from Amy, whom I believe gives better advice, every of your other friends are only trying to decieve you and you better stop listening to them if you value your marriage..."

Didi chuckled a bit because Desmond is obviously approving of Amy who obviously håte him and men in general.

"Can't you just say something without prioritizing our marriage... ?

"...beside, you really don't know my friends and you shouldn't be fast in concluding.."

"I know them well enough. I don't need any further investigation. By their face and appearance I can tell who is who. Amy has this smiley, cheerful, homely and caring face unlike Diva. It seems like Diva put you up to this? She is jeâlóus, bítter and unkind friend who only wants to be in your place as a married woman but you are taking everything you got for granted while your friends is ready to do anything to be in your position right now..."

"...do me a favor by inviting Amy over one of this days. I personally want to thank her for all she do. She will make a  good wife..a better and submissive wife.."

Didi stared at him not knowing how to reply

"... make sure you deliver my message to Amy. Every good deed deserves rewards and is time to say thank you to Amy for not misleading you. As for Diva who put you up to this...

"You think that Diva put me up to what exactly? Didi asked interrupting him.

She was getting upset with his every word.

"You don't know that I'm far smarter than you can imagine. I know exactly what you're searching for my dear. Your friend said i must be seeing another woman and any opportunity you got, you should search my clothes and every of my stuffs and you will definitely see a cøndom. And that's exactly what you're doing, you want to get a proof that I'm having an affair.."

"Ohh.." Didi was a bit relieved that Desmond didn't know that she was searching for a large some of money that she can hide for herself.

She wanted to be saving up as Amy suggested but instead of starting small, she wanted a huge amount to hide.

She was not even thinking in the direction of Desmond cheating.

"I got you.. right? Next time think first before acting.."

"So, are you seeing another woman.." Didi asked, trying to dwell on the topic that Desmond raised.

"What rúbbish question is that? One woman is enough trouble please. Next time, don't go scattering my stuffs and cooking up story of a missing purse or pants..."

Didi walked out añgrily

After checking up on her daughter who was still watching the television, she went to the kitchen to check what Cynthia was cooking for almost two hours.

Cynthia, Desmond younger sister who recently came to stay with them was dishing out food into a plate.

The kitchen was messed up and alot of dirty dishes in the sink.

"I heard you and Desmond voices again today. You were searching his pockets for condøm, to prove that he was cheating?

"I was actually searching for something else Cynthia. Sorry to ask, were you eavesdropping on us..?

"Eavesdropping? Why will I do that? Is not like your voices were down or is your room sound proof?

Didi who was obviously angry with the way the kitchen was looking ignored her.

"...You really need to work on yourself and learn to trust your husband. You're lucky he's a good man. I learnt that many of your friends are yet to be married.. you won a big jackpot when my brother married you. If you can calm down and be an obedient wife then you will definitely enjoy this marriage, except you still miss being single and want to go back to it..."

"I have had enough of Desmond trouble for today, please Cynthia don't add to it. The last time, you said I don't respect you after you ganged up with your brother to ridicule me. Ever since I try to give you the respect you deserve as my husband's sister but try not to blow off your luck. you're adding up to my injùry. Let me be, I beg of you... let me be.."

"I'm sorry Didi but you really have to calm down and trust my brother.."

"The kitchen is really a mess.." Didi who couldn't pretend any longer voice out.

"Is that the thank you I get for making dinner? Cynthia asked fuming.

"Thank you Cynthia for cooking tonight, I could have still do my normal cooking without turning the kitchen upside down but you asked me not to worry, you want to cook. I still appreciate the fact you cooked but my kitchen is in a mess..."

"I will tidy it up Didi. Don't be prøblemâtic all the time. Cooking and cleaning is no big deal for me..."

"Okay Cynthia. Please try and clean up. Let me take food for Desmond and I.."

"I have already dished out my brother's food. You can take yours.."

Didi who was trying to avoid quarrel by all means went over to the pot and tasted the food.

"Jeezz! Spices...Pepper.. is too much. How can.."

"That's how my brother likes his meal, is obvious you don't even know your husband or what he likes..."

Cynthia interrupted her.

 "...Desmond likes enough pepper in his jellof rice. I have him in mind while making this meal not you. If you don't like it, please this is the kitchen, cook anything that's up to your taste but try not to condemn my food. It took me over two hours to make..I will appreciate if you don't talk bad about it..."

Didi was not ready for another round of quarrel

She decided to make another thing to eat.

Desmond was served the dinner and he complained that the pepper was too much.

Didi laughed out on hearing that. 

Desmond asked her to go to the kitchen and cook something else for him but Didi refused.

Cynthia who was angry that her brother rejected her food accused Didi who didn't pay her any attention.

Maybe Diva was right after all 

Because ignoring Desmond and his sister was working out perfectly  but she wondered how long she will be able to accommodate all of this.

Maybe she needs to grant Desmond wish by inviting Amy. 

Amy will definitely put him in his place.

So she thought before texting Amy that night.


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