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Out Of The Box - Episode 19




Out Of The Box - Episode 19

Written By Amah's Heart

She knocked twice before somebody came to open the door

"Haa Didima! She exclaimed surprised

Didi went into her arm forcefully and remained there, refusing to let go

"Is okay... you're home now. You're going to be alright. Don't cry anymore.. you're home now.."

The elderly woman loosened up from her gripped

Bent and carried Jasmin who had a surgical plaster on her forehead.

"How're you my yummy pumpkin. You're a growing taller..."

She touched her face gently "... you fell and injure yourself, so sorry honey. You will be alright okay? Nana will take good care of you my princess.."

The woman carried them inside with their luggage.

Didi sat down after taking a cup of Coldwater

"Mom, she didn't fall. Forget about the whole fake stories, Jasmin has never climbed the dining chair before. How will they say she fell and expected me to believe such..."

"Is alright Didi, relax and get hold over your emotions then you can tell me how it all happened.."

"..let me fix something for you and Jasmin to eat. I think God for a smooth journey.."

Didi sat on the couch, she draw her daughter closer and examine her injury.

"Ugh! mummy is painful.." Jasmin said trying to get away from her Mom

She sighed as she let go of her daughter.

The television was showing prank time, a comedy show

Didi try to concentrate, hoping she will forget her prøblem for a while.

Her Mom, Mrs Agnes returned with food and drinks, which she served Didi and Jasmin.

"Mom, you shouldn't have go making anything for me. I don't have appetite for food this days. My trøubles are too heavy for me to bear Mom, I'm already exhausted from it all.."

"Calm down and eat something first, You need to relax before whatever it is swallows you whole. Eat Didi.."

Didi managed to take few spoons before saying she was okay.

She had her bath and changed over to something light as night came

Jasmine was already sleeping in Mrs Agnes arms.

"Mom, Desmond hürt me beyond repair. He k!lled my baby Mom, Desmond brought in a strange woman that took charge of my home and begin to dictate how things should be done.."

".... take a look at what those two people did to my daughter, look at Jasmin face, arm and thighs. Bru!ses all over.."

"When you were saying it over the phone I thought you were exaggerating. The bruises are deep... but I will apply something on it that will help heal it up faster.."

"... they told you that Jasmin fell down. What exactly happened.." Agnes asked

"After I miscarried, I was agonising in pain, Desmond took me to the hospital. Evacuation was done and Mom to be sincere, I almost diëd. I didn't see reasons to live again but when I remembered my daughter, I had to atleast live for her sake.."

"God forbíd, you will live to declare the goodness of the Lord in the land of the living.." Agnes said as she begins to speak against Didi's dèãth wish.

"Mom, you won't understand the kind of pain I went through. I haven't experienced such pain in my life, even while I was giving birth to Jasmin three years ago, the pain I went through this past few days can't be compared to it..."

"You will be fine Didi. For the Lord is your healer and comforter, he will make the sun to set in your favor.." Agnes said as she tries to console her only daughter.

",I don't know if I will ever be alright.  They did not only hurt me but stroked my child. It was while I was in the hospital that I thought of Jasmin whom I left back home.."

"... I couldn't go home same day after the evacuation, so I asked Desmond to go and bring Jasmin to me because I don't trust Cynthia.."

"...Desmond said Jasmin will be fine. He can't bring her to the hospital because is against the hospital rules. I was passing through series of pain, both emotional and physical pain. I had a serious mental breakdown while in the hospital. I couldn't wait for them to discharge me from the hospital. I was afráid for Jasmine..

"...Desmond came the following day, in the evening to come pick me. He never told me that something happened to Jasmin. It was when I got home that I called out to Jasmin, that was when Desmond started narrating his nonsénse tale..".

"What exactly did he say happened to my little grand daughter.." Agnes asked concerned as she looked over at Jasmin who was still sleeping in her arms.

"Desmond said when he came home that night after dropping me off at the hospital, he saw Jasmin bleéding and Cynthia was trying to clean her face. He said he was surprised and asked Cynthia what happened and she told him that Jasmin was searching for me and crying, she later climbed up the dining table and Cynthia asked her to get down but she refused and when Cynthia was going towards the dining to carry her down she jumped and fell down with her face and arms which resulted to all the injuries..."

"Hmmm! That's very serious.." Agnes muttered

"Mom, can you imagine such a cooked up story? Jasmine has never climbed the dining table before and can't even climb it because is high. Cynthia ceased the opportunity of my absence to hûrt my daughter.."

"That Cynthia is from the pit of héll. What did Desmond do, how did he react to this whole thing happening.."

"He took Jasmin to quickly get treated in a nearby pharmaceutical shop that day.  I don't know and no longer care how he reacted. I'm only Happy that I didn't lose Jasmin too. Desmond brought all of this upon our lives. He will definitely reap what he sows.."

"... Mom, everything I told you over the phone is exactly how it happened. I wasn't exaggerating or making things up. Even Eunice is yet to get back to me and I try reaching her but couldn't.."

"Desmond is he aware of your whereabouts? was he around when you embarked on this journey..".

"No Mom, they were both away. He's been trying to make amends and apologies. He was blaming me for not telling him that I was pregnant.."

"Why didn't you tell him, you could have.." Agnes added.

"I could have if he even give me the chance to speak. I could have if he made himself available. I could have if he was in a better mood. Mom, all through that period, Desmond is either on a journey and the little time he stayed home, I try to engage him in a conversation but Desmond will choose to be in Cynthia's company. He prefers to be with her rather than his wife.."

"... well, goodnews for him because I will no longer be an obstruction. Their prayers have been answered, I will never again stand in the way of their dirty game. He can continue with Cynthia as he has always wanted.."

"...I parked some of my things and that of Jasmin to Amy's place. I called her and she came to pick Jasmin and I.."

"Amy has a car? That's good..I remember how close Amy, Diva and you were back in the days. I'm happy that you maintained that relationship with them. Are they married now.. what of Diva?

"Amy is a hard-working single lady. Diva is in a nursing school. Ever since Diva got into the nursing school we've haven't been talking much. She called me the other day and said Amy told her I had a miscârriage. Diva is always encouraging and she drop a word or two for me. She said I should stay strong that everything will be fine but I doubt if anything will ever be alright.."

"...Desmond used to threaten me with going back to being single again. He will say that my friends are single and I should be happy that I'm married and if care is not taking I will be like my single friends. He thréátened me with everything he can think off, he thinks that my life evolves around him and without him I'm nothing..."

"...well, let's watch and see about that. He's in for a rude awakening.."

Agnes was quiet as she watched Didi wiped off tears severally from her face as she continued talking

She couldn't believe that Desmond will do such to her only daughter.

Didi loved him and had insisted he was the man for her

Desmond never showed any sign of a narcissist or bully

He was opposite of everything Didi described him

He was patient and gentle with


Even when Didi initially  wasn't sure about him, he didn't give up

He was persistent and patient until Didi fell over hill in love with him.

Her prayer for Didi was to marry right and she had concluded that Desmond was a prayer answer for Didi.

Agnes remember visiting them when Jasmin was born and Desmond portrayed the characters of a good husband and loving Dad.

Agnes never expected any negativity. She was always praying and interceding for her daughter 

When Didi's calls concerning Desmond ill behavior became frequent she was greatly disturbed

She had asked Didi to pray but Didi said how can she pray when her heart is never at peace. What was she going to tell God who knows everything.

Didi was fighting a battle canally, she was battling with a spiritual warfare with physical strength.

It almost consumed her but thanks to God that she escaped déáth with her daughter.

Agnes was battling with her own ângér which she tries to hide

Why will Desmond do this to a woman he claims to love

A woman that was ready to sacrifice everything for him

Didi loved him and didn't even hide it or pretend about it.

She sings Desmond's praise and was ready to grow with him

Agnes knows that Didi could forgive Desmond everything but not this time, he has gotten to the last straw.

It wasn't Desmond's nonchalant or having another woman that hurt Didi the most, it was his actions towards her that affected her greatly.

Agnes listened as Didi kept pouring out her hürt

Her heart bleed, tears kept pouring 

She was emotionally wrecked.

Agnes tried to suit her with kind words but it made her cried even more.

"Have you been praying for your husband and your marriage.." Agnes finally asked

"Mom, how do you pray for a man like Desmond? He made his choice, he let in a sérpént into our home and he begin to see me as the enémy. He does not deserve anything from me Mom. My marriage is over and Desmond is not in my life anymore.."

"..I ran away with my daughter when I still had the chance. I'm not going back to my vómit. This is exactly what he wanted, Desmond wanted to frústräte me until I leave and now, they've won..."

"You haven't really been praying. Your Dad was a a charming loving man. In my next life, I wish to marry him again. He wasn't perfect but he loved his family beyond words and will never joke with us. You and your brothers means the world to him. Despite we were alright with no issue before his dismiss, I was always praying for him. He also prayed for me which became part of him. Sometimes I just wish he was still here, talking and laughing over sílly things that make no sense. I miss him so much but I'm glad that he ran his race well and always on the right track..."

"I miss daddy too, I still have fresh memories of him and how he believed in me. I just wanted to have such a loving home like the one I came from but Desmond made it unachievable. You mentioned that daddy was always praying for you, I can't remember Desmond praying for me. I used to do that before but I stopped because he doesn't worth it.."

Agnes listened again as Didi continue to narrate so many sad tales that Desmond caused in her life until Agnes asked her to go to bed and get some rest.

She yawned tiredly, stretched her arms before going to sleep

 the moment Didi's back touched the bed, she slept off.

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